30 September 2019

The Blueprint of "Feeling Off" ~ Matt Kahn ~ 29 September 2019

Source: Matt Kahn

Whether it’s noticed as a rumbling of deeply buried emotions, the sense that everyone around you is on edge and about to explode, or just a feeling off from your known sensations of alignment, there is no doubt that something big is going down on planet Earth. At this moment, the majority of energies that create feelings of being off kilter is the gravitational force of our planet literally shifting into 5D consciousness. While many people have grandiose notions of what life will be like on a 5D Earth, many overlook the sacred milestones that let us know that such a shift is underway.

No matter how hard you work to stay positive, remain centered, or be as present as possible, such activities employ the ego to do the busy work, while often perceiving moments of ‘feeling off’ as some sort of punishment or indication that enough work has yet to be done. This is why in the new spiritual paradigm, endless spiritual busy work is replaced with authentic self-care. Such self-care won’t guarantee specific outcomes, but it will transform your daily experiences — out of the brink of despair and into the light of true emotional freedom.

In understanding the inner workings of alchemy, feelings of displacement indicate movement, whether occurring on a physical, emotional, or energetic level. Movement, whether the movement of thought, the changing of your emotions, or even the birth and death of each passing moment acts as the evidence of change in motion. If run by a spiritual ego, you are likely to perceive the alchemical movements of change in action as proof of feeling off. Once defined as a problem or a less than desirable experience, your ego will work hard to change your experience, even though that may not be anything close to what you need to face, heal, and process in any given moment. Then, when the ego cannot decisively shift your experience out of the ‘offness’ you perceive, it creates a bigger enemy out of what is merely the evidence of your highest evolution in progress.

While your ego has the right to dislike any way in which this process unfolds, it doesn’t mean your energy field has malfunctioned or is less aligned with the Universe. It’s simple a matter of undergoing a radical awakening process, where your ego is being stripped of its imagined sense of control, while it works diligently to control the nature of your experience. As we learn to relax our nervous system through extensive breath work, authentic self love, daily entries in a gratitude journal, along with so many other facets of self-care, we are able to cultivate a vibration of consciousness that allows the nervous system to remain relaxed, even when the tumultuous terrain of change is occurring. As your nervous system learns to be welcome change and even be excited about change, instead of intimidated by it, there become less and less messages sent to your ego asking it to save you from what is truly your greatest expansion under way.

The ego is often a forgetful homeowner, who chases construction workers off its property, forgetting the crew was hired to rebuild the home that once dwelled on a plot of land. In the same way, your ego attempts to undo all the healing underway, just so you can feel more immediate relief, even though it truly plays no part in how, why, and what you manifest. Gone are the days where you needed to live every moment in some fantasy of alignment, as if the Universe is waiting for your most incredible spiritual performance before giving you the things that are already destined to be.

When not blinded by the ego’s insistence on what should happen, when it should happen, and why, you are able to see high vibration as an awareness of this process, which makes it so much easier and way more magical to get through. Whereas, in a low vibration, there is less awareness of a divine plan, which makes it nearly instinctive to believe in perceptions of fear, struggle, doubt, scarcity, and separation.

The more we allow ‘feeling off’ to be the vital proof that we are expanding into 5D consciousness, the less controlling the ego tends to be, as your nervous system relaxes in the presence of existential progress. When ‘feeling off’ can be a tangible sign of huge energetic processes being worked out in you and throughout the planet, you are able to see through the veil of fear and step beyond the threshold of superstition once and for all.

When ‘feeling off’ doesn’t remind you of how misaligned you are, but simply reflects how much self care is needed to support the huge leaps in consciousness being made on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, you will have outsmarted even the spiritual ego with the wisdom that only unconditional love may know.

You may not like how it feels and you may not know where any of this is headed, but you most certainly couldn’t ever be off course, unless your personal agenda differs from the divine plan of Universal will. It’s not wrong to feel off. It’s a sign of massive expansions under way. The question is, can you allow yourself to relax and welcome in this depth of healing, even when it doesn’t feel the way you desire?

These feelings won’t last forever. It most certainly will get better and will most likely begin to shift, once ‘feeling off’, triggered, resistant, defensive or shut down is not wrong to experience in any way. Once its not against the spiritual law to feel exactly as you do, you will have created the proper space and perspective to tune into your needs and assist in the healing progress, now that any part of your healing is no longer being judged.

May the love of Source carry you forward and walk you home through the loving presence I transmit — from my heart to yours.

Stop. And Feel ~ Lee Harris ~ 29 September 2019

Stop. Let yourself breathe and feel how you are feeling
Source: Lee Harris

If you are a little more outwardly focused on others or your work, you might be finding that unless you give yourself enough time to breathe, catch up with how you’re feeling and have quiet moments, things in your life might be getting stuck and stopped.

You might run into roadblocks because you’re being asked to stop and let yourself breathe and feel how you are feeling.

There are times in our life where we’re asked to be ‘big’ in the world and have big conversations, big doings, big activity and then there are times in our life where we need to make everything very ‘small’.

Time to integrate. For you, that might be meditation or sitting quietly a few times a day to just allow you to catch up with yourself.

- From September 2019 Energy Update

Watch/Read the full update here: http://bit.ly/sept2019eu

Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness ~ The Law of Example 🌌

Source: MTVOTeam

The Cosmic Laws are meant to illuminate and bring understanding to the spiritual laws that govern this universe and which all beings are subject to.

