30 June 2019

Songs of Spheres ~ Broder Bilal ~ 29 June 2019

Digital Artwork - Grim962
Source: Broder Bilal

Songs of Spheres

Just as other musical songs – Planets and Stars have their own unique majestic melodies playing beautiful luminous tones heard across the Universes.

Songs emitting from the organic Grid-systems. As with every heartbeat – songs heard in intervals of melodies to the alignments of Planets and Stars.

These songs as a symphony of many instruments playing higher or lower pitch in chromatic sequences and unlike Shulman resonance spectrum yet connected.

When amplitude increases in Grids – there is an adaptation to the settings. Songs can become unstable for a short while also affecting all the living beings in the Sphere.

With the stability in wavelengths of Grids – the symphony plays even finer rhythmic tones. Small characteristics of sequences have becomes more Intune with the Dimensional Energetic Highways of the Universes.

The Songs of Gaia playing in different layers with many wavelengths in the Grids – Every wavelength contains information about the Collective state of Mind with information about previous “experiences” as a Collective with everyone’s own unique individual experiences as well.

Just as listening to Encoded music can bring a alter state of mind – same with the majestic luminous tones playing in Grid-systems. It can alter Our state of Being to Higher Dimensional Awareness.

With the tipping point reached. Gaia will ones again sing Ancient Melodies in full scale unheard from the previous ancient times - now with 6:density symphony playing beautiful luminous melodies.

In our own peaceful stillness we are dancing to the Songs of Spheres - singing with Planets and Stars from the songs of Universes.

Brother Bilal

Digital Artwork - Grim962

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