22 August 2019

Void of Creation ~ Maureen Moss ~ 21 August 2019

I believe many are going through this void, which is the pre-cursor to major re-arranging/re-writing/re-setting....

Source: Maureen Moss

Since the Lions Gate, I have been interestingly emptied out and in a unique life review for purposes I'm not quite certain of yet.

As we travel through new Consciousness time zones and dimensional conversions there is a good deal we are not certain of yet.

If you are feeling void of new creation, not to worry...we are still deleting remnants of the old while discovering, aligning with and integrating the new workings of our full Self as Conscious Souls in body preparing to unfold personal new lives... to reveal and lead a New Humanity, create a New Earth and uplevel the Consciousness of the vast Cosmos in the next stage of Creation.

No small task.

From the eclipse season through the Lions Gate and the extended energies since, the at times staggering change within our bodies, brains, DNA and hearts are preparing us for not only new levels of Earth Creation though Galactic and Interstellar experiences through rather high speed energies and data coming from within and beyond this galaxy.

We are becoming quite a sophisticated lot.

At this time we have heightened Light Councils and the Angelics/Elohim offering a great deal of support and wisdom through our Higher Self/Higher Heart as the above unfolds.

In one of my contemplations I heard... Let nothing separate you from the grounded sacred codes of truth and feeling also given to you daily straight to your heart from the essence of the Creator and all aspects of your multidimensional Higher/Soul Self and Majestic Universe. Listen. Integrate. Apply.

Be gentle with yourselves Beloved and stay close to your heart...there is a great deal of Sacred Ascended activity occurring there.

Know you are Loved,

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