The laws can be found in the book, "The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness," which is available as a free PDF online. You can find it easily if you do an internet search of the title of the book.

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Clip: Jason Estes #16 ~ Knowing vs Understanding

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Queen Bee Complex ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

The Queen Bee Complex is now being released and cleared from my conscious reality

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29 September 2019

Light is Nourishment ~ Lee Harris

Source: Lee Harris

As you go about your human journeys of rearranging yourselves inside and out, you can forget to drink of the light daily.

If any of you did not drink water for two or three days, you would surely know about it in those bodies of yours.

And yet it can become easy to let your energy field become dehydrated and see that as normal. This is not through any fault of yours but because it is not ingrained in the collective that light is nourishment.

- From The Abundance Connection (All Who Walk the Earth, Remember…) MP3

Learn More: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/store/jgoYteZ8

Sep 27 through Oct 2 2019 ~ Gene Key 18: The Healing Power Of Mind ~ Richard Rudd

The future is a seed that lives in the present

Source: Gene Keys

“Maybe heaven on Earth isn’t as far as we all think? Of course the inner and the outer are intimately linked. They aren’t separate at all. The outer follows the inner.

There’s still one more dimension missing from this contemplation, and that’s the coming together of the spiritual and the physical of heaven and earth, of the mystical and the scientific, of technology and consciousness. It’s not the way some people think. It’s not about cybernetic humans. It’s about us realizing that we are the technology. Our vehicles are capable of a lot more than we realize, and that’s where this inner revolution is going to take us – to the realm of the magical.”

The 18th Way, the Siddhi of Perfection

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Creativity ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

Feeling and being fear of my creativity is now being released and cleared from in and around me

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Mother Arc Gateway Activation & Gridwork ΓΆn Equinox 2019 ~ Keeper of The Golden Light Codes ~ 28 September 2019

Source: Keeper of The Golden Light Codes

To seal the monadic activated lightbody with the 13th Pillar of the Mother Arc creates an impenetrable force field around the shielded portions of the consciousness body that are in Krystic heart alignment. 

To protect the Indigo’s specialized 6th dimensional coding in their blueprint by inherently key coding all Indigos and the collective Indigo Shield into the Emerald Order Shield and the Arc of the Covenant gateway system.

To gain access into the Arc Gates
To act collectively as the host matrix for other earth inhabitants to pass through gates or help transit into the corridors.

To discern between the Alien Dark Mother and its artificial reversal Mother energies reflected in the lunar forces, versus the real Mother principle that is held deep within the sacred crystal heart that flows with the Holy Spirit of the Universe.

To access the Aqualine Sun from the earth grid surface, which is the liquid luminal plasma light braided into our earth core that has been reconnected into our home Universe in the Andromeda Core.

Joy On Earth
Harmony On Earth
Peace On Earth
Abundance On Earth
Heaven On Earth
Love On Earth
Now & Always 

Let there be love

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VLOG 132: Gently Integrating Our I Am Presence ~ Patricia Cota-Robles ~ 27 September 2019

Please listen to Patricia Cota-Robles' vlog here, which includes a beautiful, moving meditation to integrate our I Am Presence and invite It to take dominion over our being, and to bring our fallen human consciousness into the Light.

28 September 2019



Meanwhile, here's the SR chart:
Space Observing System

Strength of Inner Spirit Connections are Currently Under Test ~ Gaia Portal ~ 28 September 2019

Source: Gaia Portal

Strength of Inner Spirit connections are currently under test.
Eliminations of tenuous connects are accelerated.
Farsights are recognized for assists to Hue-manity.
Finalizers are called forth.
Archangels watch over the process.

Earth Attains First Major Pole Shift ~ Asur'Ana ~ 27 September 2019

"Ascending while blind...." Yep that's how it feels like sometimes most times.

Asur'Ana's perspective of False Gods, as explained in this message, is intriguing. I know you will be appropriately led by your Higher Guidance regarding the validity ~ or otherwise ~ of this post :)  There are several developments as well as historical events detailed here, including reports about the Pleiadians. Generally, a wonderful progress report about Planetary Ascension and that of her Humanity, aligning nicely with several posts over the past couple of weeks.

The explanation for the creation of Astral layers (from which we have "ascended" not too long ago) was helpful to me, as it answered my long-standing curiosity. Ditto the "creation" of "ghosts". I also found the explanation for Time Compression to be fascinating ~ the equivalent of Jason Estes' Data Points. Finally, a quick reminder that we are the "designated ascendee" for all our past selves.

PS. In all honesty, it is relatively easy for me to read posts such as this one because I do not feel any connected to any particular race. I also do not hold strongly to the past, and have very little affinity for many tribes. So I'm not really "invested" in a specific manner to any "group", although I fully understand how differently some may feel regarding this message from Asur'Ana, should one choose to read through it.

Source: Aligning With Earth

There are many changes underfoot, and indeed they are most miraculous. First and foremost, Earth has completed and is stabilizing at Initiation 4200 in the nonphysical, 3500 in the physical in her global ascension. What exactly does this mean? It means that Earth’s overall vibration has risen over double in less than one 12-month cycle! For Earth, this is a most magnificent goal, as global ascension has come forth at a seeming snail’s pace over the past many centuries.

