23 June 2019

Explaining the Solstice Gateway Now 'Open' for Humanity ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 23 June 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

The Gateway that got activated to ‘OPEN’ status on 21 June 2019 is a profoundly huge juncture for humanity. We each go through it at our pace.

I’m going to say now, I personally am not through it. No...

I have seen it, have been given piece by piece understanding of it, over the last week, in various different data forms of third eye sight, learning dreams, physical eye sight, the divine guide I reach out to maybe once a year, and finally our beloved Gaia that teaches me via her reality as she downloads information to me, to learn and integrate within the human, But NO, I am not through this Gateway...it requires my inner work.

This GATEWAY, now OPEN to all, at each’s pace IS a penultimate stage...to using a HUMAN vessel that is FULLY CONSCIOUS...in the awareness and presence of God. For that human to operate an open vessel, for physical seeing, hearing, acting, being, in a fully conscious awareness that God can play through as ITSELF and express, create through.

We have been working towards this juncture since our own initial and individual awakenings. Via our own self/Self enquiry. Via our desire to understand our own human patterns within, that require seeing, understanding, then our OWN DESIRE and WILL to release those patterns. That work requires courage to look within and requires overall trust of this ascension process that is designed way beyond our human understanding, We go through our stages, one stage at a time.

Gateway after Gateway, inner work after inner work. For we CAN NOT reach the top of any mountain, without taking each humanised step, one footstep at a time.

We reverse the HUMAN process. We reverse the mirror:
Before, the mind would think, learn, act. It had the ignorance that “only the mind could protect the heart”. So it closed off FROM the OPEN heart, thinking that was how it protected the heart.

The ascension EVENTUALLY, teaches everybody, that it is the REVERSE that is TRUE.

We become, allow the OPEN heart to guide us. It was always open. It NEVER CLOSED. It waited, patiently, as the portal to knowing God. It waited/waits for the mind to listen to the heart. For the mind to act from the heart. That in truth the heart required NO protection. For the heart is the OPEN energetic portal to ALL THAT IS. The portal to God/Source.

So the new energetic human operates in this order (I have previously written about this):

Heart, Access energy, Access God, to Be outside of the dream, then Feel, Think, Speak, Act. Allowing the heart to be FULLY open to ALL, in all moments, for ALL is God.

PREVIOUS HUMAN: Think, Access the Maya/illusion, Be submerged in the dream, protect the heart via limited mind evolution of neural pathways, thus Feel, Think, Speak, Act from previous limiting Mind first. Allowing the heart to be open for limited periods when the Mind thinks it’s a ‘safe’ moment.

Once through this now open Gateway, we shall be, see, think, act as fully as the human being in solid form can, as an open solid vessel AND as a non solid vessel (physical + light body) for God to PLAY with and play THROUGH. But to be this, we have to reach the human stage FIRST, as the human, through our WILL, of embracing EVERYTHING as God. We have to have gone through stages to reach this juncture to step through this Gateway.

We have activated our light bodies. We see them physically already. In the last week building up to Solstice, they ‘appear’ to be becoming even brighter now to our physical eyes.

We have already activated our Merkaba. Already we see that physically and can merge with it. Yet it also pre-Solstice ‘appears’ to be spinning faster.

Some can already see physically, that everything solid and non solid is made of tiny particles of light. That dark and light is ALL made of light particles. Yet again, pre-Solstice, it seems each and every particle is shining even brighter.

ARE THEY BRIGHTER? No...just that we are integrating more of our higher CONSCIOUSNESS. So we can experience more.

We are to reach a human state (mind, body, emotional, energetic) of equal frequency to the said Gateway. Of FULLY (I do mean FULLY) accepting, of knowing, that ALL is God.

In very human terms, for the sake of only this explanation for clarity, this means accepting ALL is God. For all IS God. Everything. Regardless of human perceptions, human judgements, human belief systems, human religions, human histories, human experiences, human mental systems and mannerisms thought, expressed, acted upon...ALL is God. And our inner work, if it is OUR individual WILL, is to work with this within. Conscious work.

It is not reached by the outside. The outside IS the dream, the illusion, the Maya, we are here to come out of, yet stay with our human solid form AS WELL AS our active Light Body form. EACH STAGE of this ascension is reached from the INSIDE of our being, that then changes how we see, feel, react. And how we can increasing, step by step, work with God’s energy, and to what degree. We embody and learn more, then more, then more. And let go of what we previously thought was a truth. So we learn truths at different stages, only to release them, and supersede them with newly learnt truths. Until, finally, at our own timing of acceptance, we know:

That ULTIMATELY, there is NO truth, NO meaning...except the PLAY of CONSCIOUSNESS that adds multiple MEANINGS and multiple TRUTHS to individual conscious experiences, in order for God to have multiple individual experiences... for God to know ITSELF more and play with it’s own creation. We are each a microcosm of the macrocosm.

To be that READY STATE of human open vessel, is to be the one that works on our human version, to break down the previous patterns and thus distortions we have lived by, believed in and given our energy and focus to. We let go of ALL our DEFINITIONS, in order to be an open human vessel for God to interact with, play with, play through...this is the stage before entering THIS now open Gateway:

We are to release all definitions of human knowing, in each and every moment, to REALise finally, that EVERY THING is God. Because it is. When we reach that stage of FULL acceptance within us, we ARE accepting God, as EVERYTHING. And at THAT stage, we have matched the frequency of THIS OPEN Gateway...and thus shall walk through.

This is why I’ve said in very recent posts, that this Gateway is HUGE, yet at the same time it’s SUBTLE. I feel it will take linear time to enter through...yet the magnificence, magic and wonderment, is that it is HERE, OPEN, for each of us. There is no rush. It can’t be rushed. It’s all so very perfect for each of us, regardless of how human beings perceive themselves or how they ALSO perceive others. The divine plan is perfect, as are you. You ARE already, a beautiful divine being of God’s own creation, where your journey is in ACCEPTING you are. That ALL are...

I hope this information helps. It’s difficult to explain so much data in so few words. Words are so so limiting now for what is happening to us, and always, always open to mis-interpretation. But I do hope it helps and supports you somehow.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
23 June 2019

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