31 July 2019

Productions of Light Come Into Full View ~ Gaia Portal ~ 31 July 2019

Source: Gaia Portal

Productions of Light come into full view.
Participants are called to the Higher Way.
Stalwarts of the normal are set aside.
Farm hands of the Rainbow Path begin their harvest.

Solar Grid, The Event, Central Sun ~ Aluna Ash ~ 30 July 2019

Here's the link to listen in on what Aluna Ash has to say:

The solar wave thats coming through now will be lingering til after the New Moon. And more energy is coming through then before. 
We are all linking up more consciously & subconsciously to the Central Sun. It is a being, that speaks to you. Connect up through your crown to the Sun then to the Central Sun, then back through the Sun and through your crown & down to your heart, then push the stream down thtough your root chakra to the earth and then central earth. You can do these daily. 
New Moon- Sun & Moon both at 8 degrees Leo, during the 1st moon cycle of the new galactic year. The Magnetic Bat Moon Tone 1 
Galactic Activation Portal Dates 8/1 & 8/3 
Lion's Gate 8/8, taking place on Blue Magnetic Hand, Also Tone 1. This galactic year is Tone 1. The moon cycle is Tone 1, and the day is a tone 1 
I have gotten alot of guidance on another Event coming 2020 to prep for the "New Sun" to hit specific points of the new solar grid, linking the Central Sun through the Sacred Cosmic Fire. The energy is from the Central Sun, and comes through the physical Sun. There's a merge of 2 Suns. 
I was sent to Manhattan New York for a couple days for some Central Sun grid work, as this is an access point of the New Earth grid that is activating. The black out in Manhattan was part of this. The heavy/dark energy has to be cleared. New grid points have to be anchored so the ones that were in control, are no longer accessing the energy. Anything that has been hidden, will come to light through all of us doing the work needed. We cant just sit & wait for things to change. 
There's been an energy clearing that's taken place in Manhattan New York- and Wells Fargo Bank in Manhattan New York. I don't know how this will manifest in the physical 3D as far as Well's Fargo and the clearing,/activating of the new grid points.. all I know is what I was shown and why I was brought there. I felt very protected while there & my guidance was pretty happy & excited to have cleared energy & activated the grid, so I am too. We are all doing this in different ways, but it takes a group because we co-create. Higher planes, etheric cities anchor into the lower planes after clearing of the old energy takes place.. Atlantis cities have ascended to the ether, but are descending in consciousness to the physical throigh the clearing & activating of the grid. 
Much of the sacred symbolism has been distorted and manipulated, like the Goddess Liberty or Pentagram or Eye Of Horus... So most people do not know the true meaning and just assume things are "evil" due to the distortion programming. And thats how the ones that were in control & distorting things- kept information hidden. By manipulating the collective's perception of reality. That's also why we didnt know the true timing system... now thats changing. 

Creating Solutions as One ~ Sandra Walter ~ 30 July 2019

It is vital that Lightworkers be unified in purpose and resist anything which seeks to divide us. Censorship and attempts to control are short-lived.
In our wisdom, we express fully and openly to stay aligned with the higher timline. No judgement of old tactics or division of worlds....
Love them up to speed with the New

Note to Self: Take heed.

Source: Sandra Walter

This Freedom may not be welcomed by all, there are still old realities running in tandem. Those timelines are splintering off, losing control; pay them no energy, forgive it all. Encourage everyone to be diligent in their choices of what to amplify right now. Gently guide those who are still entangled in old agendas; they have shifted.

Our focus is the New, creating solutions and full support for anyone choosing Love and service to the whole. It is vital that Lightworkers be unified in purpose and resist anything which seeks to divide us. Censorship and attempts to control are short-lived. In our wisdom, we express fully and openly to stay aligned with the higher timeline. No judgment of old tactics or division of worlds; love them up to speed with the New.

