20 June 2019

Coming Full Circle: Forget the Pill....Just Chill

In the initial phase of this blog, I had a section where I posted photos of the sky that others or I had taken. I eventually took it offline because I wasn't updating it regularly, only had a basic phone camera, and also other sources had started to post amazing images online. I still share some sky photos every now and then, and will do so today, like some sort of coming full circle.

This will be long and rambling, so beware :)

The very first post on this blog was from Tobias of Crimson Circle:

Tobias (via Geoffrey Hoppe) was the very first source I followed that talked about Awakening. Soon thereafter, Kryon (via Lee Carroll) came in with Ascension (although that term was introduced very hesitantly then). This was in the late 90's, and I readily resonated with those subjects ~ it felt like a Homecoming of some sort, to (re)learn about where our beautiful Planet and Humanity are heading. There was no mention of the dark control systems then, but Tobias hinted at it by describing what I now believe to be the Primary Anomaly as a "virus" during the time of Creation. You could say I was then blissfully unaware of the reality of, well, reality.

When the Internet started to grow, I came across more sources that would gingerly mention the expected Spiritual shifts in the years to come. My research led me to my first source that actually talked about the darkness in very direct terms....Alex Collier. Admittedly, Alex wasn't a very good source to be introduced to if you had no inkling about the indescribable mess that Humanity was in. His information is very full-on and there's no skirting around the issue. You could say it shifted my perception of "reality" in an instant.

This was way before I even thought of starting a blog ~ I had no one with whom to discuss the information, it was like I keep seeing this proverbial pink elephant in front of me that I couldn't talk about and that no one was seeing. And then Alex "disappeared". I only found out very much later that he had been hunted and haunted by the dark. It took some years before he resurfaced in 2016~ he had lost everything then. Thanks to PJ, they created a financial avenue for him through regular paid webinars, which I used to follow but have ceased for some time now.

As a result of Alex Collier's information, I plunged down very deep rabbit-holes (NOT recommended unless you can haul yourself up again ~ I have mentioned before that many get stuck). Then Cobra emerged, and more deep rabbit-holes became visible. My Spiritual landscape had changed considerably compared to twenty years ago.

My focus on the ultimate goal of Ascension for Humanity, however, remains unchanged over the years since I first learnt about it from Kryon. This is why my blog focusses on Ascension.

When I first published that post from Tobias in 2011, I had not expected to keep it going for so long and was very sporadic in posting ~ I was expecting Life-changing transformations post-2012(!).

And now, it's 2019.
My Spiritual path has taken me on very many sub-paths. Please note that I use the term "sub-paths" and not "detours" because I do not see them as detracting or distracting from my main path. There were some sub-paths I stepped on only very briefly and hurriedly returned to my main path, because they were not for me ~ this enabled me to determine and discern what I wanted for myself.

All this rambling has a purpose and is leading to a point. As we head into the Solstice, I would like to elaborate on this point.

All of us have gulped down the bitter Red Pill. We are awake, and working on our and Humanity's Ascension, keeping up with Gaia Mum. We don't know everything (as this is simply not possible) but we know enough to grasp a sufficient level of understanding so that we can sort of see a more expanded picture of what the illusion is presenting us. And by "illusion", I do not mean that it's not real ~ it is very real indeed. I just mean that it's a fake reality that the dark had drawn up for us to create for them. It's for them, it's not what is meant to be for us. They are not creator beings, but we are. So they make us create their world for them, by making us acquiesce to their perverted and unnatural conditioning and belief structures.

The tragedy is this ~ so many who are awake are steeped in negativity, as evidenced by the drama that has permeated the community. I have personally received comments and emails that underscore this situation. It's not enough to just awaken, there's lots of inner work to get through ~ cleansing, clearing, releasing. There needs to be a willingness for the Light that's been waiting for a chance to enter.

Even if we've swallowed that jagged Red Pill, we very quickly realise that there are more "sub-realities" that require more "choices". At the next level, we are presented with the Crimson Red or the Royal Blue. If we choose Crimson Red, then the level after that we are presented with the Cherry Red and Cobalt Blue. And if we choose Cherry Red, we have after that the Brick Red and Sapphire Blue, and so on.

