14 July 2019

The Quantum Leap of your Sun and Earth ~ Laura Whitworth ~ 6 July 2019

** UPDATE: I do apologise, I've had some communication to alert me of my typo. Laura is told that The Event will occur in two YEARS, and not two WEEKS as I originally typed. What was I thinking?  I think I was channelling all of us..... 😁 
Thank you to all concerned, and sorry again!

Laura Whitworth is a new source to me, so I'm not aware of her background. I came across this link somewhere (hard for me to keep track nowadays) and just finished listening.

In this session, Laura tells of a Reptilian invasion of her Pleiadian planet, led by a White Draco (she doesn't identify him as such, but it's clear from her account). She also tells of how the negative Reptilians eventually took control of Earth after the fall of Atlantis, sustained by the negative emotions of Humanity, which they have successfully manipulated since then.

Laura also reports that so very many from the Cosmos are helping Humanity to go through this shift in consciousness back to Light, triggered by the Sun, then Gaia, and then The Event. She describes Life on the Ascended Earth (Gaia).

In general, Laura's information isn't new, so only listen if you feel pulled to do so. Laura does mention that there is now a false Sun placed by the shadow government to conceal the immense activities around the real Sun, something that some parties have claimed for a couple of years now. I have no beneficial comment to make on this.

I found it comforting that Aurora/Laura feels that never again should such imbalances in polarity be allowed anywhere in all the Universes. This is something I'm sure we all will be demanding from the Light Councils when we return Home.

Please listen to Laura's account of her own session here. She is told that The Event will happen in the next two weeks  (soooooo sorry!) years, but this isn't definitive as Time is fluid (about 39:30-minute mark). We can help by doing our Inner Work (always, always, always!), shining and spreading our Light (ditto x3).

This QHHT Session - is Laura's own personal session.

We experience her shock of a battle on her planet with the Reptillians. We see her journey to come to Earth and we are given up to date information about the Ascension of Earth which is brought about by the Quantum Leap of the Sun.

This is brought about by the raising of consciousness on our planet. If you enjoy this video please Subscribe. Its Free!

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