23 August 2019

Human Hybrid & Human Origins Narratives ~ Gigi Young ~ 22 August 2019

Source: Gigi Young

One of the narratives that the 'permanent government' wants to control most, is the human hybrid narrative and human origins.

They will infiltrate both the New Age and UFOlogy incessantly in order to invert and distort the truth surrounding these topics.

Controlling these narratives means controlling consciousness, as we ascend by re-invigorating the etheric bodies we lost when we descended (fell) here into 3d reality. Of course, we re-invigorate these higher etheric bodies from a deeper more holistic and advanced perspective (which is the purpose of taking on a deeper density such as 3d).

If we have the wrong reference points, because agents are out there inverting and distorting the truth, it is much more difficult to gain ones cosmic memory and thus ascend. We become confused and numbed by the pain of forgetting.

This is why we must learn discernment and deeply question projects with lots of glitz, glamour and financial backing.

We become truly alive when we take the risk of remembering, rather than being told.

Below (above image) are Rudolf Steiner's planetary chains and seals depicting the flow of consciousness through the spheres. A higher view of humanity's incarnational path through the cosmos.

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