18 September 2019

Energy Update, Multidimensional Restructuring ~ Aluna Ash ~ 17 September 2019

Please listen to Aluna Ash's update here.  Many relevant issues are covered ~ Aluna also confirms some of the more "unusual" (multidimensional) experiences we are having.


Theres lots of purging & clearing happening right now & alot surfacing. Some are doing this internally, others projecting to integrate- either way- theres alot of subconscious/unconscious aspects of personalities surfacing, some through projections. We tend to project our personal shadow more on the same sex or those closest to us. This is usually why relationships have issues- projections & the need to integrate aspects of the personality. 
Theres so much restructuring that's happening at a multi-dimensional level. It can be overwhelming at first when realizing how we project our personal shadow onto others or vice versa, then the unconscious within them/us feels this & this is where frustrations and arguments can develop. Our only power is within. We are learning lessons about power/control/dominance and those using truth from a place of love & upliftment or those using truth to support an opinion/agenda. 
Unity does not mean one or the other- it means both & learning we all experience from our own lens/filter of reality & perception of what is right/wrong based off our culture, ego, beliefs, upbringing, experiences, gender, race, age, etc... 
I'll post the link for the Patreon Live tomorrow afternoon, the livestream will be at 7pm EST

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