Celebrate this transformation, focus on your personal narrative as an expression of Divine Love. We are completely capable of raising the entire collective into peace, harmony and divinity. That is the true power and purpose of Embodiment in this Now. Watch your words and thoughts, you are a stronger Creator than ever. Divine Neutrality paired with movement in the direction of your highest trajectory will serve you well.

Because #Ascension.

A message to all on Planet Earth for this Lions Gate Portal in July/August 2019 ~ Maria Nesa ~ 29 July 2019

Pep talk that's good to hear....

Source:  The Golden Age Goddess

In this now Moment many have decided to be here on this planet including you. As you read this message, Sacred Light-codes are surrounding you as you stand tall as your Higher self/I AM presence. Please hold the Light as you have and see all Starseeds, Lightworkers and Warriors, all Elementals, Light Forces, Animals, Plant life, Human beings, all Galactic beings, Angelics, Planets and Suns, within our Universe, enfolded with Pure Light and Love in all realms, dimensions and planes.

Please Visualize Pure Rainbow Light, within a Large Sphere of Light, forming around the entire planet earth, streaming through the core of the planet. See all portals of Light across the planet being blasted with Pure Rainbow Light, throughout all God/Goddess Ley Lines across the Planet, through all Stargates, pyramids etc.

The Moment has come for all to gather and stand strong, for all Rainbow Warriors to Gather in Unity and to Embrace the Event that is about to occur.

Be ready. Open your Heart to Love. See your true self rising in power, strength and Joy.

The present, future and past all as one is bright and victorious as a 144 000 has heard the call to assist all here and now as we rise in frequency together.

The best and Highest timeline for all is here.
Please read on....

Black Supermoon Lion’s Gate Portal Retrogrades Energy Update ~ Morag ~ 31 July 2019

There's about to be a Shift in your Life. Get ready for your Blessings. You've been through enough and a Breakthrough is on the way. Don't doubt it just CLAIM IT

Powerful message with pertinent advice from Morag.

Source: Awakening 5D Healing

Portals of cosmic lightwaves recalibrate our mind body soul being. We actively transform from low density 3d avatars to fully charged up 5d lightbody beings. 2019 is home to 333 Portals as well as several others, including the coming Lion’s Gate Portal. We are adjusting to the Shift in perspective about our existence. Going with the flow translates as tuning into energy and surrendering to flow of love vibrations. Once we drop into that frequency we lose our fear. Our lives, our sense of Self shifts. Moontime is having an increasingly powerful affect on all of us as we lighten our vibratory fields becoming more sensitive to her ebb and flow. Super, new and full moons are mini portals enabling us to karmically release, consciously align and commune with our higher self and guides. Supermoons, eclipses, celestial events are the cosmos reaching into the depths of our soul drawing us out into the light. Each has its own significance, resonance, each has its own planetary alignments. The black supermoon is about our core, what makes us tick. We can shift, transition, transform into a moth, a creature of the night, lost, confused, bamboozled by the bright lights of the matrix. Or we can cocoon ourselves in a chrysalis of Light, transcendent in our evolution. Butterflies bathed in crystalline light, Gaia goodness and creator vibrations. The dominoes have been tipped, divine feminine energies anchored. As above, so below.

July’s black supermoon in Leo, with intensive retrograde activity, is a tricky energy best navigated in conscious positivity. Channelling Leo’s zest for life, confidence and self belief is the springboard to our abundance. Planetary alignment mirroring constellations of the pyramids of Giza, reflecting Sirius, gatekeeper Metatron, and all his secrets, we will learn some hard truths about the world in the coming weeks. For some of us the moon will disappear entirely, a karmic black hole ready to vacuum all toxicity from us, if we choose. Our world is being pushed closer and closer to the event. Dark energies aired in truth vibrations are coming our way. Those shining bright in the light know that all that comes to us will expand into our channelled divine light, welcome and warmly received. Those whose demons are in the driving seat will disappear from physical sight, though we will feel their hate energetically. Take protective precautions, negative energy focused at us can harm our mindbodysoul equilibrium. Use mantras, prayer, shield of love, invisibility cloaks and crystals (selenite and tourmaline, dark crystals to ward off hate and light to blast out love). Meditate love vibration. Send enemies love, it will keep them away. The illusions are crumbling. Many cling to negative comfort zones in the matrix for fear of the unknown. It will get more difficult to refuse truth vibrations. All whose lives are constructed on deceit fear truthers, for they understand we threaten their illusions.

