22 June 2019

Broder Bilal Update ~ 21 June 2019

Another huge energetic shift occurred. Stable 5D. Wavelengths in Grids.
Humanity have reached the Tipping Point

Over the long years (that mercifully whizzed by), we have earned our veteran status when it comes to messages that imply something as imminent, as in the above image. What I have learnt is to use them as motivations to spur me on, and not let up or give up. In other words, to increase the potential manifestation.

Source: Broder Bilal

A Huge Step in the Ascension Process – Many where Guided to create Gatherings all over the World for Summer Solstice Activation.

With the Planetary Guidelines Governing Non-interference Policy – Outside involvement are restricted to affect the Collective Timelines.

A Deep Honoring to All who Created Gatherings and a Deep Honoring to All who took part of the Activations.

The Ascending Tribes of World are now in Management of the Collective Timeline flow – Secured on behalf of the Great Evolutionary Cycle.

We The Wise Ancient Ones

Brother Bilal

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