30 June 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 30 June 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence


It feels we are in a space...of NO TIME.

Incoming Energy INFLUX is still on going. I feel it won’t stop either, just yet. We are anchoring this energy to Gaia and for All, some in conscious awareness, some not aware this is what they are doing. Each are contributing as their energetic frequency is able. We anchor based on our individual frequency. Where we absorb incoming energetic frequency from our Sun, based on our own energetic frequency attained so far. Like a mirror effect. Like attracts like.

As well as anchoring, we are currently absorbing energies into our physical cellular structures of the human vessel. The Light Body and our Merkaba is being activated further in parallel. It’s huge for some. We are doing many things, all at once. Self care and allowing integration time in a space of peace is the kindest route through...or sleep. Yet being in the physical body is challenging as our cells are currently upgrading, spinning fast, altering, with physical human side effects.

For others, it is a time where anything not seen within, comes up. It has to. And NOW. For the collective timeline is operating as per the galactic timeline and Light programme of events. Any human blindness now has to be shown, to assist in order for remaining human ‘masks’ to be dissolved. Whether a facet chooses to look, see, understand themselves more, at their deeper levels is an individual freewill choice at THAT point in an ascension process. Yet God’s game...Is for each to eventually loose the multiple false identities that human beings created in order to protect itself whilst in forgetfulness. God’s design, to become the ONE essence IN ALL MOMENTS, dissolving the masks, the prentice. No trying, just pure BEINGNESS. To BE, on the OUTSIDE, the same energy and expression you BE on the INSIDE. As above so below. Closer and closer, step by step, into that purer and more truthful version you ARE and always truly were; a process of SELF realisation that all is you. All is God, playing.

The elephant in the room, was always and only a PERCEPTION; that each were separate from you. And so we built Self Protection into our human experience, in many different guises, based on each’s human experience here. No one or no thing was ever, EVER separate. That was the game God played with itself. It’s all God. You are.

For others, God’s Will has recently, since Solstice, become their only Will. One of the same, a conscious human choice made via Human Self realisation processes and human freewill, to be only, souly, God’s Will. And so, over these next few months, they undergo a step by step embodiment. To gradually become and hold the fully conscious energy within human form, that is GOD PRESENT, conscious awareness within them in all moments. Fully open vessels for God to play with/as...ONE.

To honour each’s path, is to honour yourself, God.

Huge times for all...for sure.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
30 June 2019

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