So we get to the heart of the matter, or, of darkness. The black supermoon 31st July/1st August is a dark portal. We were witness to the blinking of the Dark star earlier in 2019, heralding the anchoring of dark energies in the fourth realm. July’s black supermoon is a gateway. Just as 333 portals and the Lions Gate operate like doors opening to the fifth dimension and allowing tidal waves of light to wash over us and through us, so too the darkness has its gateways. As above so below. All we are told is inversion, smoke and mirrors, illusion. Everything they can do we can do and vice versa. Black moons are the energy of evil. It is the opposite of joy, love, abundance, peace and harmony. Limited to lower realms by the physics of cellular vibration, the third and fourth dimension are the domain of darkness. The membranes between us and the exaltation of higher realms are being pushed through, broken and dissolved, the higher our collective vibration gets. We can use the black supermoon just as the elite are using sacred alignments for their own dark rituals, we can do the same with theirs.

Please read on....

July 31 through Aug 5 2019 ~ Gene Key 33: The Final Revelation ~ Richard Rudd

Revelation always comes as silence

Source: Gene Keys

“Out of Revelation comes true silence.

The beings manifesting this Siddhi have nothing whatsoever to say — and if they do speak, it is to say that there is nothing whatsoever to say! (There are many amusing ways to say this).

Of course, this Siddhi is also about remembering. It is literally as the word suggests — re-membering — to enter into all the separate members of your greater body until you realise there is only one of everything.  True remembering is a kind of detonation inside you — a flash flood that wipes out your past and reveals the greatest mystery of all — the mystery of the eternal Now.”

The 33rd Gene Key, the Gift of Mindfulness

Clip: Deep Dive #8 ~ Jason Estes & Umair Nauman

"A Master will not disrespect another Master's journey"

Please listen to this clip here.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

Illusions around equality are now being released and cleared from in and around me

Here for the remaining commands.

The Call of Your Soul ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 30 June 2019

Through Loving Kindness to Self
Everyone and everything appears as a fresh Flower from within
Global Mission of LOVE

Source: Nicky Hamid

Listen to the Call of your Soul. Sit with it for a while.

Know that within it is a place of profound and natural stillness, and the call of your Heart, the call of Home the voice of You. 

It is a sweet voice, the sound of Love. 

Within it is your wholeness, your Truth. And when you feel it, make peace with your body. Make peace with your emotions. Make peace with your mind. Befriend and love them all. Love what you are. Love what you have been. Love what you have become. 

And then make friends with Gaia. Love Earth and everything it has given and gives to you. 

Remember how there were so, so many who wanted to come in physical form at this time and you were given a ticket. A ticket for the greatest live show in the cosmos. An opportunity to have unprecedented experiences and the rare and precious opportunity for accelerated expansion. 

Make friends with yourself, Make friends with Earth, make friends with all beings earthly, of star origins, and of Heavenly Being. 

You are Home, you are always Home, for you will be Here in whatever manner or form you choose to express your Lovingness. The Soul, you is calling you Home, and Home is nowhere else because it is anywhere you are. It is the Heart of You.

Shine On

I So Love You


PS: HUGE HINT: And there is Field and Form. Soul and Personality. Soul You ARE is the Field which contains the Form you have thought You were. Soul Consciousness reflects the ONE, the All in All.

So personality no longer does the seeing. Feeling. Knowing. Soul You does and uses the lens of personality to experience the Form.

SR Reading

Space Observing System
That "stacked" formation again....

The Wingmakers ~ FM144 ~ 30 July 2019

A major report here from Team FM144. I have some thoughts but will post separately.

"The Eagles are coming!!"