I will explain. Just recently, I heard this public source imply that Napoleon was of the dark, which contradicts the report of another public source. Then we have the 12-Chakra system....or is it 13-Chakra (don't even think of 7!) ? Is it Galactic Federation or Galactic Confederation? Is the Galactic (Con)Federation/Ashtar of the Light or not? Earth's Heart Chakra is in Glastonbury, no wait, it's in Maui....or maybe India? Will there be a Solar Flash/Galactic Superwave/Cosmic Tsunami/The Big One, or no such thing(s)?

See what I mean?

We can get drowned in all this information, and many of us subconsciously figure that the only way to not drown is to create enough momentum to stay afloat by fighting each other/opposing opinions, creating drama, being disruptive, etc.

So, for this very high octane period of the Solstice, followed by the Total Solar Eclipse, and then whatever else, I feel we should just forget the Pill and just chill. Literally. We just focus on strengthening the Ascension Timeline and drop away all the dark stuff, drama and disagreements. We laser-beam our thoughts on the manifestation of the New Crystalline Age (this term is so cool, thank you Shekina Rose!). We feed whatever we can on this Ascension timeline so that the starved artificial ones wither away (remember, they need us to create for them).

I'm not saying deny the darkness, because I believe that to do so would be counter-productive and an act of self-sabotage. For example, it is my strong belief that healers who deny the darkness are limiting themselves ~ this is based on my personal experiences, which have been quite dissatisfying because such healers do not see beyond the situation and only repeat the terms and phrases that they have been taught.

What I am saying is for this critical period, let's leave all that to one side and just focus on getting high ~ high vibes, high energy, high frequency. According to Jason Estes, we are now in a support window that greatly amplifies (300x) our choices. Let's make it really count, and get high. After all, this is Spiritual Physics, and we are creator beings.

In a way, I'm coming full circle for this period of Time. I'm going back to where I started, all Love & Light. BUT with awareness of the darkness....I am not denying or being ignorant of the negative control, I am not blissfully unaware. I AM choosing to focus on Love & Light for now, be connected to Gaia Mum and staying high.

And if we find ourselves unable to do any of these things, just do what Jason Estes advised ~ just BE GOOD :)

May we all be Blessed by the Solstice Energies, may Humanity's collective Heart and Mind be illuminated, may we anchor in the Ascension Timeline so robustly that it will become fully visible for all of Humanity to see.

Namaste & Blessings 💜


  1. Thank you, Grace, for sharing your insights ... Full Circle -Yes! I greatly appreciate being able to tune in to your blog every morning (for the past several years now); it's a wonderful start to my day. Keep shining your LIGHT - as you do ... Love, Jyoti

  2. Blessings to you, & the work you do on this blog, it's a shame you don't receive more positive comments as I value what you do here, (it definately resonates when you share your personal views) and I check in daily, and what a perfectly said piece for today! Namaste and Solstice Joy to you!!

    1. I am so touched, thank you 💙 Blessings and Happy Solstice to you, too :)

  3. Appreciated this so much. Thank you. Found everything you spoke to to be relevant. I have only tuned into your blog just recently. Grateful for all the folks sharing over the years, moving on, picking up on new ideas, new folks who resonate, such a evolution! The sky has become such an amazing communicator, though I have always loved sky-gazing, it seems I look to the sky more often and find confirmation there, cloud beings! the sun and how much restorative strength it provides me and how magical it is-how not to be afraid to look into and commune with the sun, the stars and my attraction to particular configurations, the flashes-the winks and connections from those offering support, the quirky moon and how last year I started seeing it tilted, with shadows behind it and almost appearing with a 'mask', all has helped me release any learned ideas and simply look and listen through fresh gazing and appreciation. Anyhoo, have been wanting to thank you for offering up an interesting mix of new and familiar sharers of thought and views all keeping to the positive in this time of dismantling. Thank you and take care during this next great ride!

    1. Absolutely, Lisa ~ the Cloud Beings are really making their gorgeous presence known! They are truly a sight to behold, they make such a huge difference in my Spiritual journey. It looks like we both are connected to them on a deeper level (and I love your term, Cloud Beings! I use the term Tree Beings but will now also use Cloud Beings, thanks to you).

      Thank you :) we will all help each other through, even if we don't personally know or aware of the others. I have a daily Gratitude meditation which includes ~ "Thank you for all the people who love and support me, known and unknown" I believe we love and support each other in our Great Soul Tribes, in some way, even if we are not aware or know the others.

      Blessings 💛