29 June 2019

The Path of Ascension ~ Eric Raines ~ 28 June 2019

Source: Eric Raines

Many in the burgeoning population of men, women and children who are growing their awareness of the major shifts coming, recognize that their minds, bodies and spirits are going through an incredible transformation.

As these sensations and epiphanies grow, as these abilities and mindsets reveal themselves, often times the euphoria of raising your frequency gets in the way of the reason for the ascension.

The mechanics behind what is going on right now, is that the activated levels of frequency and energy are dissolving the layers of density and low vibrational fields of trauma that have been passed down through the DNA and ancestry.

As the dense layers dissolve, the sensations of this lifting frequency are so incredibly uplifting and powerful that it can draw the focus, just like something negative draws the focus.

It becomes so incredible, so strong, so uplifting, that the background frequencies actively are overshadowed by the light being created.

What ends up happening is the "love and light" coverup. This is the mindset where you actively ignore the uncomfortable and negative feelings because they do not feel as good as the euphoric high vibrations that are spontaneously rising.

This is the purpose of these frequencies: They are showing us what is possible. They are showing us how to create them. They are showing us how to cultivate them and purify them.

What these frequencies are doing, are dissolving the dense layers of trauma, ancestral karmic DNA programs, past life connections echoing damage and Babylonian slave money magic programs.

As these densities let go, trauma release goes into effect. As we release trauma, one of the most common effects is to experience the sensation of the trauma that is releasing. An example would be, if there is a container of fear stuck inside of the muscle memory and the clean, pure vibrations start to unlock the pathways of release, as that container of fear lets go, the fear is often felt as it is releasing.

The path of Love is the exact same thing as the path of Ascension.

"I do not care how much energy, how much chi you can create and run through your body, if you are not on the path of Love, you are not on the path of Ascension." -Siara Loveless

Do not ignore the uncomfortable. Lean into it. Recognize where there is darkness and density because it is a familiar sensation and you can point right directly to it.

Hold space with this darkness. Hold space with this uncomfortability. The more you recognize that you do not resonate with this sensation, the easier it is to make the final decision. **I DO NOT ENJOY THIS**

As soon as you recognize what you do and do not enjoy, simply creating more of the high vibratory emotions, sensations and energies while directing them into the uncomfortable spaces is more than enough to begin unlocking the traumatic and damaged points of resonance.

As these unlock, they drop the points taking up space into transmutation, opening up new flow inside of the body.

This literally feels like suddenly there is an open area where there used to be nothing but stagnancy and stuck feelings. Inside of this opens space, more light, more flow, more activation is possible.

Inside of this activation, only Love exists. All positive vibrations stem from Love

The Path of Love.

All there is, is Love.

Love, Love, Love.


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