07 August 2019

Energy Update ~ Aluna Ash ~ 6 August 2019

An important energy update from Aluna Ash.

I suggest that we don't get caught up in names and terms, as well as be too definitive of personal perceptions ~ especially since we're already in the Lion's Gate energies :)  For me, I believe in the building up of waves of energies (not yet tsunami-level), until we reach a culmination. That's my perspective only. As I've repeatedly mentioned before, there are many who already call these intense phases we are in currently, The Event.

As mentioned in my personal update, releasing all that's not yours on a daily basis may help greatly. And calling back all that's yours!

Please listen in here.

And I totally get it for those who don't believe that the Event has already happened...I know if I had come across my own channel years ago, I wouldn't believe me either 😂 or if I didn't experience it myself, i'm not sure i would believe someone telling me it happened. so i get that also. 
But we are living on both sides.. some just may see it/experiences their "otherside" more or happened to in that moment of the Rainbow Wave Event in March 2018. 
My mother had already decided she would be transitioning about a yr prior to the March 2018 event, and she experienced in a different way. It was on the same day, same time, just brighter bigger & was pink/light wave then a brighter light & she only felt love, peace & bliss. 
She told me it was The Event that helped her to accept letting go of the physical & finalize her decision to move on from this experience (she transitioned 10 months after the Event) She had a choice, we all do at a Soul level. 
The next Event is still the same Event, its just being experienced by other fragments of the timeline that alreasy exists... they filter down. 
I'll be recording Air Sign August Reading today :) 
Livestream Group Meditation on 8/8 @ 9pm EST 
I'm hoping to do a Livestream on Patreon Wednesday or Thursday this week. 
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