Many understand that Earth and your solar system have entered the first Star Gate of the Great Central Sun. The frequencies that are penetrating Earth’s atmosphere and form have increased the pace of molecular rotation enough that a more rapid ascension is underway than ever possible prior to entry. Why is this so? Photonic energy causes two things; it causes molecular rotation to speed up, and it causes the crystalline genetic structure required for biological ascension to occur; the more photonic energy available, the more rapid the ascension for all species upon Earth.

Prior to entry of the first Star Gate, the photonic energy available was less than one half of what is now experienced in present time. In December 2019, Earth will enter the second Star Gate and this again will double the amount of photon energy available. For those choosing to ascend now, the pace of ascension is much more rapid than previously possible. However, there are some hitches, and such comes from an impartial or incomplete map for human ascension, along with all species upon Earth. So much information and so many records have gone missing, that it is like ascending while blind, without knowing where one is headed, and often before one realizes it, one has fallen off of a cliff!

The False Gods

Mother Earth would like to explain that there have been many souls present upon Earth that are “False Gods”. The souls that have guided Earth for a long time and have been lost themselves, and knew not where “home” was, are known as “False Gods”. Such False Gods are being removed from Earth at this time and removed from all jurisdictions including human jurisdiction.

Why? Any soul that is lost will lead a creation astray, and in the misleading will ensure a failed ascension. Mother Earth chooses not to fail in her choice to ascend, but succeed, and therefore is completing her karma with such souls that have misguided her in the past and removing them from Earth. In the completion of all karmic cause of how such souls came to be a guiding force of Earth, such souls may return to where they came from and continue their dance elsewhere in time and space. One day, such souls will also choose to go home. However, one can only go home in the creation from which one emanates, and so in returning these souls to their creation of origin, there is a better opportunity for each in finding their way home just as Earth is doing in present time. Therefore, it is perhaps the greatest gift that could be given to such lost souls.

Now we would like to delve further into how the “Ascended Masters” in human form became to be thought of as “Gods” or “Goddesses” of Earth and humanity along with the origins of the Melchizedek Order.

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Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Self-Critical ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

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Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Lords of Blight ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

Lords of Blight are now being released and cleared from in and around me

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Being Now ~ Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia ~ 27 September 2019

Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

The past is long gone. The choices we made back then – individually and collectively – provided the healing and the lessons and the experiences we needed in order to move into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension.

Regret for past things nullifies our present moment. If we have not released the past we suffer the recycled experience in our present moment. A state of anxiety about our future creates a devastating affect upon our ability to experience our present moment. Our ability to move our world into the future – unencumbered by the fear of past experience – is driven by our sense of curiosity and adventure.

Our present condition is critical to progressing into the future. The past is gone. The future lies before us. Neither exist in the Now moment!

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Cosmic Celestial Energies Purification ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 28 September 2019

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Just as the river flows, the energy of Life flows through your heart centre. Your thoughts and actions have previously constricted and condensed these energies to create your reality around you.

The cosmic celestial energies are now fully available for you to open to and purify all that passes through you to transmute you into a vessel of Light and Love.

Open your heart and allow Life to flow through you and gradually shape you to all that you are surely destined to Be.

Mussoorie, Dehradun, India

With Loving Blessings

Paul Dobree-Carey
— in Mussoorie

New Age, Ascension and Disclosure Hijack ~ Lisa Renee ~ June 2019

This was Lisa Renee's monthly update for June 2109 and once again I find that I hadn't posted this as I had thought. Here it is for those who haven't yet read it. These topics in themselves are controversial ~ only proceed to read if you feel the nudge.

Source: Energetic Synthesis (includes podcast)

Dear Ascending Family,

With the current activation cycle there are new opportunities for repair and rehabilitation at higher dimensional levels, effecting Universal Melchizedek lineages. This is also awakening new levels of memory recovery, to identify factions that have historically and are currently working against humanity and the Ascension process. We are looking at who these factions are behind current attempts to hijack collective awakening, as well as the weaknesses they play on. As the veils that hide the NAA agendas are getting thinner, many of us are recollecting more pieces of our true history, while simultaneously activating more aspects of our original blueprints and consciousness coding.

During the intense cycle of ongoing Paliadorian Activations that commenced during the Mid-May electrical peak, there has been a focus on the rehabilitation of the Universal Melchizedek lineages, and the Emerald Order Guardian reconnaissance mission, involved in the recovery of many of the fallen aspects that were originally corrupted and infected when the Melchizedek factions fell into the black hole and suffered metatronic reversals. The artificial intelligence holograms and dimensional splicing that included the intentional corruption of the azurite shield by Thothian Luciferians, has been extracted from the phantom replicas, and has been expanded into the Holy Father’s Aquafey structure, which allows for re-templating for Universal Diamond Sun coding for Christos-Sophia and for performing Melchizedek family retrievals.

This is a part of the process of reassembling the Universal Tribal Shield network, and allows for certain stages of corrections to the Emerald Order Melchizedek architecture that opens and expands direct access to the Holy Father principle, through the building of the Universal Rod. This support to the Universal Tribal Shield allows more of the Paliadorian families and Starseeds on the ascending earth to directly access and communicate with the Omniversal Emerald Order Guardians, the original founders and architects of the Interdimensional Free World Councils. Many of us on the earth during the Ascension cycle, will give testimony from our consciousness experiences to show direct evidence in the tribunals held against those in the NAA groups that have sought to maintain a consciousness prison on the earth, while targeting the Starseeds and awakening population with many aggressive forms of covert technological warfare and dark entity harassment.

