13 September 2019

Contact & Disclosure ~ Gigi Young ~ 11 September 2019

Gigi Young takes on this hot topic and explains it from the angle of an experiencer with more Spiritual-based objectives. She rightly insists that we need to change the dynamics of where "official" Disclosure is going, and take the mantle back from the shadow governments so that Humanity can be properly informed.
"....they want to be custodians of the Cosmic narrative to stay in control."
I will admit to going down the Enki/Enlil rabbit-wormhole for a while some years back. When I realised that the wormhole was badly twisted (literally and figuratively), I exited at Q-speed.

Gigi also asks, what Disclosure timeline are we focussing on? The past, like the Mars Timeline, or are we looking to one that's based on higher consciousness?
"Disclosure should really be called 'remembering' "
I like what Gigi is saying. Let's focus on what's really important.  Please watch the video here.

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