22 August 2019

Gigi Young Updates ~ 21 August 2019

Source: Gigi Young

It's time to remember who we are.

That is the higher purpose of chaos: to allow us to formulate the right questions in an attempt to create balance again.

Through this process, we arrive at a higher path we may not have discovered if we were not challenged.


Create peace within the heart and body from a pure place.

There is a tendency to attempt create peaceful emotions in spite of something or someone. This is a natural attempt to create balance and emotional relief.

However, keep in mind if we create anything in the wake of spite, even positive thoughts and emotions, it will be rooted and resonating in spite.

Create peace and love within the heart, from scratch. Just because you can. We are energetic beings that work through resonance, and that often means letting go and introducing raw higher frequencies (via emotion and thoughts) that alchemically override negative ones over time.

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