23 August 2019

New Timeline ~ Jason Estes ~ 23 August 2019

** Update 24 August: Some supporting information to this post, here **

Relevant update that I feel we all should know, but as always each of us will know best what to take in and what to ditch.

Source: Jason Estes

Welcome to the new timeline everyone

Some things to be aware of for those of you who are new here and are joining in the next few days, this timeline is stable but its higher then anyone imagined it would be after a re-evaluation to the the line on the 15th the level of ethics and standards are much higher then the transit line, the ratio of physical space time on this line is different and the levels of carbon are as well, so being aware of what this means for humanity on this line is important

for those who are new to this level of game the rules are simple BE GOOD, DO GOOD, Have FAITH... that being said momentum works very differently here, so a good rule of thumb is understand what you focus on can go off the rails or fill your sails

in other words if you have not already become hyper aware of any complaints you have within yourself and around you begin to work through stuff and move to gratitude as soon as possible and by all means do not do things you know are bad for you or wrong for you

while the consequences are much higher here so are the rewards and benefits

life wont get easier but you will become stronger and better master your world and enjoy the new timeline ::hugs::

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