25 June 2019

Calling All Lightworkers / New Earth - BQH Client Session (audio only) ~ via Allison Coe ~ 23 June 2019

Please listen in here.

I have only made very brief notes to give you an idea of this session. Please listen to it for a lot more details ~ you already know them from all the different sources that have described such scenarios, but we can consider the session as an important "booster".

  • Session was conducted in January 2019 ~ Humanity at crossroad
  • Incarnated on Earth for an assignment, for the Transformation
  • Incumbent upon Humanity to change or Universe will become imbalanced
  • Many are on Earth to assist
  • Once the Shift takes place, there will be a bifurcation ~ New Earth
  • Those who haven't yet awakened will still have opportunity to transform
  • Critical component for Humanity to shift into the Light: Lightworkers have to step out, step up and step into their Light & mission, and help others
  • Fear of death (being killed in previous lifetimes) is main deterrent that prevents Lightworkers from carrying out their mission
  • This time is different ~ this lifetime we are receiving much assistance from Light Beings
  • Share our gifts, speak the Truth, teach that there is no fear
  • Fear only invites the darkness, we must pull in the Light and be triggers and "door-openers" for Awakening
  • Always choose Love, for in Truth, it is All There Is
  • Recognise the Divine in everything, connected to Source
  • Client sees the Earth shifting, and following that, she and her people on her Planet also ascended into Light Beings
  • Darkness will try to prevent Lightworkers from stepping forward, but Light and merging with Higher Self will overcome it
  • All eyes in the Universe are on Earth, it's a pivotal time for the Universe.

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