31 October 2019

What Does My Soul Need From Me Today? ~ Lee Harris ~ 30 October 2019

Source: Lee Harris

Ask yourself, "What does my soul need from me today?"

And if you ask that question daily, you will be surprised how your life will start to change - if you record that information and respond to it.

- From The Way of the Sensitive MP3

Learn More: http://bit.ly/way-of-sensitive

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 30 October 2019

Some helpful reminders here....

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The Earth responds to us. When we purify our negative Ego, we cut the chords with harmful entities, the Cabal and infiltrators and we clear our inner Elements from toxicity and contamination. This upgrades DNA cause the nucleic acids of our DNA connects with the 5 Elements. Ascension is our pristine Nature shining through.


Geo-engineering and Weather modification directly impacts us - our moods, our bodies and frequency and as we are seeing in parts of the World, our livelihood and our homes.

Archonic dark technologies imitate and distort and weaponize wherever there is energy and Chi -- cause their DNA has degraded so much, they need to steal for sustenance, what they have lost.
We have to counteract these weapons by not being a battery to these dark technologies, that use propaganda and trauma to take our life-force, to then give it back to us in a false and engineered Timeline. 

If we go into Survival energy, it can break our connection to our Source and cause us desperation, which means they have us in a Net -- more easily manipulated into accepting their false solutions. We need to look to each other and count on one another more.

This is a horrendously difficult Growth period we are in right now -- I can't imagine what it is like for people being impacted in California and all over the World, with a concentration of these forces breathing down their necks.

We have to get through these next few months and not lose ourselves to these agendas. This Alchemical shift is in our favor (Saturn/Pluto conjunction peaking soon), but the Death cycles are brutal at times as we gain the upper-hand more and more -- even if it looks like the opposite is happening -- remember we have the upper-hand.


The only things that can control us - Are the things we give our Power away t0.

Jason Estes Update and Video #37 with Todd Medina

Source: Jason Estes

Welcome to November-January, usually i do 1 month at a time but felt called to bring the grand view in so people could see whats left of the journey into 1 world

while this may seem intense keep in mind its 3 months and much smoother then sept oct was

we are moving towards a more stable world with each passing day here are all the influxes that remain till we cross over into one world...

November 2nd 5pt influx
November 15th 3pt Influx
November 23rd 3pt influx
November 28th 2pt influx

December 7th 1pt influx
December 18th 3pt influx
December 21st 1pt influx
December 27th 3pt influx
December 31st 5pt influx

January 1st 4pt Influx
January 4th 5pt influx
January 7th 5pt influx
January 9th 7pt influx

Data point bases
November: 66pts
December: 68 pts
January: 74 pts

The Final days of the Transit line are January 9-11th with a closing out fully around 5am cst on the 12th, keep in mind there is nothing to be afraid of here and anything you do from fear isn't going to help anyways

just do good and work on yourself and before you know it you will be in a brave new world

remember you trained your whole life for this and you are capable and strong enough dig deep ::hugs::

Recommended Movies
Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Recommended TV show:
Kyle XY
Kevin Probably Saves the world

For those who have not seen my latest Live it covers a lot of this and the main issue that we will be working on i highly recommended watching it as it will bring more grace and ease to your process

(link for video)

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 30 October 2019

Amanda Lorence
However you got burnt, let that memory go.
You can't grow whilst still on fire
Release. Surrender.
It is YOU, that awaits you

GCR'S & Planetary Activation Prep ~ Aluna Ash ~ 30 October 2019

Here's the link to this video update from Aluna Ash:

Excuse formatting, I'm posting "as is" first as my time online is limited today.

