24 August 2019

More Cosmic Codes Coming In & Prep ~ Aluna Ash ~ 23 August 2019

Aluna Ash also includes her perspective of what's occurring on our Planet, including what she sees of the Tree Kingdom, which she did talk about briefly recently. Please listen in here.

I very much resonate with what Aluna Ash shares here about our connection with our Mother. While I do not wish to speculate what is truly happening in the Amazon because it will not help me in any meaningful manner, I do believe post-2012 that Gaia Mum is not the helpless powerless Being that is very often portrayed in awakened circles. This is also why I had inserted my own opinion in an earlier post about calling in rain:
"May I suggest that intention be given for the highest purpose of the Planet, that we ask Gaia Mum herself to be in charge...."
I am fully aware that there will be many who do not align with this view. As always, please heed your own Higher Guidance.

I'm one of those that didn't notice the energetic transformation with the Tree Beings, but I did get that they started "singing" a couple of years back (posted here). I don't know if it's related to what Aluna Ash was sharing in her video. (However, I had reported in a recent personal update that there will be massive re-writing and re-setting occurring, does that count? 😇)

Finally, to tie-in with what Aluna Ash says about Collective Clearing, we have a new stable Ascension Timeline now, and the mass migration that landed on the 23rd involving about 600 million, as per Jason Estes.

If the fires were deliberate- balance is & will be restored. SHE is in control & no one OWNS HER BODY! including tribes, races, nations that believe she was "taken" or should be "returned" to their ownership... she is a Sovereign being!! 
Laws suits do not give anyone a right to dominate a being or call ownership over something that cant be owned spiritually in the first place.. Especially when humans are guests within & on the body of this Divine Mother. She won't tolerate being "owned" and those, on all sides, that think they own her, or fight to own her, will learn quickly that they do not. And those that have been damaging her when others are trying to get the message out & protect her- will be heard. 
Everything is in Divine Order. Leela. And what I started seeing 3.5-4 weeks ago - was the etheric restructing of the Trees. All are connected. In order for us to truly be able to assist the planet in her healing/transforming w this shift as a collective, we have to be connected to her. Not connected through a 3rd party, like the news or whats trending on the internet. 
The fact that the Amazon was on fire for 3 weeks and all the times before now, most of the collective didn't notice any changes with the trees or feel anything, says alot to me. Maybe it's due to too many distractions... i dunno. That just really hit me over the last couple days- how so many didn't feel/see/dream/talk about the changes with the trees before the media said anything. Not because of the fires, She is in control- but because noone knew anything til the news did. If more say what they are picking up on before confirmation of the news/media/trends, then more would trust that there is a deeper connection beyond the physical. 
I know the Divine Mother will rebalance her body in whatever way she feels fit. She is in control. And we are her children. 
I have noticed recently more that the insects are really reacting to the shifts in their own etheric bodies.. noNow theres a focus (energetically/intuitively/clairvoyantly) on insects/butterflies/bees/grasshoppers/beetles & the elements.. I could be misinterpreting what I'm perceiving but it does not feel like a negative thing at all it just feels like there's a lot of energy that's rearranging right now and a lot of changes that are taking place. 
I know the energy field of everything is changing, and started noticing with the elements & the Trees: https://youtu.be/vIeP4fZdL3Q 
With this portal, you may feel guided to sleep or eat a little bit more. Or the energy can do the opposite at times..the frequencies spike at different times throughout the day & night. 
I feel we are currently in prep for shifts that have alot of momentum. As if things & the DNA and Brain will be activating quickly. Cycles/portals/gateways activate the gateways of the brain & DNA because they replicate the same pattern.. these patterns are connected to geometry which can be broken down into codes & become subliminal transmissions then projections, then new programs. 
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