22 August 2019

Adapting to Fifth-Dimensional Awareness ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 21 August 2019

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

As the current Lionsgate portal begins to dissipate, having discharged its final Sirian encoded cosmic transmissions, the Fifth Dimensional Mer-Ka-Ba begins to resonate at increasingly higher frequencies to expand your personalised toroidal sphere. The gradual spin increase in velocity brings with it greater awareness of multi-dimensional realities beyond current comprehension.

All that exists within the third dimensional collective consciousness has common recognition through familiarity. Higher dimensional awareness will come from acceptance of the changes occuring around you, releasing fear of the unknown and allowing your inner guidance system to come online more in the form of 'remembering' rather than recognising. Higher dimensions are where you came from, there is nothing unfamiliar to your Higher Self. Your current Soul Aspect is what is new to this world, not your inner knowing.

Adapting to a Fifth Dimensional awareness is not about waiting to see what is 'out there' but allowing what is emanating from within to become a daily part of your reality. Look within to experience your true expanded Self emerging and then bring the energies of that understanding out into the world you are creating around you, so others may see who YOU are too.

It is YOU that is creating your Fifth Dimensional experience, there is only NOW, there is no requirement to wait and see what others are doing or how they are doing it, either in this world or from the next.

Open your heart centre unconditionally and accept rather than resist all lower vibrational feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Why choose to maintain these when YOU have choice not to.

Choose creation over reaction, courage over suffering, acceptance over defiance, Love over fear. The choice is yours - always in all Ways.

Ta Ra, Tor-a May, Sha Ki Na Tor-a Ki.
Ka Ra Na Tay-a, Ka Ra Na Tor-a
Ku Ma Ra, Kun Da Li Ni Ra Kun Da Li Ri

With Loving Blessings

Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
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