#GalacticCosmicRays #SolarStorm #Sun I hope you all like my drawing😁😁 it's the only way I can kinda explain how this looks in my mind. **Galactic Cosmic Rays are coming in easier and stronger due to the changes with the magnetic field of the Sun and the shifting into the new Sun cycle. I saw a massive activation & change with the Sun in December that links up the collective consciousness with the planet in a more interactive way, more connected to nature, the elements, the Sun, planets, Etc..... this, it feels, is integrated until Feb. 20, 2020 where this link up is more consciously known & experienced. And ofcourse we have the energy from the alignments in January as well. --I haven't been excited about an eclipse in a longggg time, but December 25th Eclipse looks & feel beautiful, very excited!! Some (not all) are linking up to their Oversoul/Monad directly & consciously, those that are focusing on One, All being One, are shifting into higher dimensiomal timelines alot quicker after this eclipse *I forgot to add when the 4th dimension body is more active, kidneys can become more active. So drink more water if needed, and empty bladder when needed- don't wait & hold it all night/morning cuz you dont wanna get up out of bed lol 30/31st- 13th day of Ben cycle, Mercury Retro in Scorpio. The Moon crossing Jupiter & the Gslactic Center🤗 Nov 1st- All Saints Day Nov 1st-13th is the Cimi/Death cycle: Here's more info on the energy of this 13 day cycle below: https://www.sunsigns.org/maya-cimi/ Nov 2nd- All Souls Day, will be celebrated on 11/3 Nov 3rd- planetary energy, group experiences, collective, rituals, magic, manifestations, completion-- within Cimi 13 day cycle. I found it interesting the way Trump mentioned "11 kids rescued, 3 were not" (someone sent me a clip of his speech) like it is to connect timelines. Nov 4th- last day of 12 day portal. Thank you for your support! https://patreon.com/alunaash https://paypal.me/alunaash #energyupdate #MagneticSun2021#SolarStorm #Maya #Portal #GAPdays #Halloween #AllSaintsDay #AllSoulsDay #Cimi #Rainbowevent #Rainbowplasma #awakening #DivineOrder

Evolving Consciousness: Tip 11 ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 30 October 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence


It is not that we let go of our purest intentions and desires. ‘Passion’ is an energy of a specific energetic Hz that is not of zero point. So it IS, that any PASSIONS, will be brought into BALANCE, to become zero-pointed, be of a NEUTRALITY, during our own ascension process.

It is therefore the initiates inner work, to look within, at anything they feel passionate about. PASSION is not balance or of a zero point frequency, ‘zero point’ being the frequency that creates an overall rise in our consciousness state that IS also a frequency. So to discover within why we feel such a passion for ‘this’ and ‘that’, is to then see there is a distortion within said passion. The distortion will be, that you have forgotten, that ‘purest intentions’ for ALL sentient lifeforms, already IS SO, already a way of being, at our higher energetic frequency, perception and experience.

We can not change 3D or 4D, which is already by the design. We change ourselves, our PERCEPTION, and THUS we raise our internal frequency to a frequency that matches 5D and above. Where all sentient BEINGS, already exist FROM pure intention, harmony and in equalness to ALL.

Whatever you feel PASSIONATE about, no matter the subject matter, will be associated with your 3D or 4D experience. Will have to be seen, and dissolved INTO a balanced desire for that subject matter, as a harmony within you. That harmonious KNOWING is already YOU at 5D frequency and above.

Be the frequency, match the frequency internally, to attract same frequency (your desire) as your Self Created reality. Let go of the old frequencies that are not balanced energy frequencies...for they only existed to be experienced, to then choose to let go of. If you choose.

Are you passionate about something? That is the inner work, to explore ‘why’. When you find your ‘WHY’ answer, you will see, it is just an energetic memory, of that which already is KNOWN to be in harmony. You brought that memory with you, then experienced the distortion of it, within an experience of blindness (your veil). To then, at your right time, dissolve, and SEE, the bigger picture that exists.

Amanda Lorence
30 October 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 30 October 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence


Allowing the once overpowering and distorted perception of LINEAR ‘intellect/intelligence’,’ of previous mind state, to become SOLELY a SECONDARY Tool NOW. The mind’s THOUGHTS and associated outcomes (so the mind’s words, and the mind’s actions) no longer override, no longer overpower what we have NOW become (or are becoming): A higher incarnated energetic frequency of SENTIENCE.

We NOW become, be by, live by, EXPRESS inwardly and outwardly...AS our NEW STATE...of SENTIENCE. In EVERY moment.