Along with the current themes of the Universal Master Templar coding being returned to the rightful owners, this has elevated the tragic events of the fallen, and the related historical timelines of the Thothian entities specifically involved in the covert conspiracy against humanity to carry out the Luciferian Covenant. As the Luciferian Covenant between humans and non-human groups comes into surface view for mass consciousness witnessing, the counter attack methods of these Thothian Luciferian groups are to ramp up technological mind control, psycho-emotional warfare and controlled opposition to another whole level of deception, aggression and tyranny. This is escalating right now in the globalscape and will continue, as the immense pressure of these conflicts are amplifying behind the scenes.

Thus, the Thothian Luciferian groups and their allies are organizing the next stages of planned takeover of all New Age, Ascension and Disclosure communities through planned infiltration, with their specific grooming of an assortment of pied pipers. This controlled opposition agenda will also extend to any 3D organizations and public leaders with some power and influence that are connecting the larger dots towards seeing and understanding the key players that are embedded in multiple levels of planetary corruption, such as the gaslighting and propaganda schemes that exist in the many faΓ§ades of the geo-political climate that are used as cover ups to veil the exo-political conflicts.  

In conveying the greater understanding of current events and who is behind them, let us return to the first major milestone in the planetary Ascension cycle with the onset of grid wars. This is the phase when the NAA groups were put on notice that the ascension waves were indeed beginning to awaken the population on planet earth, despite the electro-shock equipment and fences they had in place as the NET.

Harmonic Convergence Begins Luciferian Task Force
Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, there has been a specific space task force assembled by Thothian Luciferians and the members of the Galactic Federation to fully control the information given to the awakening population, for the purpose of complete takeover of the New Age, Ascension and Disclosure movement. A comprehensive multiple pronged militarized approach was organized in order to gather and collect all of the technological and human resources that would be necessary to build an extensive artificial neurological network with silent sound technology. This would be used to target Starseeds and Indigos, as well as control all transmissions of channeled material that would be sent to the awakening population in the guise of friendly ET’s, Ascended Masters, and even deceased famous figures in human history.

As the Ascension cycle intensified and humanity was being monitored, many friendly enemy deals were made to enlist the further support and resources of the Reptile Insectoid Collectives, to cull the public into submission with implantation of assorted mind control techniques and technological fences. Although these groups have their own separate agendas, these enemy deals made them allies, and were primarily headed by the most hostile Dragon Moths and Zeta Drakonians from Orion. Thus, many people on earth were and are contacted by human and nonhuman imposters, comprised from these operations that are in military alliance to gaslight and lie to the earth people about many ongoing themes of global concern, for the purpose of intelligence handling and controlled opposition. These operatives have infiltrated many areas of the New Age, Ascension and Disclosure community. They are on the ground and in space, hidden behind the many false front organizations in which their primary job is to attack, dismiss and debunk unapproved topics through mass propaganda and character assassination schemes. The purpose is to take over any truthful information about the planetary ascension or disclosure event that happens to seep through the multidimensional communication gateways, when awakening people start to more easily receive telepathic transmissions from a variety of sources that cannot be prevented.

Even reasonably benevolent entities that were in communication with assorted channelers purposely lied to the New Age population out of fear that our spiritually immature, violent, warring civilization would infect and harm their civilizations. As a result, they were distressed enough to keep earth humans in the consciousness pen, afraid of what would happen if we were to be let out of the frequency fences into the higher dimensions as a collective race consciousness.

Like in the game ‘telephone’, by the time the original off planet transmission of an authentic message was being received by the person being contacted on the earth surface, that intelligence had gone through multiple filters and fences on several dimensions. Along with several alien handlers decoding the acceptable content and deleting or manipulating many of the truthful facts. By the time the information made it to the telepathic human that was channeling on the earth plane, the information had been tampered with by several intermediaries.

Without the awareness of the basic principles of psychological warfare and fear programming being waged against the general human population by the NAA, humans have been very ill equipped to navigate through the Thothian infiltration. This is made more difficult with so few people being willing to discipline the focus of their minds or taking responsibility to clear their inner shadows. The end result is that very little truthful, accurate, high-quality information was being disseminated by those people with reasonably good intentions, who were acting as the intelligence anchors for sharing channeled information or related research material in the New Age, Ascension and Disclosure communities.

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Timeline Shift: Utilising the Cosmic Influxes ~ Sandra Walter ~ 27 September 2019

Continuing with the same themes for today..... Timeline shifts, Gaia Mum's path, Lemuria (yay!!), 2020. choosing our timeline through choosing where we focus (this isn't the same as being in denial, apathy or delusional 😊....we are ultimately creator beings reclaiming our Divine Birthright ~ an enslaved race liberating themselves through choosing higher consciousness). And a relief ~ mid-range timelines get pulled up by the higher timeline energies.
"Your experience is based on choice. The decision to align your own reality to the vibration of New Earth is your free will choice. It is not a collective instant-fix scenario. It is a process, not an all-at-once event. The event horizon is now – we are in it. And it grows more intense as the etheric shift becomes physicalized."
Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloveds ~
Our Timeline Shift weekend begins with a Geomagnetic Storm – right on time.

Many have been asking how these Timeline Shifts unfold and what they mean for our journey. Since this has been a topic since 2011, with the original split in timelines, let us focus on the last month or so of timeline shifts.

