07 July 2019

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 7 July 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

If you find yourself taking everything too personally, remember it connects into a much larger picture and if you can rise above the adversities of the personal life stories, you actually are a part of a greater healing transformation on a global level.

13 bloodlines overlays and contaminates the Global grids, when we heal our ancestral lines that have been compromised, by doing the shadow work, we return it to the original circuitry of Gaia and the 12 tribes and 13th Mother gate.

7 root races and 5 Cloister races (Starseeds) =12, are needing to unify and it clears the planetary logos (7) of distortions, upgrading our DNA, cause the 5 Cloisters are the 5 elements with Aether included, instead of the lower reptilian Dragon grid manipulations that blocked the chakra kundalini flow of the 13 Stargates ~ Keeping Spirit energies veiled from us.

Not anymore though!! It compromised us into 3-D thinking (mind-control) instead of of those lower Chakras being the container for Higher dimensional realms, that bring about Ascension and movement out of Carbon based form into Crystalline.

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