The VEIL IS lifted within the Galactic Timeline. It IS, that each ONLY REALISE this at their own pace. Their own point of the individualised Self Realisation Process. When their VEIL is lifted, there are NO MORE roads, no more varieties of choices for that human to make, there are no more storylines. There is JUST ONE WILL. For your WILL is aligned energetically to God’s, one of the same. So there is just, the following of ALL SENTIENT data, presented in ALL NOW moments for the HIGHEST OUTCOMES that unfold. Outcomes that are already SO / DONE.

For once we were blind, immersed within a LINEAR, POLARISED human mind operating system, and NOW, we see and BE from a SENTIENT STATE.

SENTIENT STATE is a transitory period to acclimatise to in multiple, multiple ways for us to get used to BEING, very different to the linear operating system. Yet it is a smooth flow, a Passageway, one step after the other, an acclimatisation process of BEING, as we get used to BEING SENTIENT FIRST, sentient as Our PRIMARY STATE of Being. We will grow more as this develops NOW.

Until at a given perfect point for each, our CONSCIOUSNESS switches to being PERCEIVED as OUTSIDE of the physical body and mind, yet able to operate and observe the human body and mind from outside of it. ‘Outside’ meaning our CONSCIOUSNESS perceives IN non linear, non polarised, no time, no space, no gravity STATE. It seems OUTSIDE of the whole physical dream reality of all solids. This CONSCIOUSNESS STATE switchover, will begin for the first ones, in 2020, One at a time. But first, this SENTIENT phase we acclimatise to, where once we experienced our four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, etherical) feeling separate to each other, we NOW BE, what has FINALLY occurred and energetically merged... ONE body, working as ONE ENERGY via our SENTIENT abilities to feel our four bodies all operating as One Unified System.

Keep going. LOVE, in all moments is the answer, and inevitable outcome.

Amanda Lorence
30 October 2019

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Disappointment & Failure ~ MTVOTeam

Feeling and being a disappointment and failure is now being released and cleared from my belief structures

Please proceed here for the usual last command.

30 October 2019

#DNA Activation, 2020 & #Ascension: John Burgos & Sandra Walter BTO Replay ~ Sandra Walter & John Burgos ~ 28 October 2019

Here's the link to the video.

These are some of the topics discussed, please bear in mind that this list by no means comprehensive:
  • Science beginning to recognise quantum functions of DNA
  • How some ancient myths relating to serpents & feathers were in fact referring the DNA activations
  • Heart Coherence ~ being able to respond to Life from a higher consciousness state, without creating distortions
  • Stepping into our Mastery and being guided by Divine Will
  • 2020 will bring "gifts"
  • One of our 12-strands governs time and overrides dualistic time dynamics
  • We need to release and let go of the past, including past lives ~ the future is limitless
  • Dr Glen Rein's discovery of toroidal nature of DNA
  • Lightworkers who activate Stargates, Portals etc are able to do so due to DNA "match" from previous life when they created the potentials for that specific purpose
  • Sandra's involvement with Gatekeeping and activating certain locations/sites, including preventing severe tectonic repercussions when a DUMB was taken out
  • 2019 is final year that there's significance in 10:10, 11:11, 12:12 ~ how we experience Time from 2020 will be different (finally unhinging from the Gregorian calendar?)
  • This 11:11 focus on bringing in the energies of the New Earth
  • 12:12 will be 7th anniversary of when Gaia Mum initiated her shift into 5D
  • About 2020 (around 34-minute mark) ~ brings clarity, we need to focus more on our god within instead of the outer world, especially for those assisting in anchoring in the Ascended reality & Christed timeline
  • DNA activations also activates our Faith; assists in evolving us out of negative emotions; switches on ascended Christed codes that allow even what we think of as miracles to occur
  • Love & Compassion ~ this is the natural frequency of Gaia Mum, the Mother energies
  • Diet changes in tandem with DNA activations
  • Needing to have a partner for "completion" goes away in  5D ~ you don't need your Twin Flame to ascend, priority is to build sacred partnership with Source
  • Unification of DF & DM within to allow Source to come through = Trinitised Being
  • Collective DNA activation happening now because DNA is quantum ~ as Wayhowers activate, so too does the Collective.

