15 July 2019

Love has the Power to Change Lives ~ Lee Harris

Source: Lee Harris

Every day you live is an opportunity to grow the love inside you and the love inside you will take many forms.

Do not be deceived. Love is not just about being caring or smiley to people. It is so much more than that, so much more.

Love has the power to change lives. Love is creation itself. You give off the seed of your love every day.

The strength of your love, the quietness of your love, the resistance to your love, the lack of your love, whatever you are in, whatever emotion, whatever state.

Be aware on the days when you are not feeling so loving, on the days when you are struggling to feel at peace - there will always be emotions inside you that do not belong to you and did not come from you.

- From Love, Anger, and Spiritual Fire MP3

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