27 September 2019

October Update ~ Jason Estes ~ 26 September 2019

Source: Jason Estes

Welcome to October

This month is a powerful month designed to transform humanity back into its true value, while the energies are stronger then ever they are designed to push against the places in your mind or body that are living in the illusion, keep in mind this month has several influxes and the final of the ascended master gifts which will be celestial awakening, this will assist us all to come back home within ourselves and begin to build the world of our dreams beyond our imagination

Oct 5th 5 point influx
Oct 11th 3 point influx
Oct 17th 3 point influx
Oct 21st 5 point influx
Oct 23rd 7 point influx
Oct 28th-31st Celestial Awakening Ascended Master Gift
Oct 28th The start of "Total Disclosure"
Oct 31st- May 15th the physical re-balance

Recommended Movie for Oct: A Thousand Words
Recommended TV show: Being Erica

As you can see we have quite a lot of energy so as always forgive yourself and do the best you can and know this too shall pass ::hugs::

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