Law of One Practices ~ Ascension Glossary ~ Lisa Renee

Ascension Glossary
  • Practice Unity Consciousness
  • Practice Loving Yourself
  • Practice Loving Others
  • Practice Loving the Earth & Nature
  • Practice Service to Others
  • Practice Consciousness Expansion
  • Practice Responsible Co-Creatorship

Imagining "Life Culture" ~ Lisa Renee ~ 28 October 2019

We need a (quantum?) shift in Consciousness....

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Let's look at imagining what a Life Culture would be. In ES Guardian context, we call Life Culture - World Humanism. Imagine that we did live in a world where people wanted to live in harmony with the natural laws and therefore all people on the planet were treated with love, dignity and respect. They were equally educated in creating balanced and holistic lifestyles with others. Imagine that our communities and societies were founded upon organizational policies and programs that are based in a shared humanitarian value of co-creating world humanism, shaping our communities and world through modelling behaviours such as:
  • Unified cooperation and Service to Others,
  • Loving kindness, Compassion and Empathy,
  • Respect, dignity and harmlessness for all people,
  • Living in honesty, integrity, truth and transparency,
  • Being able to hold fairness and forgiveness and true Humility,
  • Wanting to experience consciousness expansion and higher learning through synchronicity,
  • Co-creating responsibly with Earth, nature and the animals,
  • And legitimate admittance to participate with the inter-galactic communities.
World Humanism is based in the re-education of human value - valuing human life. It emphasizes the importance of shifting from an anti-human or a death culture belief system into humanist based ethics and related philosophical principles. All human beings deserve humane treatment in order to live upon the planet with dignity and with basic access to meet their Fundamental Human Needs.

Our goal in the ES community is to practise this model when we can, the best we are able to apply humanistic, ethical philosophies blended with the spiritual principles of the Law of One to expand consciousness which inspires a direct knowledge and spiritual awakening experience. Ascension essentially encompasses a universal perspective towards the compassionate practise of World Humanism and it includes the entire spectrum of life. All inhabitants of the world, no matter what race, religion, belief or creed to be equally deserving of benevolence, Empathy and Compassion.

Please read on....

Andromeda Galaxy Viewed Through Different Frequencies

Source: Nassim Haramein

The Andromeda Galaxy viewed via various frequencies...

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 29 October 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Money is stolen energy -- that is why the darkest of forces are sitting on the greatest wealth. Injustice and imbalance prevails when we are Unconscious and we supply it and feed it.

We have no choice but to create a balance with it, so it integrates into healthy options for this humanity, that eventually sets us Free from the money system. We are enslaved by it, but yet our human needs are met with it.

If our needs seek to serve the highest good in ourselves and humanity, we can collapse all Control forces and let the greater laws of the Earth and Cosmos to return to their Rightful place and set Everything straight!

Null Zone Reset ~ Meg Benedict ~ 29 October 2019

Those "ripples" as Meg Benedicte call them, are certainly increasing. It's like reality is deconstructing.

Source: New Earth Central

I’ve recently been noticing significant shifts occurring in the planetary holographic field. At times the outer room flickers, rippling back and forth, until it regains solidity. It all happens in a moment. Other times I’m walking and the floor shifts under my feet, another ripple effect, like walking on an ocean wave, then it stabilizes. We are currently in the midst of a global null zone reset.

Many visiting souls have come from the future to issue a new ascension timeline for planet earth. It’s a numbers game. There are not enough awakened humans, while the collective ‘hive mind’ is still lost in a matrix of illusion. The ascension shift was missing deadlines. So here we are!

Many are reporting examples of the Mandela Effect, or alternate time streams shifting in and out of human reality.  As time grows more fluid, parallel timelines are bleeding through. All is shifting in a continuous kaleidoscope of flashing mirrors…as the ground literally shifts beneath us.

Within the spinning Quantum Vortex, a null-magnetic field is created in Singularity. A Null Zone is created when energy expands, extends and blossoms outwards, then is shattered from without, causing the previous world or reality system to collapse inwards upon itself. The old entrenched patterns and systems are decomposing. The old shattered worlds cannot be restored to their original position.