Timeline shifts are key trigger points for shifting realities to the New Earth experience. They gradually migrate personal and collective experiences to Primary Christed timelines by conscious choice and vibrational match.

Since this is part of a SPLIT in progress, the lower and higher vibrations are dividing. Higher timelines raise the mid-range/secondary timelines by quantum effect. Eventually these vibrational bandwidths won’t see each other – they will be a mismatch, or too far apart in frequency.

As Gaia becomes more crystalline, she will not support the lower frequency any longer, so the lower-vibrational timelines experience a destructive dissolvement of those realities. Photonic plasma tends to be autonomous as these influxes grow stronger.
Weakening magnetic fields increase the boomerang effect; you manifest what you focus on. Unconditional Love becomes Divine, pure, and transcendent. Bliss triggers liquid light to amplify the crystalline lightbody.
Every choice, and the consequences of those choices, are honored in this process.  An ironic step to Unity consciousness, and a temporary experience from the higher perspective of nonjudgmental Divine Love. Ultimately, all is One. Divine Neutrality serves us well. As we always say; It is your creation, choose wisely.
SHIFTS have been continual for decades, however the acceleration since the 12-12-12 Ascension of Gaia (the creation of a New Earth platform for the migration of realities) is clear and trackable.
Your experience is based on choice. The decision to align your own reality to the vibration of New Earth is your free will choice. It is not a collective instant-fix scenario. It is a process, not an all-at-once event. The event horizon is now – we are in it. And it grows more intense as the etheric shift becomes physicalized.

⁠Your participation in your own Ascension process allows your Higher levels to merge with you. Embodiment of the Higher Self reveals higher vibrational outcomes and already-existing Divine outcomes.⁠ Our bodies and awareness need to adapt to the crystalline structures within and without.

Timeline shifts can be dramatic on a collective level. Old beliefs, habits, relationships drop away, or we are challenged to release them in order to level up. These choice points were strong during the collective shifts in May-June-July. ⁠

The Freedom code release on July 4 and Merging of the Lemurian/Inner Earth – New Earth Grids – Crystalline Grid allows for great amplification of photonic activity. They serves as ONE system now. Old structures (lower timelines running on collective thought) are triggered to dismantle. Mid-range (secondary outcomes) merge with higher timeline trajectories.⁠

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Turning Point ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 27 September 2019

A potentially contentious update, with names, so be warned. That aside, since I first read about Lemuria & Atlantis courtesy of Ruth Montgomery, I've felt a lot more drawn to the former than the latter. Many sources talk about the return of (New) Atlantis, so I appreciate Meg Benedicte calling our future the Lemurian Earth.  And omigoddess, 12 January 2020 again....

Source: New Earth Central

As we emerge from the collective amnesia running in the 3D Matrix simulation, there ensues a bit of disorientation and adjustment phase. As the veils lift, the world becomes a different place entirely. We’ve reached a turning point! We begin to shift from living in paranoia and fear, into co-creating our lives. No longer operating in distortion and delusion, we become more practical and taking positive actions. Life begins to improve. We experience more moments of joy. The stress drains out of the body. We begin to embrace our path and purpose.

We live in a holographic universe of infinite parallel realities. The conscious mind influences the quantum field in a feedback loop, selecting from the holographic universe a frequency match. In this manner, we choose our holographic reality – our mental focus locks onto a selected timeline that we begin to experience. Where we focus our mind determines our daily reality.

Before 2012 humanity was locked in a controlled hologram, the 3D Matrix simulation. We had very little access to our own minds. Instead a continual stream of fear, doubt, lack and ego programming was running in our minds, determining our world reality. Now that the veils are lifting, the mind has been freed. With that freedom comes the responsibility to choose carefully with discernment.

There is a ‘learning curve’ to mastering the holographic mind. Not everything we encounter in the holographic universe is authentic, factual or accurate. It is our job to determine what resonates with our truth and purpose and discard the rest. Since the Matrix unlocked, we’ve been in a phase of confusion and incoherent projections. Its been a ‘free-for-all’ of fantasy without much groundedness or practicality. As a species we are learning how to design while earth-bound. The pitfall of unfettered access to infinite holograms is the lack of discernment. Choose your reality carefully.

Since the Matrix unlocked in 2012 two distinct parallel earth planes are in play right now – the 3D dense, dualistic earth plane and the 5D new earth plane (also called the new Lemurian earth). Within these two parallel earth planes are myriad of parallel timelines to choose from.
As we ascend into higher frequency/consciousness bandwidths, the lower, denser dualistic timelines collapse away to be replaced with higher dimensional timelines. Many Lightworkers have chosen to focus their holographic mind on Armageddon timelines, perpetuated by the Disclosure promoters and the Wilcock/Goode Apocalypse narratives. They are often drawn to these timelines to resolve and heal trauma from the Orion ET wars and Atlantean destruction.
Those Lightworkers who have either transmuted their Armageddon trauma or never incarnated in Atlantis or the ET race wars are choosing a peaceful Ascension timeline – the 5D New Earth. We are not attracted to the articles, videos and social media memes perpetuating endless battles between ET races, the dark cabal, Secret Space programs, the deep state, dark money, pedophilia, misogyny and bloodline supremacy. We see it all being promoted around us in the Armageddon timelines, but we don’t have any resonance with it. It is not our reality. We observe it from the sidelines, hoping the Lighworkers plugged into that reality will soon rise above it and break free.

