30 August 2019

Deeper Clarity and Understanding of Earth Purges ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 29 August 2019

This video message from Jenny Schiltz is potentially controversial, given the current state of emotional current running through what's occurring in the Amazon. I often spend some time in self-debate over certain things that I share in my blog, and this was no exception.

So why am I posting this? Because I feel that Jenny presents her opinion in a rational and expansive manner. Ultimately, my opinion about anything doesn't matter an iota ~ everyone is free to either read or ignore what's posted in my blog ~ what matters is your own opinion, so therefore please do the Higher Guidance thing.

Having said that....I will admit to having my own take on what's occurring right now. Essentially I direct my meditation towards Gaia Mum herself, with the intention for her highest purpose and that of her own Ascension process. In other words, she can use my effort to do what's best for her, be it to douse fires, calm waters, quieten winds, protect Life or whatever. I also always acknowledge that she is a Powerful and Sovereign Being in her own right.

Please listen in here.

A brief video on the understanding and clarity we need surrounding the earth changes that are taking place, particularly the fire in the Amazon.

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  1. “Here a part of the German book "Neun Tage Unendlichkeit" by Anke Evertz a “near death experience” about her body burning and being saved and put nine days in a healing coma and her experience and the gift to get to know her infinite soul this way and that she was not her physical body...

    “The greatest gift of this experience, however, was not that I had finally left my body, but rather what was happening in that disembodied, limitless state of consciousness.

    here first a google translation and then the original text (as only 4096 character are allowed as comment I removed the original german excerpt, but can sent it if you want.

    “"My whole body burned brightly. The fire had eaten inexorably from my legs over my hips to my chest through my skinny sportswear, and I heard the loud crackle and hiss as it caught my long thick hair and face. It was too late! All my desperate efforts to escape the situation that had seemed so innocuous a few minutes before had failed, and I was absolutely clear: I'm about to die! But instead of fear or even panic, this realization triggered an infinite calm and deep serenity in me. All tension seemed to fall away when, instead of the longed-for air, hot flames filled my throat, as if naturally accompanied by the thought: Whatever may come to me, I am ready!

    I can not explain what happened after that, but I know that just at that point in time began the most wonderful and insightful journey of my life.

    As if it had only taken this one thought, I left my burning body in that fraction of a second and suddenly found myself two feet away from him. An indescribable neutrality came over me as I stared up at the ceiling in amazement and saw the soot of the flames blacken them. My blazing body began to stagger and find some support with my arms, but I barely recognized it. I only saw the merciless flames and felt the insane heat that emanated from them. For me it was doing quite well. Well, maybe that's the wrong word for it, but in any case, I did not feel pain or fear, but felt like a neutral observer of the whole scenery. I saw my son rush into the living room and throw himself at his burning mother, as the ambulance arrived, escorting my body to the helicopter and to the hospital. I tracked the efforts of the doctors to save my life, saw how they put my body into an artificial coma, and wondered at most that none of them found the time to answer my questions. Somehow, from that momentous moment, I was twice, with hardly any relationship to my body.

    The greatest gift of this experience, however, was not that I had finally left my body, but rather what was happening in that disembodied, limitless state of consciousness.

    While my physical body struggled for its survival with severe burns for nine days, I felt more alive than ever. I found myself in a world beyond my human imagination, plunging into realities I had never thought possible, and thereby finding myself. What I could not have known then, of course, is I am all the clearer today: on that cool September evening I went through the fire for myself - in the truest sense of the word - to return nine days later as a new human being. " ”

    1. Sacred Fire of Transmutation. Thanks, Stefan, many Blessings