27 August 2019

Solar Storm / CME Coming & Themes of September ~ Aluna Ash ~ 26 August 2019

Please listen to the update from Aluna Ash here.
I tried recording this yesterday but it was all rambles lol so sorry if this was rambling too- I didn't relisten- just post. 
**when I talk about portals- this is all based off of my own system from documenting these waves for several years in connection to the sun, moon & specific planetary transits along w galactic portal dates 13 moon calender. 
These Cosmic waves/rays raise our consciousness and give us the ability to use our True Self to consciously cocreate using the Planets, moon cycles, tones, portal dates, astroids, stars, etc.. within this cycle- which is the Feminine cycle. 
These energies bring amazing potential to balance any polarity or duality within/without & give us a stronger awareness of what we are manifesting consciously & unconsciously - what seeds we are planting within ourselves & others, and what we are co-creating with others. We are choosing our reality by our beliefs, not by wants, unless the want matches the belief. When our DNA activates, (more & more) you begin to be aware of you writing your script, while watching others play parts or character roles that they are completely unaware of. You become the Avatar of your higher consciousness.. still in the experience but with a perception that is beyond the experience. 
Use these energies to access insights/downloads/codes/activations/to manifest/heal! 
New Moon Portal opens 8/27 
Solar energy activated by New Moon in Virgo 8/30-9/1 so these cosmic rays may be felt from the new moon portal opening to the new moon activation point 8/27- 9/1. Some that hear frequencies, will begin to hear around the 27th Sun & Moon are the electric & magnetic charges. 
The moon like a sattelite, begins to get "charged" by the Sun as it enters the portal of the Sun... In my perception of things. And I'm not speaking of the Sun & Moon in the way most were taught in school or in traditional astrology. 
Light Codes flooding in 9/8 Full Moon portal opens 9/10-9/11 Full Moon 9/13 activates mini wave Saturn direct 9/18 Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune 9/13 Light Codes Central Sun & GAP day/last day of 2nd moon cycle 9/19 9/20 first day of 3rd moon cycle 9/22 Equinox Light codes begin to come in 9/23 Equinox 9/26 wave begins, New Moon Portal opens for New Moon in Libra opposite Chiron on 9/28 Venus is also squaring Saturn (which is also conjunct the South Node in Cap) & the North Node, a T Square- while (Venus) sextiling Jupiter during this New Moon portal & New Moon in Libra. 
I am finishing up recording some of the readings for the channel and or Patreon for September & i'll be getting to some emails sometime later in the week. 
**Visual I was shown of the Sun: The moon crossing the Sun causes a vortex within the Sun to go in the opposite direction (towards the back) then as the moon passing the Sun, the energy within the vortex of the Sun is slingshotted through the vortex & out the other side. This was coming in nonstop over the last couple days so I thought i'd share. I was also shown how we are accessing Quantum Codes & etheric DNA, which also activate the use of the entire brain instead of just a portion or small percentage. Right now, I feel, is a prep & an etheric clearing/restructuring (just like I started seeing w the etheric bodies of the trees 4 weeks ago) for the energy of this new Cosmic Cycle & the New Sun cycle.. we are always creating something new ontop of the past, present, future. We are adjusting to the shifts in energy, timing frequency & cycles/timelines (which are also codes/number/geometry patterns/states of consciousness) 
Thank you for your support! 

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