06 August 2019

Quitting the War Game ~ Eric Raines ~ 4 August 2019

"I dont care how bright you can make yourself, how much Chi you can run through your body. If you are not on the path of Love, you are not on the path of Ascension."
-Siara Loveless
Source: Eric Raines

When dealing with psychic attack or etheric entity attachment, I find so many playing the war game.

I understand this perspective. I have been a fighter all my life since I started martial arts at the age of 5.

When I felt this system triggering thoughts and emotions that were not mine for the first time, it lead me to immediately recognize this massive, pervasive system was rooted throughout the entire soul level of humanity, filtering down to directly infect our physical bodies.

Immediately I retaliated with brilliant frequencies of light, determination, force of will and a visceral, burning **NEED** to save humanity, fight the dark forces.

I became the etheric ninja, tracking down nexus portals of the darkest repositories of concentrated Loosh energy and blowing everything up into light.

I was always on the attack, or defense.

I never had a moment's rest, because I had many echelons and agendas of etheric negative consciousness actively trying to neutralize my ignorant, yet massive threat level.

It became nothing more than a bright reflection of the war energies. Agression. Retaliation. Vigilance. Defense.

Holding onto this constant level of intense focus is impossible. We did not come here to recreate the dark systems in a pretty package that glitters with untold secrets, we came here for true transmutation of #LeadToGold

As I became overwhelmed and as more and more was brought to bear against my own reflection of extremely dense energies, the epiphany shocked my awareness with the brilliance of a thunder strike.

As I could no longer defend, they blew me out of the way so they could feast on all of the unprocessed trauma, ancestral programs of emotional conditioning, environmental programs and growing hatred for what I had been fighting.

I (as in my soul consciousness) was completely ignored as they frantically drove past me in a starving, desperate horde for food, or a recharge to their dwindling "battery" supply.

Suddenly it made sense. They need food, I was storing it in my fascia/muscle memory where I was physically holding on to those points of trauma and awful feeling emotions...and the question was formed. "What happens if I transmute that space into the opposite of how it feels?"

As I began to explore directing laughter and joy energy into these spaces, I was amazed to see not only the dark, heavy space in me becoming lighter, but it "slipped out of the grip" of everything feeding on that Loosh energy.

The more heavy/dark/dense energy I cleared in the area, the brighter I could make it. The more powerful the smiling laughter energy became until I had actual clear, powerfully intense feelings of joy in the body.

Then I was rising. All the pain, tension and horrible sensations flushed loose almost like sand draining from the body and I truly felt peace inside of the chaos.

From this point of peace, it was effortless to create the deep feelings of joy, love, forgiveness, empathy and compassion that these negatively oriented beings have never felt. Not ever, not even once.

As I gifted the sensations of laughter, joy and love, it was almost as if shadows were being exposed with light.

These powerful emotional frequencies undo and transmute energies born of fear. Just like light does to shadow. As the being feels empathy, love and joy for the first time, it can no longer sustain its dark, dense form and is transmuted to light.

We cannot fight these systems. We have to recognize our moment of action is always right here, right **NOW**. The secret is in the feeling that is powering your story. Does it feel good or does it not?

Is it the path of love, or is it not?

"I dont care how bright you can make yourself, how much Chi you can run through your body. If you are not on the path of Love, you are not on the path of Ascension."
-Siara Loveless

I hope this brings insight and a practical understanding of what to do if you find yourself in extremely dense energy or under psychic attack.

First, shift the perspective. You are not being attacked; instead, you are being shown right where dense energy is stuck in the form of trauma inside of you. Use this gift. Find where it hurts and love it until it relaxes and lets go.

You have got this!

From my heart to yours,

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