Source: FM144

This blog entry provides information that comes directly from the Cosmic Central Race. But first a little overview of the current situation on the surface:

After defending the Draco Fleet who followed the Cabal's emergency call, the Light Forces have intensified cleaning of plasma spider nests within the Grid, which in turn is also a reason why these entities have recently become so startled and are taking targeted action against Lightworkers:


There is also a lot going on in South America. The continent is still an energetically shielded Cabal/Nazi stronghold. And the Goddess Vortex in Venezuela is still fiercely contested:


You can continue to support the Goddess Venezuela with the meditation from this blog entry:

Please read on....

30 July 2019

Deep Dive: Jason Estes #8: Ascension Talk (Soul Movement) ~ Jason Estes & Umair Nauman

Source: Jason Estes

Deep Dive:
Each Tuesday, I will post a new video from the MTVOTeam YouTube page. We’ll have 7 days to explore each video and share our experiences and questions in the comments.

How to participate:
-Watch the video within the 7 day window
-Share your insights, experiences, and questions below (Grace: please go to Jason's page for this)

Deep dive video is (link)

Timeline Choices ~ Sandra Walter ~ 29 July 2019

The New Moon on Wednesday July 31 @ 8:12 PDT completes the wild-and-wonderful July eclipse passage.
Timeline choices are amplified for the next 5 MONTHS.
Have you chose your highest trajectory of Freedom, Creativity and Ascension?

Speaking of Sandra Walter and her Freedom Codes.....

I really believe that the messages coming in now are generally about being in alignment with what we are choosing to create, or more specifically, the energy in which we are vibrating. Even Cobra has issued that two-week "caution", asking for us to go more often into meditation.

Source: Sandra Walter

We cannot emphasize this enough; we are already in the pull of the 2020 energies. What needs to change, right now, to serve the highest outcomes for you, your service, your #Ascension?

All willing hearts mark your calendars for Wednesday, we will unify in collective amplification of the Freedom codes and acceleration for all willing hearts. Details in the Newsletter.

The Shifting to Embodiment Timelines Webinar replay is still available if you need assistance with choosing your highest trajectory. https://sandrawalter.mykajabi.com/

Unwinding, Belief Systems and Wormholes ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 21 July 2019

Sandra Walter also talks about what she calls Freedom Codes.

Source: Jenny Schiltz

I often find myself with no words to describe what this process has been like since the Solstice. It has been intense on every single layer; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The theme that came through for the Solstice was FREEDOM.  What has been taking place since that time is the unwinding of all the things that keep us from true freedom within.

We are unwinding ourselves to discover the truth of who we are at the deepest levels. We are in one of the deepest, most insistent phases of letting go.

Realizing what no longer serves us can look like things, relationships, or plans crumbling. It can feel like our deepest wounds being triggered. It can leave us emotionally raw and feeling sunburned. Pay attention to the things that brush up against us and hurt. These are clues to programming within that is needing to be rewritten.

Letting Go can also look like new openings, new opportunities, and great growth. Often the Letting Go looks like both the collapse and the expansion.

To ease this process ask yourself these questions:
“What stories do I keep telling myself?”
“What belief systems have I bought into?”
“What limitations have I allowed to become my truth?”
“What am I doing or not doing to bring my soul peace?”

Once we begin to see the belief systems and stories we tell ourselves as realities we are choosing to reside in – what we need to let go of becomes much clearer.

My highest aspect described the multiple realities (frequencies) to me in a beautiful visual. She explained that it is like the floors in a hotel. Each floor has its own belief systems, its own truth, and thereby its own version of reality. To those staying on a particular floor what they see, hear, know and experience is true and correct for them. As creators of our own reality, it can be no other way.

It is not that one floor is better or worse than another as each floor contains valuable lessons and experiences. It is simply that we need to reside on the floor that makes our heart sing even if that means we must build a whole new level to the hotel.