Null Zones can occur on a large scale, affecting many, or within your own being. They create the void from which new realities are born. The 12:12:12 Gateway will activate a planetary Null Zone, as the Christ Light Codes and 12D Harmonics ignite the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life within your human biofield and the crystal core of Gaia.

The days between 12:12 and 12:21 (the inverse) will be a flowering expansion of unity consciousness outwards across the planet and universe…only to collapse inwards as the new world paradigm returns to merge back into the collective field.

As you continue to open to infinite possibilities in the Quantum Field of matter and antimatter, you are flip-flopping back and forth between realities…rocking back and forth between timelines. This contrast pushes up all hidden patterns of 3D density that can no longer survive in the null-magnetic zone. This process is loosening the hold of Duality, as the ego needs to ‘let go’ of all old attachments to the past.  This rocking back and forth motion can be disorienting and exhausting, which is why it is so important to meditate and maintain your inner equilibrium in zero point balance.

This year is a ’12’ year (add 2019) that blesses us with an amplified 12:12:12 Gateway.  Since this is such a powerfully rare gateway, we will be doing a ‘live’ broadcast from Mount Shasta, Ca. We are offering 2 options to participate: online webcast and in-person group meditation circle at the Shasta Yoga Institute.

Join Manette and myself with Wayshowers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world on Thursday, December 12th for the 12:12:12 Gateway Global Activations: either online webcast or in-person at the Mount Shasta Yoga Institute. The show is recorded for replay.  If you would like to participate, register here:  https://newearthcentral.com/?p=210704

Lovingly, Meg
Copyright (c) 2019 Meg Benedicte 
* All Rights Reserved * 
You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

SR Reading

Space Observing System
A picture paints a thousand words.....

29 October 2019

10th Secret to Success: Pay for Mastery—Your Time is Worth It ~ Jason Estes #20

Source: MTVOTeam (with video)

The 10th secret to success:
Pay for mastery—your time is worth it.

To join the Deep Dive discussion, head to Jason's FB profile (link provided in the video). For more awesome videos, check out the MTVOTeam YouTube page.

#ascension #awareness #consciousness #spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork #selfhealing #selfmastery

The 9th Secret to Success: A Willingness to Grow is the Key to Being Whole ~ Jason Estes #20

Source: MTVOTeam (includes video with details)

The 9th secret to success:
A willingness to grow is the key to being whole.

To join the Deep Dive discussion, head to Jason's FB profile (link provided in the video). For more awesome videos, check out the MTVOTeam YouTube page.

#ascension #awareness #consciousness #spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork #selfhealing #selfmastery #willingness

The 8th Secret to Success: Experience Brings Confidence and Interestingness ~ Jason Estes #20

Source: MTVOTeam (video included)

The 8th secret to success:
Experience brings confidence and interestingness.

To join the Deep Dive discussion, head to Jason's FB profile (link provided in the video). For more awesome videos, check out the MTVOTeam YouTube page.

#ascension #awareness #consciousness #spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork #selfhealing #selfmastery

7th Secret to Success: Be Yourself, Show Up Often, and Open to Opportunities Within 48 Hours of the Request ~ Jaaon Estes #20

Source: MTVOTeam (also video with details)

The 7th secret to success:
Be yourself, show up often, and open to opportunities within 48 hours of the request.

To join the Deep Dive discussion, head to Jason's FB profile (link provided in the video). For more awesome videos, check out the MTVOTeam YouTube page.

#ascension #awareness #consciousness #spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork #selfhealing #selfmastery

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Competition ~ MTVOTeam

Feeling and being competitive is now being released and cleared from my personality structure

For the rest of the commands, please continue over at MTVOTeam.

Celebrations at Uluru After Climbers are Permanently Banned ~

The ban on climbing Uluru had long been sought by the traditional owners of the land, the Anangu, whose connection to the site dates back tens of thousands of years (Photo: AFP/Saeed KHAN)
Finally. Somehow I see this as the Indigenous ~ as well as Lightworkers who went there for missions (and hopefully did not climb Uluru) ~ reclaiming this sacred site back for Gaia Mum. Perhaps we'll soon see other sacred sites returned to their original purpose.

