25 September 2019

The End Of The Era Of Dogma For Earth And Humankind ~ Asur'Ana ~ 17 September 2019

As shared in my recent post about Tri-Wave Codes, this topic has been an ever-present lodger in my thoughts for a long time. This topic has led me to quite a few sources over the months, one of whom is Asur'Ana. Since this is a controversial topic, proponents of the Tri-Wave Codes would definitely produce material that is also considered as such.

I'm proceeding to post this discourse from Asur'Ana, please dig in only when guided. There's historical background (and once again, we see our own mirror behaviours) as well as what's up ahead for our Planet and her Humanity, Ascension-wise. Of interest also are the 18 dogmas that have served to separate and polarise Humanity.

Source: Aligning With Earth

The One Source would like to give our readership a better understanding of what these Great Central Sun Transmissions are and entail on the part of our channel to bring through for other humans to understand. Earth and each species compile records of data that is transmitted to the Great Central Sun on a monthly basis that summarizes the experience of ascension upon Earth. Such records include not only karmic records but also energetic solutions to compression of energy due to the distortion that Earth has entered.

All ascending stars within the Great Central Sun, which number seven in total from dimensions 3 through 144 carefully digest such transmissions thereby uncovering parallel problems in their own fields or matching unknown karmic experiences. Not all ascending stars have human life, but five of the seven that are ascending do. Therefore, the human records are important to human counterparts upon dimensions 12, 18, 36, 72 and 144 that are also ascending at this time in history.

These records are transcribed from the records shared with the Great Central Sun and all ascending stars therein at this time in history. Asur’Ana acts as the transcriber and to the best of her ability shares what has been relayed. What is not shared are the energetic solutions that accompany such changes, as this is so complex it would cause this chapter to be ten times longer in length to attempt to include.

The False Intervention

Long ago, the Dara Soul Group began to investigate a group of souls that had opened a gateway into the 5th Dimension by extending themselves down the space between your creation and a neighboring creation. The beings formed a star and claimed themselves to be a part of an intervention of All That Is. It has been subsequently determined that these beings are not from your All That Is, but have been traced to a parallel All That Is that had an incomplete ascension long ago. These beings are now being determined by the One Source to be responsible for the destruction of 8 All That Is that neighbor the All That Is that Earth is associated with. This is the 9th All That Is that this particular set of beings have entered and subsequently caused fall after fall in consciousness therein.

These beings claim themselves to be an intervening factor, but are not a helpful source of information, although they present themselves as such in the beginning. Often such souls start at the bottom or the parts of any creation that are learning the basic lessons of creation and destruction. They intervene and sometimes appear as highly enlightened and willing to help. Sometime they are invited to help as a particular planet or star encounters difficulties in their own evolution. Sometimes they are invited to incarnate into a specific species upon a specific dimension, as their dance appears to match in congruence of the lessons that a particular form might offer. However, the reason for such souls’ incarnation is not to evolve or learn, and not to help, but rather use the associated planet or star as a place to dump karma from the false intervention and strip mine ascension records. The ascension records are then used to ascend out of the creation as the creation itself falls into non-consciousness or total annihilation.

Soul chooses many species for specific lessons. Each species offers a specific foundation from which soul may evolve. Some souls that have been involved with destructive patterns are shunted to the lower dimensions to begin again and anew, learning the basic lessons of supporting a consensus reality rather than destroying it. Such species chosen for the incarnation of destructive souls are often very limited in nature. The Koala Bear upon Earth is one example of such a species, along with the Sloth Bear. Both the Koala and Sloth sleep most of the time, eating and mating upon rare occasion.

The slow nature of such species gives the soul incarnate lots of time to ponder and learn from their prior destructive incarnations. Sometimes such species find themselves harmed by yet other souls in other species. In such harmful experiences, souls that have harmed are harmed themselves, and balance their karma. In so doing, such souls learn not to harm another again as it results in being harmed oneself, and out of such a dance learn to support in full the consensus that they are incarnate within.