Where we often get into trouble is we will flip floors, allowing another’s belief system and frequency to override ours. This causes great disharmony in our form. This can cause anxiety, depression, and physical pain in the body. Understand that whenever we try to engage or debate someone about their particular beliefs we are effectively attaching to that energy stream. This can cause us to straddle frequencies which is uncomfortable. Sometimes the greatest self-care you can show yourself is to walk away and allow another to have their experience.

Please read on....

Crop Circle: Clear Wood, Cley Hill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire ~ 28 July 2019

Crop Circle Connector
This may appear to be a simple formation, but the details are exquisite. I have included close-up shots of some of them.

Please enjoy more at Crop Circle Connector.
Crop Circle Connector
Crop Circle Connector

Seesaws Through The Wall ~ Jolt Texas ~ 29 July 2019

This isn't my usual type of post, but I just couldn't resist....

Source: Jolt Texas

Amazing: Artists installed seesaws at the border wall so that kids in the U.S. and Mexico could play together. It was designed by architect Ronald Rael. ⁣

Beautiful reminder that we are connected: what happens on one side impacts the other ❤️❤️❤️
(See more photos and videos from Ronald: instagram.com/rrael)

Connect to Your Heart ~ Buddha Doodles

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

The voices of do it later / not now / wait / you're not ready / you're moving too fast, are now being released and cleared from my ears

Please complete the rest of the commands here.

Incoming Wave ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 29 July 2019

Very strong INCOMING WAVE started approx 1 hour ago (18:30 BST Time)
Multiple energetic patterns to cranium (strong) and body. An energetic Concave ARC, moving left temple to right temple and back, is strong. But HUGELY strong, dominant, literally moving the actual physical body, is the Energetic ARC between Head and Heart
One Love!

That was another night of not much sleep....

A Short Notice to the Surface Population ~ Cobra ~ 29 July 2019

A brief but very important notice from Cobra ~ I'm posting this in full.

Source: The Portal

Next two weeks will be crucial to determine how the process of planetary liberation will continue.

The Light Forces are asking everybody to meditate as often as they can and as often as they feel guided, for the process in the next two weeks to continue in positive, harmonious and peaceful way for the planet, humanity and especially for those who are holding Light for the planet.

The Light Forces are also asking people to visualize the Flower of Life grid encompassing the planet and helping to harmonize the situation:

Victory of the Light!

29 July 2019

The Meld aka Ascension: Ascension of Human, Descension of Spirit ~ Star of David ~ Adamus via Geoffrey Hoppe

Clip Art
This was something I had wanted to post for several weeks now, but just didn't get round to doing it. A few days ago, I eventually let it go, like so many other thoughts I had intended to express in writing.

However, the recent Crop Circle (here) was the motivation I needed to pick it up again. This concept is nothing new to you, but I did feel the inner prompting to post on my blog.

Several years ago, when I was following Tobias' teachings in Crimson Circle (I have long discontinued, ever since Tobias reincarnated in 2009 or thereabouts), there was a teaching about the meaning of the Star of David. Two triangles, one on its base, the other inverted, coming together.

Adamus (I think, can't be sure) via Geoffrey Hoppe had explained that this represented the Ascension process that we are going through. Our Spirit descending (inverted triangle), our physical body ascending (upright triangle), and both merging to form the Ascended Human.
Crop Circle Connector

Video: Ascension Q&A: Receiving Guidance, Bliss States and Disclosure Event ~ Sandra Walter ~ 25 July 2019

** Update: I just finished listening (albeit at 1.75x speed) ~ definitely recommended.

Source: Sandra Walter (includes video)

Blessings Beloveds ~

A follow-up video to the Earthquakes and Stargates video from earlier this week. Answering some questions from the High-Vibe Tribe on receiving guidance, Bliss states and the upcoming Disclosure Event.

In Love, Light and Service,

Change Your Vibrations ~ Guruji Krishnananda

Great reminder....

Source: Revolution By Light

Everyone has a personal energy field. Our system of body, mind and intellect has an energy field and it vibrates continuously. According to our mood swings and emotional upheavals, it vibrates and sends out positive vibrations and even, negative vibrations.