There is no manipulation, deceit or paranoia in the 5D earth plane. The corrupt leaders in positions of power are removed in the 5D earth plane. The illuminati/cabal/mafia don’t survive in the 5D earth plane. The planet’s pollution is resolved and dissolved in the 5D earth plane. Patriarchy, racism and misogyny do not exist in the 5D earth plane. There is no violence in the 5D earth plane. The masculine and feminine collaborate in equal balance and respect in the 5D earth plane.

Where we point our focus materializes a world reality that mirrors our own thoughts, beliefs and intentions. The power of the holographic mind is beyond most people’s comprehension. As we clear and release layers of density and trauma from our field, the clutter in the mind dissolves bit by bit. The mind is set free. We’re able to perceive entirely new realities that enhance our happiness and wellbeing.

The crystalline photonic light penetrates the mental barriers and generational programming to allow higher dimensional visions to enter our conscious awareness. We begin to see the parallel timelines with crystalline clarity. This offers new options to choose from. This liberates us from Armageddon realities, opening the doorway to freedom and sovereignty.

The heightened events and reactions to this week’s news are signs of Saturn conjunct Pluto, which will continue to ramp up to exact alignment on Jan 12, 2020. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is presenting these disparate earth plane realities and subsequent timelines in striking clarity. Now that we have passed thru the final Jupiter-Neptune square on Sep 21st and the grand Equinox Stargate on Sep 23rd, the illusional fog is lifting. Saturn-Pluto paints a shockingly stark picture of deception and manipulation since the 2016 UK Brexit/US election ‘sleight of hand’ misstep.

We are moving into a couple years of Saturn (Teacher) and Pluto (death-rebirth) alignment that will propel humanity into the next phase of the Ascension. It will be powerful and uncomfortable, especially for those still invested in the 3D earth plane and Armageddon timelines. If you are feeling stressful, deep breathe into zero point and identify the stress trigger for healing and clearing. Take this opportunity to ascend into higher dimensional realities. Focus on the worldview you want to live in and take positive action to interact with it on a daily basis. The possibilities are endless!

Lovingly, Meg

Copyright (c) 2019 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

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September Equinox & the Last Three Months of 2019 ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 27 September 2019

All roads lead to....12 January 2020?.... Yet again, this date (give or take a day or two) has been mentioned.

Source: High Heart Life

This is another one of those articles that covers a lot of multidimensional ground, multiple years and a lot of seemingly different topics and no matter how well I express this it won’t do it the justice it deserves. I’ll do my best but this is complex and covers many ascension and Embodiment years for many of the First Everthingers. You must do more than just read this material, you need to FEEL into it and do so from your HighHeart. And, this is another one of those articles that isn’t for or about everyone that may read it. Discernment, respect, space and allowance of more than you’re currently aware of.

So, 2019 Has Been Heaping Tons of Fun Hasn’t It?

Yes I’m being snarky. 2019 has been absolutely herculean on multiple levels for most of us and it’s not over yet. It’s the not over yet part, the what I call 10, 11 & 12 months of every year—October, November and December—that this article is about although the September 23, 2019 Equinox was the energetic humdinger that’s funneled us up to the threshold of the last three months of extraordinary 2019.

The other day while thinking about the intensity and strangeness of the September 2019 Equinox and my very unusual dream in the early AM hours of that day, one of those friendly Ascended Master voices from on high said with amusement, “You’re going to need to use each of those Triple Crowns to get through these last three months!” 

Upon clairaudiently hearing and feeling that statement I didn’t have an immediate smart-ass comeback because I knew it was an important clue, and suggestion, about what’s coming for some of the Embodiers with these last three (triality, trinity) months of 2019. It took me a good thirty seconds to comeback with that Russel Crow Gladiator line where he yells up to the audience watching the bloody mayhem, ‘ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!’ There wasn’t any verbal reply from on high, just more amusement emanated from him. It’s all about perspectives.

After this recent exchange with on high, I had to go back in my articles to find what I’d written about my personal Triple Crowns experiences and when that all happened because I honestly couldn’t remember. A re-read of both of these may help with our now and the last three months of 2019.

Next up I want to share my very unusual September 23, 2019 early AM hours Equinox dream. Many of us had a really strange and different Equinox dream or dreams, and based on what some readers shared in Comments about this, many were very similar and presented to us on this Equinox.

In my Equinox dream huge things like the top halves of mountains were suddenly exploded apart and blasted outward hitting buildings and other structures and killed some people. An invisible energy force kept repeatedly blasting away in that world and was causing strange destruction and death and plenty of chaos and confusion, and it was deliberate. No one knew what was happening and how and why it kept moving around the country obliterating certain things left and right. A destruction would happen a mile away from where I was in this dream and the physical fallout from that would be launched outward in all directions and hit other things and some people miles away.

Please read on....

Solar Storms

Timeline Shifts Step-by-Step ~ Sandra Walter ~ 26 September 2019

Messages from different sources coming nicely together with same theme....wonderful!!

Source: Sandra Walter

An overview of the last month of timeline shift steps.

Timeline shifts are key trigger points for shifting realities to the #NewEarth experience. They have been continual for decades, however the acceleration since the 12-12-12 is clear and direct for those on the #Ascension path.