Although the souls from the false intervention meet the requirements of species such as Koala or Sloth due to their harmful history, the purpose for their incarnation has not proved to be supportive of Earth. Such souls have used the species incarnated into to add to Earth’s density by depositing karma from other creations through the false intervention causing Earth to decline in vibration. Such souls have also stripped Earth of vital information necessary for her own ascension. Earth has uncovered 8 species involved with souls from the false intervention, one of which is humankind, and the seven others include moth, panda bear, walrus, kangaroo, lizard, toad, and opossum.

Such species have been utilized to deposit loads of karma beginning about 8 million years ago in Earth history. Earth history is recorded as rotations of her sun around the sun’s sun, which are measured in four rotations of Earth around her sun. Therefore, we are speaking of 32 million years ago as humanity records a year, and long before humanity arrived to dance upon Earth. Humanity was seeded roughly 50,000 earth years ago (or 200,000 human years).

Earth has settled her karma with the false intervention. All of the above seven species have received new souls from the Great Central Sun that are supportive to Earth’s continued rise in vibration as of late. The karma from the false intervention has been returned, and the records taken retrieved. This ends the manipulations of beings claiming themselves a part of the false intervention of God Goddess/All That Is with Earth and all species, except for humankind.

Humanity has also danced with beings from the false intervention, and the dance began shortly after the original seeding of the red race from Sirius. This dance led to complications with the ascensions of the red human form as the souls from the false intervention began to remove genetic information from the great masters and their initiates. The loss of genetic materials was not caught, and the great masters fell further and further into distortion with each loss of genetics and subsequent incomplete ascensions. The false intervention also introduced electrical sacred geometry to Earth through red human ascensions, which were not an inherent energy flow for your creation. The electrical sacred geometry not only threw the red race further into distortion, but later attracted the Annanuki family from the Pleiades to come to Earth who resonated with the electrical energy flow.

It will take all humans ascending to the fourth dimension to release all karma with the false intervention. However, those humans who are ascending are invited to be cautious when any soul promises miracles in one’s life or evolution. There have been many mapmaking initiates who have been waylaid in their purpose in entering into bargains with souls from the false intervention, only finding themselves stripped of all ascension records and a load of karma deposited into their field that is not their own. This causes a cessation of ascension, and sometimes illness, for if enough genetic materials are removed as the crystalline cellular structure is forming, cancer can be the result.

An initiate had been approached by beings from the star Altieryn, which indeed is not a star at all but a false intervention hole from between the creation that Earth is related to and a parallel creation. The souls emanating from this supposed star are the same beings that have destroyed creation after creation in their long history. They are also the same beings that created the “Star of David” over Christ’s birth and 9 other stars at specific times in Earth’s recent history. They indeed entered your creation each time often manipulating the outcome of a particular segment of human history. The false intervention has been found to be partially responsible for bringing forth Christ’s crucifixion by depositing crucifixion karma that was not Christ’s true inheritance from birth. This caused Christ to create his demise rather than ascend.

Earth sees that there are parallel false interventions upon dimensions 12, 18 and 36 of your creation. Earth is intending that these beings leave her creation in full and return to where they originally came from. The One Source has determined that these beings have been in such a destructive pattern for so long that they are incapable of evolving beyond it. Source is therefore choosing to receive such beings as Earth ascends and shall place them into a forced recasting outside of time and space. Recasting brings about the revelation of all records accrued in the dance of any soul over time. As the recasting begins, and it has already, more and more shall be revealed about how these souls have destroyed creation after creation through time and space. As more is understood, such creations too can be resurrected and return Home to the One Source.

It is anticipated that dimensions 12, 18 and 36 shall likewise cease to work with these beings of the false intervention as they both recognize the real nature of them and their karma is complete. It is anticipated that by the time that Earth enters the Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun around 2048 that all dimensions shall have completely severed all ties and fully removed all beings from the false intervention in full.

New Mass Human Ascension Plans

Earth has determined that humans must ascend, and has inserted into the human hologram agreements that shall now cause all humans to begin to match Earth’s global vibration and begin their ascent through the lower initiations leading to 1,024 segments of DNA. It is anticipated that within the coming 20 months, most of humanity shall be sitting at a new threshold of vibration, which shall support Earth in her continued ascension.

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