23 August 2019

Amazon Forest ~ Broder Bilal ~ 22 August 2019

Some helpful suggestions from Broder Bilal. May I suggest that intention be given for the highest purpose of the Planet, that we ask Gaia Mum herself to be in charge, and that all visualisations be free of negative connotations ~ eg. visualise rain, and not fire.

Source: Broder Bilal

Global Group Meditaions - Fires in Amazon Rainforest

10-15 Years back they tried few experiments on Cost2Cost radio. Thousands of people meditated and had the intention on creating rain in places where it only rained 1-2 days in a year. They had the intention on dates also... it started to rain heavily on those dates.

This been proven many times before - To create rain with synchronized Intentions of Group Consciousness.

Sending prayer can help, to get more effect we need utilize our own energy and ask for specific help. Just as sending “prayers” to a cigarette will not change the taste but using your own energy can make the smoke almost taste like “air”.

A simple technique, you can “visualize” heavily rain over the Amazon Rainforest : The more you do it, the stronger effect and usually takes few days before the rain can start.

Some scientific research shows that water particle are also created in higher atmospheric layer when Solar Winds hits the Planet. We can use the energy from the Sun to speed up this process. Sun is a living Consciousness and can respond to Group Intentions. Connect to the Sun and “ask” for “coronal mass ejection”. These are plasma particle’s, ones entered our atmosphere, they can turn into water particle by other chemical reactions.

We also have winds blowing in to Amazon Rainforest from the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, this can be used to create rain Clouds that will blow over the area. Use our “inner feelings” when “visualizing” how rain clouds are made over Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean that will blow over the area to create non-stop rain. To “visualize” is easy but it is our “inner feelings” that holds the amount of energy.

Help available from the "Star Nations" and their advance technology. Easiest way is to make contact with the Group that you feel most connected with, or directly contact the Council located in Saturn. They are providing guidance to the "Star Nations". We can make contact and “ask” for specific help with stopping these fires and to create non-stop rain over the area.

These fires could be planned and man-made, perhaps that´s why they are not covering this so much in the mainstream media.

To get best result we need to have similar Intentions and take similar steps toward this approach.

Use your time, when available to meditate and use these steps presented here. We have enormous backup from the "Star Nations", we need to just ask for more help with these fires.

Please share so more people can utilize the energy from Consciousness more efficiently when joining all the mass meditations around World. If you have a group meditation planned or want to create one, please share it with Us. More info can be find in comment section.

Also Much Love & Gratitude to all Souls who are combating these fires with their life´s !
Brother Bilal

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