Timeline shifts can be dramatic on a collective level. Old beliefs, habits, relationships drop away, or we are challenged to release them in order to level up. These choice points were strong during the collective shifts in May-June-July.

The #Freedom code release and Merging of the Lemurian - Inner Earth - New Earth Grids -Crystalline Grid allows for great amplification of photonic activity. Old structures (lower timelines running on collective thought) are triggered to dismantle. Mid-range (secondary outcomes) merge with higher timeline trajectories.

Your experience is based on choice. The decision to align your own reality to the vibration of New Earth is your free will choice. It is not a collective instant-fix scenario. Your DNA needs to adapt to the crystalline structures within and without.

Your participation in your own #Ascension process allows your Higher levels to merge with you. Your Embodiment of the Higher Self reveals higher vibrational outcomes and already-existing Divine outcomes.

All is being alighted to reveal the higher choice of #unity consciousness, #creativity, #peace, #LoveLight and the already existing creation of the #Ascended Gaia.

More on this opportunity in the Newsletter this week.

Energy Update ~ Pars Kutay ~ 26 September 2019

Photo: A Natural Display of such Magnificence of Alignment with the incoming Divine Energies ... captured over Greenland by Paul Zizka Photography
Source: Pars Kutay


There are many temporary Timelines jumping around and there is One solid Timeline that We are moving along steadily at this point.

The temporary Timelines are those timelines of change that is happening but the Time is Not yet settled.

And the Main Timeline is the Timeline of Change for it is inevitable Now that we are moving forward rapidly with Significant Changes.

So the smaller Timelines are offshoots of the larger more steady Timeline of Change.

So, there are releases of information and this releases belong to minor timelines as these dates are somewhat fluid and can still change within a couple of months.

In other words, there is a variable of several months of time which various information is planned to be released and it can be changed by up to several months.

This steady Timeline regarding Change on our planet Earth has much to do with what is happening in our Financial systems and in our Government systems... and of course you Know these are deeply entrenched and inter-related.

There is also much disclosure regarding what has been hiding in our Financial and Government systems... And again this information is hiding to most and for some of you reading this is no surprise.

We will be seeing a bit more in our mainstream news media revelations about what has been going on behind the scenes.

With our Equinox what is occurring and will be occurring is a collapsing Timelines meaning that there is a Plan... a Great Blast of LIGHT coming to our planet to Assist in smoothing out the Timelines in stabilizing the energies while also flushing out shadow forces and shadow energies.

Some of us will feel this as a intense time, some of us will feel these energies very intensely. Those of you who have been addressing your shadow will feel a Great Boost... You may feel more Energized... You may feel more Strength.

And those of you who has been avoiding your shadow may feel some discomfort... for this will be a Great amount of Light indeed.

But the function of this LIGHT will be to Serve in lessening the chaos of the Timeline energies described above. This minor Timelines that have been jumping around will come into Greater Resonans with the Main Timeline.

This Blast of LIGHT is a Significant Wave that is coming directly from Great Central Sun as well as many Galactic sources and it is Benevolent in nature. It is meant to Serve and to Help... It is meant to Calm the chaotic Timelines.

So, in some levels it will feel Good and even Calming the Nervous system and on the other levels it may feel julting again if you have resisted addressing anything in your Life that needs to be address.

Those things that need to be addressed will become lauder to gain your attention.

After the Equinox Spike of Energy there will be a period of rearranging, a period of time to rewiring your brain.

Your Nervous system to change the way you think... to release any thought patterns that do Not serve for the Highest and the Greatest Good for All and the Energies will be assistive for this type of process of Re-Aligning to more of your Truth, to more of your SOUL and to more of your Higher SELF.

In Sacred LOVE and Unity,
Pars Kutay

~ πŸ’œ ~

27 September 2019

October Update ~ Jason Estes ~ 26 September 2019

Source: Jason Estes

Welcome to October

This month is a powerful month designed to transform humanity back into its true value, while the energies are stronger then ever they are designed to push against the places in your mind or body that are living in the illusion, keep in mind this month has several influxes and the final of the ascended master gifts which will be celestial awakening, this will assist us all to come back home within ourselves and begin to build the world of our dreams beyond our imagination

Oct 5th 5 point influx
Oct 11th 3 point influx
Oct 17th 3 point influx
Oct 21st 5 point influx
Oct 23rd 7 point influx
Oct 28th-31st Celestial Awakening Ascended Master Gift
Oct 28th The start of "Total Disclosure"
Oct 31st- May 15th the physical re-balance

Recommended Movie for Oct: A Thousand Words
Recommended TV show: Being Erica

As you can see we have quite a lot of energy so as always forgive yourself and do the best you can and know this too shall pass ::hugs::

Planetary Evictions ~ Lisa Renee ~ 23 September 2019

This is the type of update I am so grateful to read ~ things unfolding and proceeding in the "background" despite what we see acting out on the world stage. I sometimes feel that I can only do what I can on my own (mostly), so to know about such positive developments is a great comfort and huge source of assurance, because it makes me feel that massive movements forward are indeed occurring even though I can't contribute much. Having said that, I would strongly encourage all to do whatever they can, even if they think it's just a very minor or insignificant thing. Every little bit makes a big difference, every Soul matters, every iota of Light counts. And we have so much for which to be grateful.