When we send positive vibrations, we attract positive thoughts. We attract people with positive thoughts. When we send out the negative vibrations, the opposite happens, which is, we attract people with negative thoughts. Unwittingly we do it. This attracts diseases and accidents. So we have to be very careful about our own vibrations.
Let us not assume that there are only external sources for our non-positive vibrations.

Sometimes the source of negative thoughts could be from our own past or deeper layer of our consciousness. Irrespective of the source reject all negative thoughts and emotions.

The best solution is to carry Light all the time. Light is God’s Energy. It is the Source of Love, Peace, Wisdom and all that is positive. When we carry Light, Its Vibrations bring Peace to us and all that is around us. So, channel Light daily for at least seven minutes. 
Visit – http://www.lightchannels.com

Lions Gate 8-8-19: A Magical Journey Into The Sirian Stargate and Beyond ~ Maureen Moss ~

More about the highly-anticipated 2020....

Source: Maureen Moss

Activations of Unparalleled Importance Leading into 2020

An Activation of The Great Pyramid of Giza

Beloved Hearts,


One year ago during the Lions Gate, we were escorted into a New Planetary Cycle making a pronounced shift from a linear timeline to a vertical Spiral of Evolution.


For consciousness to move from one reality to another and stabilize, a compatible frame of mind and heart, body and soul…coherence… must come into place in body. Thus, we have spent the better part of this year in and amongst the most advanced galactic, cosmic, deep space frequencies, surges, waves, codes, sacred geometry, spiraling radiations of Universal Light and streams of New Creation Codes igniting humanity’s next cycle of enlightenment, soul embodiment and full body transfiguration.


Day by day, we have been woven deeper and deeper into the new ebb and flow of Higher Holy Life penetrating every neuron, tissue, particle DNA and cell…clearing what was and inserting what is leading us deeper into the marriage of the Soulful New Human and the Creator, as One… entering a new life cycle of Eternal Inheritance and Freedom that will activate at the peak of the Sirian Lions Gate on 8-8-19. 



This Year the Sirian Masters and Sirian Royal Lions shall lead us into the 2020 Transition of Eternal Inheritance and Freedom.


This is by far the most Powerful Lions Gate to date. Archangel Metatron has spoken of the very powerful ascension wave that will enter the planetary consciousness in tandem with the Lion’s Gate.


As many know, my love for the Sirians runs deep. It is from a deep heart connection with them along with a knowing via experience that the Sirians, having the most direct path to Earth and the most influence on humanity’s ascension, hold earth and humanity close to their Hearts.


Throughout the history of human evolution, particularly in the early period of the ancient civilization of Egypt, the Sirian Masters carrying their Star Wisdom descended to Earth to teach humanity the alchemical process and science of Ascension, the Principal of Oneness and of the Infinity Consciousness of Creator God.


They, the many Sirians and Royal Lions, also built the Great Pyramid of Giza to be an active Director and Receiver of Advanced Light Codes for humanity, Earth and many worlds until the fall of consciousness in Atlantis and Egypt severed all connection.



Never Again


You are the Ones who are destined to succeed, they have said, with more capacity for Wholeness, Unity, Stability and building a larger physical realm then ever was possible on Earth. We are with you actively and devotionally now every step of the way to further assist in upgrading your Consciousness and activate your full Infinite Heart…the building material for New Earth.


During the Lions Gate we will be in rapport, council and activity with the Sirian Masters and magical Sirian Royal Lions (amongst other Masters,) as they actively assist us in moving into a new dynamic Dimension of Light…a new Octave of Soul Embodied Life and help us merge and synthesize with the Ascension Wave taking those prepared into the 2020 Transition of Eternal Inheritance and Freedom as we establish The Peoplehood of God throughout the many worlds of Intelligence.


On this day of direct infinite alignment with the brightest star in the sky Sirius, we will travel into the Stargate and be initiated into the next unprecedented enlightenment phase for Humanity’s Ascension.


