24 August 2019

Addendum: New Timeline ~ Jason Estes

Yesterday, Jason Estes came out with an update about the mass migration that was expected to occur on the 23rd (here). In the update, Jason wrote:
"the ratio of physical space time on this line is different and the levels of carbon are as well...."
The part about the carbon was something that kept coming back to me, and I wasn't too happy about it. In the end, I looked through the comments of that post on Jason's page, to see if he had said anything further about it ~ yes!  I wanted the word "crystal" and I got it. Now I'm happy :)  I'm appending relevant comments here for anyone interested.

Jason also mentioned respiratory issues ~ I had that for two days just this Wednesday (after YEARS of no longer experiencing that symptom), and someone else also told me about her flu-like symptoms. I also appreciate his view on Gaia Mum ~ sending her Love is also important.
Jason Estes Time as we understand it is more liquid here then in the last line and the carbon is more a crystal carbon which means better structure which is why so many people have cold flu and respiratory issues atm we are learning to breath a new element
Jason Estes Yes very much so from the 15th forward manifestation is increasing every few days and oct 28th when we get the final ascended master gift the world will be primed for celestial and astral games will not be tolerated which will lead to a very fun 3 months of deconstructing the illusions in our lives =
Jason Estes The earth is going through a process and so are those around us, but you cant change those things only can change yourself and allow others the example and choice to do the same, i send love to the earth every day thats the best i can do i know what shes going through is part of her process and i can honor her untill she asks for assistance
Jason Estes struggle is based on a misunderstanding always, there is 0 reason to struggle in life, so with clarity comes less suffering but challenges will always be there they are what allow us to evolve into something greater
Jason Estes Keep in mind today we had 600m new people aka dynamics added to the collective this is a huge shift in the way we function as we only had 40k prior, also today is a 2pt day so its like living 2 full days in one, take a moment and tell your body "this isnt life this is simply a moment of it and this to will pass"

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