I also urge all who read Lisa's update to seriously consider what she's saying with regard to what we read or hear. Her cautionary advice should be heeded

(The strangest thing is that I thought I had already posted this from Lisa Renee, but obviously I haven't.....)
The Krystal S totar host is gaining strength in the planetary grid, however, problematic areas that are descending will increase in amplified energetic chaos. Many of the Fallen Angelics are being culled and directed into these areas when they refuse to be evicted, to accept rehabilitation, or to transit under Guardian Host. This is similar to isolating infectious areas through the process of containing them in certain designated areas.
Source: Energetic Synthesis

Certain areas on the earth that are weakened through the damage and bifurcation in the Timelines, will simultaneously increase energetic chaos which amplify descending energy pockets. At this time, many of us may be re-assigned to a new demographic or place of residence, because our timeline mission with certain areas of earth are expiring. We have completed a cycle in the timeline and our new residence will reflect a higher degree of value exchange and energetic balance to support our foundation to the next stage of our spiritual mission. This means some of us will actually be guided to stabilize in a certain area, and the nomad stage will end. We are needed to be physically located and stationed in certain areas of the planet, in order to environmentally harmonize and work with those particular fields and coordinates.

The descending pockets on the earth grid will collect the many Fallen Angelics and NAA entities that are currently refusing eviction from certain locations or rehabilitation alternatives. The fallen entities are being culled into specific areas of the earth (mostly the descending areas) at this time as they are being evicted out of many areas of the planetary grid. At the same time they are refusing eviction, they are possessing human bodies and taking them over. This is happening in the descending areas and problematic grid areas more commonly. Fallen Angelics and Negative Aliens that have held certain powers over cities, counties, nations and planet Ley Lines are being challenged in their identities to prove their right to exist, and to justify the use of energy they have taken from the earth and others in that location.

Those entities that fail to answer to the Law are being evicted through being Read their Rights under Cosmic Sovereign Law, while simultaneously, their names are being recorded in the Book of the Law.

When evoking Cosmic Sovereign Law, one is evoking the Holy Father presence through Christos spirit to witness and preside over the circumstances. The Holy Father of God presides over the Book of the Law, so the complete actions and transgressions of all beings on the earth are being fully seen by the Holy Father consciousness at this time. Our body bears witness for our Holy Father in this way, when we are made a clear and pure vessel dedicated for his service. It is the Holy Father that knows the names and true identities of all entities, and when he calls them by name they must answer to him. Holy Father does not judge, however, Cosmic Justice is dispensed to bring balance to the consequence of the actions of each and every being, human or non-human. At the end of the time cycle we each finally meet our true maker, and we have to tell him (and ourselves) what we did in our life, and why we chose to do the things that we did. Nothing is hidden at the time of Life Review, which can happen while in our physical body or when we transit the body to another plane. We each undergo Life Review, and we see every detail of our life, our choices, the pain we caused, the love we gave freely and what our influence on the earth timelines actually created. No one is exempt from the Life Review, all entities in the Universe endure this process at the end of the cycle.

The Krystal Star Host is isolating problematic areas where extremely low frequencies of war, poverty and violence are rampant, in order to start to prepare areas on the earth surface that are strong and stable enough, in the electromagnetic field, to be evicted of violent forces. Currently that amplifies the bifurcation of frequencies, because the earth grid is dividing itself into parts that are stable and unstable. This has to happen systematically and according to what the earth’s Electromagnetic Field, including the collective human consciousness at that location, is capable of holding within its grid network to avoid surface cataclysm. The Krystal Star host is gaining strength in the planetary grid, however, problematic areas that are descending will increase in amplified energetic chaos. Many of the Fallen Angelics are being culled and directed into these areas when they refuse to be evicted, to accept rehabilitation, or to transit under Guardian Host. This is similar to isolating infectious areas through the process of containing them in certain designated areas.

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26 September 2019

Spirit’s Transmission on the Global Climate Strike ~ πŸ’«May The Force Be With You πŸ’« ~ Judy Satori ~ 21 September 2019

I am aware of the backlash and Soros-related suspicions against Greta Thunberg, as well as the strong belief in many awakened communities that climate change is yet another control agenda because this is a natural phenomenon, or that we're heading into a mini ice-age, or that the entire Solar System is going through Planetary changes. My view is that this is not the point at all, and should not be used to sides-step our own responsibility towards rampant pollution of the environment that is clearly and obviously the result our actions. What each of us does, makes a difference.

In this short video, Judy Satori relays the message from Inner Earth regarding this topic, with Light Language transmission towards the end.
"Co-Create as One....in the Oneness, the  is Force is strong."
Source: Judy Satori

πŸ’«May The Force Be With You πŸ’«

This powerful energy transmission and information from Spirit came through in May, when I was in Copenhagen hosting a European Activation Event. ==> And I urge you to watch this video. <==
My talk coincided with a Friday #ClimateStrike in the city, and as I was speaking, thousands of people were marching outside and so I took the opportunity to ask if there was anything Spirit wanted to say. There was.

The beings of Inner Earth known as the Watchers stepped forward in full support of those marching, protesting and coming together in support of Mother Earth.
They say the situation with our energy misuse is urgent. They call on us all to stand by the courage of our convictions and protest so that together we can create the tipping point required to bring about positive change.

At the end of this video, an energy transmission is shared to “give you the force” to step up and join together in Oneness and create change.

Share with all those who need a boost.

May the force be with you
Judy πŸ’œ

See more from this talk here >> https://bit.ly/2lZY6nS