Click Here For Further Details and Registration


Know you are loved,

Email: Maureen@maureenmoss.com Website: www.maureenmoss.com


© 2019 Maureen Moss
 No part of this transmission including artwork, may be reproduced or transferred in any form or by any means without full article, full name and website  


Additionally voice recordings are prohibited by this copyright.

Imagination 🌈 ~ Clip from Jason Estes #7: Authentic Spirituality

This makes me feel totally OK with constantly having issues with following guided meditations....

Please listen here.

The Law of Leverage 🌌 ~ Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness

This Awareness indicates the future is never fixed. The future depends on what is occurring in the present, and a change in Consciousness at present will effect a change in future experiences. This is related to the Law of Leverage: wherein a small amount of energy exerted to change the course of events at a present time ~ at the right moment ~ can move mountains in the future

Source: MTVOTeam

The Cosmic Laws are meant to illuminate and bring understanding to the spiritual laws that govern this universe and which all beings are subject to.

The laws can be found in the book, "The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness," which is available as a free PDF online. You can find it easily if you do an internet search of the title of the book.

#consciousness #mtvo #selfhealing #cosmiclaw #universallaw #spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

Feeling and being stifled in my finances is now being released and cleared from in and around me

Please follow through with the "closing" command here.

Crop Circle: Cocum Farm, Nr Barton Stacy, Hampshire ~ 28 July 2019

SR Reading

Our Globe of Light ~ Guruji Krishnananda

Source: Revolution By Light

"Always live in a globe of Light. Light protects, insulates and guides. Waves of anger or jealousy from others, thoughts, etc. can create disturbances. These can be prevented to a great extent if we cover and fill ourselves with Light. Remain completely immersed in Light." - Guruji Krishnananda

#Light #LightChannelling Experiences of Light Channels Revolution By Light Amara Maharshi Vishwamitra Maharshi Saptarishis Manasa Foundation Quotes from the Rishis

Eric Raines Update ~ 28 July 2019

Source: Eric Raines

We are experiencing the direct pressure of a planetary wide release. Much is coming up right now.

Attention on the outside would benefit greatly by gently nudging the attention to the inside.

Outside is everything that is happening, with the massive shifts in the political, sociological, environmental and energetic spheres of conscious.

Inside is the catalyst to begin this purge in earnest.

This is why you are here. This is why you exist. This moment. *NOW*

There is always another update, the latest intel, the most cutting edge information, but this is all external.

This is all past and all future. *NOW* is where the magic resides.

Who are you? Truly...What noble, magnificent, generous, loving spaces inside of you begin to flutter when you ponder this?

We are all fragments of Source, Splinters of the Infinite. Individual. Sovereign.

The thundering vastness of the unfathomable cosmic webs of consciousness echo with the ringing of our Soul Fire.

We are here. In this place. Right *HERE*. Right *NOW*

There is a strength brewing inside of the collective that is ringing with joy, laughter, love, forgiveness and gratitude.

The Soul Fires of organic evolution are being stoked and the light is beginning to shine on levels yet untouched for millions of years.

Go in. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath as if it is the first you have ever experienced. Smile, feel the stirring inside of you that responds to such a simple action.

Feel the bubbling pressure rising up inside of you as a voiceless shout of who you truly are rises up from inside, swirling inside and outside of you with the intensity of the moment.

It truly is simple.

If we have created so much stagnancy, so much darkness simply by focusing on it and feeding it with that focus, can we not simply shift the focus into things that create light?

We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the calvary, we are the backup.

All it takes is for you to truly step into how powerful you are by simply acknowledging it.

From my heart to yours,

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 28 July 2019

"Walking in the Air" ~ one of my favourite "alternate" songs for the Christmas period.

