30 June 2019

Total Solar Ecipse: 2 July ~ Celia Fenn ~ 30 June 2019

Source: Celia Fenn

Total Solar Eclipse coming up on Tuesday 2nd of July.

A powerful Solar path that will rest codes on the Planet, but especially across Argentina and Chile, the lands of the South American indigenous shamanic peoples. With a focus on ancestral healing of the Collective as well as individuals, much old "victim" energy and anger will be lifted in these areas as they ground the new masculine. And so this will also spread to all of us in the evolutionary process.

For most of us this wave will be a powerful prelude to the Planetary New Year (26th July) and the Lions Gate 8/8 (8th of August). Here comes that wave, already lifting us up and propelling us into a new time cycle that will take us into the major magic of 2020.

The Eclipse will be at New Moon in Cancer, so the emphasis will be on the Divine Feminine as she relates to the emerging New Divine Masculine. The partial Lunar Eclipse later in the month at Full Moon in Capricorn will bring the Masculine into balance as we prepare to transit the primary Portal of the Sacred Year on the 8th of August. The Royal Lions of Sirius and Alpha Leonis are waiting........

So much going on.....so much change....

Don't go crazy...we got this...we are moving forward and upward in this process with confidence and grace.

Here goes.......

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