Source: Channel News

ULURU, Australia: Indigenous Australians performed songs and traditional dance as the sunset over Uluru on Sunday (Oct 27), capping a weekend of celebrations to mark the historic ban on climbing the sacred site.

The ceremony was held two days after a final surge of tourists who had flocked to central Australia scaled the giant red monolith before its closure to climbers.

A crowd gathered late Friday at the base of the site to watch rangers erect the "permanently closed" sign, in line with the long-held wishes of indigenous Australians.
"No more climbing today," shouted indigenous elder Nelly Patterson. "Close it," she yelled to a loud cheer from the crowd.

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Our Emerging New Reality ~ Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia ~ 27 October 2019

Image:  Ines de Castro
Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

Our entire direction into our New 5th Dimensional Reality is completely through our internal world. Our physical features were never designed to be more than a physical identity. Our internal world serves as our constant guide into our physical world!

Who we are today is a mirror reflection of our past conditioning originating from the influences of every thought, emotion, perception, and choice we have ever achieved.

Today, our past will no longer serve us. Expansion in that direction has hit the wall. It’s over and done. We are all within a process of releasing our past conditioning and influences. We are proceeding into a new experience with Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional world. What now seems like a daily bombardment of chaos and confusion throughout our world is actually a demonstration of our commencement towards ALL CHANGE! If we are already in acceptance of All Change, we will see the world as it truly is now – that is, humanity is entering into our New 5th Dimensional Reality.

The iconic symbols, systems and structures, and edifices of the past are failing and deteriorating before us! We need to find our new direction. If we follow the physical pathways of what we have known from our past, mankind too will fail and deteriorate within the restrictive residue of our past thinking and experience.

What our consciousness currently lacks is a Universal Mindset – the understanding and comprehension – and the remembrance – of how we gain the Knowledge and experience for living in Our New Reality!

Please read on....

You Are Your Ego's Liberator ~ Matt Kahn ~ 28 October 2019

The rest we need to nourish the Body and Soul can challenge the ego

Matt Kahn's website is here.
In this moment, the Universe wants you to know....the ego isn’t lying or trying to mislead you. It’s only capable of believing its fears until awakening integrates it back into the light of Source. It shares its fears because you are its liberator. You are the light of consciousness—only unavailable to help it let go when imagining its fears and concerns are somehow yours.

Life is always a play of decisions. While there are always decisions to be made, no such fear, worry, or concern is necessary to choose what to follow for your highest evolution.

As you awaken, you will come to see, you were never actually worried, afraid, or concerned about anything. It was just a fearful lens you didn’t know you were looking through that distorted your perceptions and made everything seem overwhelming, stressful, and uncertain. In order to let go, the ego needs your love. This is why we love whatever arises. Only then will you come to know how everything is here to help you.

Please enjoy every moment of your time reading this newsletter and, remember...I meet you in love.

All For Love,


Universal Soul Spark ~ Andrew Bartzis

Andrew Bartzis' website is here.

As your universal soul spark when you emigrated from another universe here, you came in with a plan that has a zero point function for each lifetime. It means as a soul from another universe you come in with a concept of an experience, because each universe's experience is radically different.
Your concept begins to get changed and molded and malleable the more and more lifetimes you have, but your zero point function is to get to the end of this universal experience which is free will, to learn it in all of its forms.      * Andrew Bartzis

Come Home to Your Heart ~ Buddha Doodles

Celestial Awakening ~ Ascended Master Gift ~ Jason Estes ~ 28 October 2019

(continued).....for this.....

Source: MTVOTeam

Today, we've been handed the 7th and final ascended master gift, Celestial Awakening, which is coming in very intensely for the next three days.

Enjoy the energies and what they unlock within you! If at any point you find yourself struggling to acclimate to this new world, remember that all things are temporary. This too shall pass. No matter how many times it takes you to master a level, if you keep trying, you will eventually get there.

#ascension #awareness #consciousness #spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork #selfhealing #selfmastery

Well & Truly Ready.....

Space Observing System
Continued on the next post.....

28 October 2019

The Law of Harmony and Agreement 🌌 ~ Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness

Source: MTVOTeam

The Law of Harmony and Agreement 🌌

The Cosmic Laws are meant to illuminate and bring understanding to the spiritual laws that govern this universe and which all beings are subject to.

