25 August 2019

Additional Info For Clarity ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 24 August 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence


Regards today’s initial WAYSHOWERS (earlier today). What I shared is only my understanding based on my data received. Apologies if it wasn’t so clear as I do try to be each time I write:

1] The Mayan Calendar Consciousness Shift date that is within the Calendar somewhere: is to come.
2] The Three Day experience of being “Taken” is to come.
3] The convergence of three timelines (past, present, future) as a daily ‘norm’: Is to come.

All are galactic timeline events, to come.

Via Gateways that shall present, and Activation Days that haven’t arrived yet for humanity. We are moving towards these timelines. I can fully understand people may relate the information to their own personal experiences. So just wish to be clear about what I actually wrote. Just my perspective as received without adding any guesswork which I won’t ever do. I either know or I don’t know. And most of the time I like to be clueless! Please go with your own perception, which is far more essential and empowering to you.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
24 August 2019

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