26 August 2019

Aug 24 through Aug 28 2019 ~ Gene Key 59: The Dragon In Your Genome ~ Richard Rudd

Transparency brings everything inside your own being, eliminating the very concept of inside and outside

Source: Gene Keys

“In the times ahead — and even perhaps today — the 59th Siddhi is imminent.

Beings will come into the world manifesting the full power of this Siddhi. Just as mass consciousness will begin manifesting the 59th Gift of Intimacy as the norm, so a few will begin to manifest this most rarefied of vibrations. These will be people who have gone beyond all concepts of agendas.

The ultimate agenda is evolution — the idea that there is still some scope for growth. Although the form of our world will continue to evolve, the consciousness out of which it emerges can never and has never evolved. Only awareness can evolve and it is evolving very quickly through the transformations and mutations coming through this Gift and Siddhi.

However, when awareness has reached its ultimate expression it becomes a clear mirror for consciousness, and  this is what Transparency is. It reflects life without any additional comment. It is a state we humans have always dreamed of attaining — the ability to look upon the world without judgement.”

The 59th Way, the Siddhi of Transparency

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