Source: Amanda Lorence


We are ALL accelerating, data opening up in our awareness, becomes extremely fast paced. More and more puzzle pieces gifted along our path, join up. Yet as puzzle pieces join, that very effect of joining the pieces together, creates even MORE expansion, of ENERGY: in the mind, the body and the soul. Which means, more ‘new’ knowings, data, understandings. Which then raises our energetic frequency. And so we accelerate. It’s continuous as everything effects everything, so a shift within, creates more and more acceleration, data unpackaged, changes us within, awareness increases, so more acceleration comes. It truly IS a SPIRAL! But now faster. As our conscious awareness expands, our energy rises, which MEANS, we experience FASTER, higher Hz energy.

Some of you saw the FB LIVE explaining ‘How Consciousness Works’, dates 25 July 2019 here. In it, I showed the below (Grace: image above) graphic I created in 2014 called ‘Consciousness’. I mentioned that I did not know what the GAPS signified between Light Nodes, or what the Light Nodes that were only PARTLY present, represented. For anyone interested in CONSCIOUSNESS, I highly recommend watching the video.

Because today, I have awoken with a sudden KNOWING of what the GAPS mean, as well as what the PART Light Nodes are. This has then led to far more data being unpackaged within, that joins up the classical scientific approach/enquiry of our solid universe of matter/non matter, to the world of quantum physics. I’m super excited as the data bridges the missing piece of knowledge, between SOLID and ETHERICAL. It will explain our shared HOLOGRAM. It makes sense of various puzzle pieces received and experienced physically and etherically these last 7 years. I will therefore do another FB Live at some point, as a continuation of this previous FB LIVE. So if you haven’t managed to yet watch “HOW CONSCIOUSNESS WORKS”, the LIVE on CONSCIOUSNESS and THE HOLOGRAM I will do, will be more difficult to follow. It takes a LEAP!!! I’ve no idea when I’ll do the LIVE on this as our collective timeline is now so fast-paced for us all. In truth, the informational data doesn’t matter, what matters is always...OUR energy frequency (Hz).

Most important, NOW...is to stay grounded, and allow FLOW of within and without. And give yourself YOUR space and time for you to INTEGRATE your energy, shifts and own data received. Genuine heart-based family and friends will still be there after any major integration time you need for yourself. They too, will also need their own space at their key periods on their own timelines. Allowing space for each human is so key; something humanity is still learning about, yet typically inherent within our advance civilisations.

We have so got this Shift! Amazing times to be here with ALL and beloved Gaia.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
28 July 2019


For new family here...I wake up singing every morning, always a message in the song from HIGHER SELF to my human path...But, it can sometimes be, a Message for our Collective. I share when it's a COLLECTIVE message/Song.

Song: Walking In The Air
By: Jackie Evancho

This song, completely ‘out of the BLUE πŸ’™’, presented today, relates to our current NOW TIMELINE. The song relates specifically to the current and major shift in becoming CONSCIOUSNESS, that I have written about. I have recently spoken about ‘how’ Consciousness works on the FB LIVE dated 25 July 2019.

This NOW accelerated Consciousness Shift has STARTED, and will keep EXPANDING very quickly, for the individual, once it has ignited from WITHIN them.

A COLLECTIVE SHIFT in becoming ‘the awareness’ of being ‘Consciousness with a physical vessel’, will continue to occur one at a time, yet as part of this Collective Timeline that has arrived. The human shift being directly related to Gaia’s own shift.

Enjoy the lyrics of the song, presented NOW as energetic awareness, quantum style...The words, are HUGELY significant throughout the song.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
28 July 2019
πŸ’™ 2 2 πŸ’™ 

(Link to video)

The Dance of Our Light ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 28 July 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

When we are not in TUNE with each other, we can inadvertently, intentionally or innocently, step on another’s toes. Which can through choice, cause no pain, temporary or long term human suffering.

When we ARE in TUNE with each other, we dance EFFORTLESSLY, easily, as two or more, merge into the ONENESS of the flow that is present.

Every human is energy interacting, within itself, and so, without. Being an ever changing energetic frequency, in motion. And all energy is frequency based (Hz).

We are Light, dancing with Light. πŸ’™

Amanda Lorence
28 July 2019