25 August 2019

Jason Estes Update ~ 24 August 2019

Brilliant! The Divine moving and pulsing individual Souls.... Let Humanity rise.

Source: Jason Estes

there is going to come a time in the not so distant future where all the tools and techniques we have used to hide from ourselves wont work anymore and all those we have blamed and shamed for our misunderstandings are going to step away and all we will be left with is ourselves and while that day may be a painful one it will ultimately be the best day of our-lives

for many who follow these posts you have already gone through that day and remember how hard it was

for some it has yet to come

every thing you do today makes that day less needed and for many who are new to the timeline they will never need to experience such a polarity as many have gone before them to make the way easier

to all those who have come before me thank you for making my way easier and for all those who come after me thank you for making the way easier for those who come after you

after all we are in this together working towards a greater world.

so in the spirit of that id like to take a moment and ask everyone who is part of this community to stop for 5-10mins and just ask yourself who is to blame or celebrate for the world you live in today?

and if the answer is anyone but you take the time necessary to work on that

I love you all and together we rise or fall ::hugs::

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