14 September 2019

Huge Activation Day ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 14 September 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence


Today is a HUGE ACTIVATION DAY for the human.

Three days ago we experienced a HUGE Incoming Wave. Remember, as organic beings, we each (all lifeforms here including Gaia) utilise Sine Waves in connection with our local Sun, it’s various energies, winds, light rays, particles, atoms etc. Here, in the experience of TIME, Sine Waves have various ‘TIME’ LENGTHS to them, eg. the Sine Wave Gaia/we/kingdoms experience along as ‘Daytime to night time’ is shorter than the Sine Wave we also transverse along of ‘Autumn through to Summer’, which is a longer Sine Wave.

I explain this to understand that each Incoming Wave we receive to our physical bodies from our Sun, takes THREE linear days of time, from ‘receiving’ it to ‘full integration’ of it, within the human cellular, organic body.

Thursdays HUGE Incoming Wave, is now integrated today, three days later. And dependent on the inner growth work done by human on THEMSELVES, it will constitute a SHIFT in those varying degrees, which are unique and individual. We have absolutely shifted! Make no mistake! It’s huge energetically for the human body/energetic being.

Also today, is a Galactic Activation Portal Day. My only advice would be: ENTER! If you choose to!
Utilise today’s shift, today’s energies, and the galactic portal to excel, soar, connect energetically to your own energy, or higher energetics, because today’s energies within/without our human vehicle are HUGE!

Some, may now physically feel in their body, akin to a charged BATTERY. Their body vibrating all over, head to toe. Yet even this will increase as we go further. This HAS BEEN your ascension; to step by step receive and integrate increasing amounts of ENERGY to your human physical vessel at your ability to do so. For when we clear old programming from our cells, it allows NEW energy to be received into our CRYSTALine cells, thus we upgrade our human experience a step at our own time.

Patterns can be traced within the body, when we go quiet and focus only on the energetic vibrations felt within the body. If we trace the energetic patterns, we MERGE with them. Which as explained in earlier posts this year, allows us to ENTER these TRANSLOCATIONAL WAVES (energeric patterns) within our vehicle. Entering our own energetic patterns within our own body opens data instantly. Through SOUL AGREEMENT we also MERGE with another’s energetic patterns, which allows for data transfer from that Soul to us the human, via our Energetic Non-Physical Consciousness. This could be a soul of a human life form, a bird, a galactic being etc...to emphasise, Translocational Wave transfer of data, does not, can not, occur energetically within JOINT agreement at Soul level.

After a huge week of energies incoming, within our bodies and life experience this week, THIS timeline period is VERY clear and to an extent, very very ‘simple’:
1] Be presented via the outside, our OWN human false programming, remaining of those embedded, overlaid mind patterns.
2] See them instantly, clear them instantly, then let that go. It done quickly, easily.
3] Allow the energetic upgrades. To our human, yet of the SOUL/LIGHT BODY that further integrates, gets further switched “ON”. It’s now so fast paced. And we can take it. Albeit it’s huge energy for the physical body, so just allow, via no resistance, the incoming energy to the body. Any side effects pass and we know it. To dwell within/without on a variety of side effects is human residence, anti-flow, so makes them seem more amplified. We would dip into a lesser frequency (Hz). To flow through, not focus on side effects, take actions such as sacred breathing, sleep as required, take in more water, allows the natural FLOW through and CHANGES human discomfort into bliss feelings within the body.

Points 1, 2, 3, are ALL further preparation. Further integration. Allowing for SHIFTS.

1, 2, and 3 is exactly what allows us to take our own SHIFT, spiral higher in our human energetic frequency, absorbing and becoming more and more awareness as our light body/Soul, as our energy, as connection. All this being the stage by stage upgrades of the human becoming the CONSCIOUSNESS it always was.

Just to explain for new people here: I don’t answer ALL QUESTIONS posted in the comments section. To do so, would keep me on social media way too much, and less time spent on energy, path. All answers are truly within each of us and when accessed within, IS OUR OWN empowerment. Nothing is more empowering to a human being than utilising our inner energy. It strengthens us, empowers them, makes us realise, we are SOURCE and POWER, no longer reliant on the outside, or the dream itself. There is however a huge array of material on the internet, whilst using our own inner discernment as there are also potentially, many rabbit holes we can choose to experience, for as long as we choose to.

So much LOVE sent, amazing timelines...

Amanda Lorence
14 September 2019

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