09 July 2019

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in Update ~ 8 July 2019

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

The eclipse portal that began on July 2 didn’t arrive gently. I guess I didn’t expect it to. It roared in like a lion. It is obvious that it is here to get a job done. So here is what we are witnessing so far at this time. By July 3rd, most sensitives were feeling the building pressure and shared various symptoms that we have come all too familiar with these past few years.

Many shared that their perceptions seem to be coming from a new source or direction, and their mental focus is all over the place. This is causing an inner confusion as duality finds a new balance within us. Some spoke about their eyes being blurry and not being able to focus, as well as not feeling like they were seeing out of their own eyes. Others felt feelings of anxiety and exhaustion, almost like being drugged. Some felt an odd detachment like nothing of the "real" world matters, and questioned if our “real world” is real at all. Focus and feelings have been all over the map.

Then Southern California began to quake, and it all made sense. July 4th, on our Independence day, in a fairly remote desert area, the Earth experienced a 6.4 earthquake. The following day, the Earth gave us another. This time it was a whopping 7.1. Sensitives were feeling energetically split in two. It was so squirrely. I guess that’s the best way that I can describe it with one word.

By Saturday morning, the heavy transformative energy had lifted a little. This gave me a comfortable window to go to the Hopi Culture and Arts Festival in Flagstaff, AZ. As we sat and listened to a Hopi musician break out into a powerful lecture about the true history of independence, and its whole meaning, he also shared how we ALL have lost how to live within the rhythms of the Earth. (Thank you to the musician, and rebel at heart, Ed Kabotie, for the Hopi history lesson.)

By Sunday evening, we could feel the energy build again. I started to notice an uptick in the collective anxiety / undercurrent. By the next morning, there had been 7 minor earthquakes, on or very near the San Andreas fault line. This is California’s worst nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be. Most of the California coast is quivering now, releasing decades of energy. Not to worry, this is a good thing.

(With that said, we want to send all our love and support to those that may have been hurt in anyway in the current earthquake situation.)

Anyone who has lived through an earthquake knows about the bliss wave that follows an earthquake. One of the ways the Earth releases negative energy is to quake. Just before the earthquake, we might feel a build up of energy, and feel generally unwell, with aches and pains and even nausea, confusion and disorientation. During the earthquake, we might feel and release fear and anxiety from our DNA. BUT... here is the best part ... directly after an earthquake, there is an influx of powerful euphoria and bliss. Some people blow off this wonderful feeling saying that they were just glad that they didn’t die in the earthquake 🙂. But this bliss feeling happens even with small quakes, when we are not concerned about our survival, other than spilling our coffee. I don’t know about this phenomena happening during any other kind of natural occurring, earth event.

The point is ...
This bliss state IS the natural state of the Earth. This IS the natural state for humanity. Earth absorbs everything that happens upon her, good or bad, heavy or light, etc.... Once the heavy energy builds up to the point where she needs to stretch and let it out, she does. Then the process is repeated over and over.

The Star Elders say that this cycle doesn’t need to repeat to keep the earth vibrating at optimum levels. Once humanity truly knows and owns the power of the divine light within, no contaminated energy can ever touch us again. And subsequently, the Earth will never have to absorb our contamination again as well. No human or earthly processing of negative energy will be needed ever again. This is what we are all reaching for! This is the ultimate goal, but we are still in the process.

The west coast has released very little energy in past two decades, unlike the rest of the Ring of Fire. I truly believe this is due to many light workers, healers etc... in the population of the west coast that have been working hard to clear or hold off the big one. We would prefer to see the Earth quiver a lot than one big shift. But we feel better after we stretch, and so does the Earth.

With this said ...
It looks like we are going to be on heightened Earth watch for a while. We hope you will help. This can be a great teaching, learning, listening moment at this time, where we can once again remember to hear the Earth. It is a step in the right direction toward learning to live in balance with Earth cycles.

We are looking for YOU, Earth watchers, Earth oracles, who are near the fault lines right now. Who is in western California, Oregon coast, Washington coast or Vancouver Canada? Etc...
Also ... all those on or near major ley lines, or sacred sites like Mt Shasta, you may also feel the clues to coming quakes.
Super sensitive people, if you have your feet on the Earth, you’ll be feeling this too.
Can you please be our Earth watchers? Let us hear from you.
What are you feeling?
What is the wind saying to you?
Are the birds very quiet?
How are your four legged ones acting?
What is your gut telling you, etc...?

We can use these current Earth events as a way to learn to listen to the Earth again. Once we understand how to listen to the big energy, like building earthquakes, we can then fine-tune to even more subtle nuances of energy. If we can hear our Mother Earth, we have an opportunity to bring back balance, to Earth, and all of humanity.

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