The laws can be found in the book, "The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness," which is available as a free PDF online. You can find it easily if you do an internet search of the title of the book.

#consciousness #mtvo #selfhealing #cosmiclaw #universallaw #spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork #harmony #agreement

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Heartbreaker ~ MTVOTeam

Feeling and being a heartbreaker is now being released and cleared from me

Please continue here for the rest.

Path of Love ~ Eric Raines ~ 28 October 2019/2018

This is from a year ago today, and re-posted on Eric Raine's page. In view of what's just around the corner, it's perfect timing to remind ourselves to stay on track, keep our sight on the Big Picture and  focus on what's truly important.

Source: Eric Raines

I dont remember what sparked this thought, but these are still very true words.
Always prove it for yourself.

(From 28 October 2018)
Hey truthers...conspiracy theorists. Starseeds, energy workers....

When you subscribe to theories that came from people, always do your own experimentation. Always critically think. Always keep an open mind.

If someone comes into your view and points out some very simple experiments you can do in order to see the truth laid out for you, do them!!

Learn! Experience! Grow your understanding!

When you blindly hold onto theories that are easily proven false, you make everyone who comes into contact with you who has no experience with the truth of the world violently pull away from it.

When you blindly attack over information that you cannot possibly know for sure, you are exposing incredibly cultish behavior.

The bottom line is that until we can experiment and feel the outcome with our own consciousness, we CANNOT know for sure, meaning you are subscribing to someone else's idea and losing your own individuality.

As the truther community grows and more psyops are injected to keep people away from true reality, this needs to be recognized.

Any belief you accept that segregates you from your fellow man is suspect. Anything that evokes emotions of fear and anger instead of love and confidence is suspect.

Stop with the word programs. The language of Light cannot speak spoken word, go directly to the fruits (the emotion/feeling), then figure out if it is of truth or falsehood.

Inside of this understanding, we can walk through the darkest of energies, cleansing them as we move through...not covering up with love and light, but transmuting the heart of darkness into unconditional love.

"By their fruits thee shall know them."

We are moving into a point where discernment, emotional intelligence and unconditional love is key.

"If you are not on the path of love, you are not on the path of ascension."

Body-Mind Connection ~ Gigi Young ~ 27 October 2019

Source: Gigi Young

We hold our body in positions through out the day that mirror our thoughts and emotions. Over time this becomes our posture and the character of our ligaments, muscles an fascia.

This automatic, innate connection between body and mind means even the smallest adjustments of our body open our mind and stir our emotions.

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 27 October 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

As very briefly indicated in recent short post, we are in the midst of a type of ‘energetic corridor’. Within the 26,000 year cycle, our galaxy, Solar System, Gaia, and it’s inhabitants have entered a stream that has been present for about a week already, and will continue for some days still. We each experience this period of ‘flowing through’, differently, based on own unique and individual perception of conscious awareness. The point to this ‘energetic corridor’ is VERY subtle to notice, yet it is EXTREMELY significant and powerful to each’s actual journey.

September is always about our own ‘Harvest’. Esoterically meaning we each, at harvest time (equinox), receive the sum total of that which we have put in to ourselves energetically, in the solar year of our existence here. So what we are experiencing NOW, plays out, showing us our own individual ‘harvest’, that we now utilise wisely, with gratitude, for it being received, thus nourishing our selves (empowering ourselves) leading through to the Winter Soltice Gateway. If we choose to.

What are you choosing? This is the significant energetic corridor presenting, underlying your experience right now. It shows/presents for you to make a NEW choice. Or not. You are responsible for you, and your very own self created reality. Each experience this timeline differently based on their visible perspective, based on conscious awareness so far, on their path point.

1] Some see and feel, the NEW life. Are choosing that consciously by the inner highest divine choices they are making.
Choice = Love being the only, and highest answer for them at this point.
Choice = In Service to ONE. These beings are aware of their inner energy accelerating within. Are aware what it is, are merging with it, to at a later timeline, work as ONE energy, yet working directly within.
2] Others awakened, will be experiencing great imbalance within their human, this can be seen or unseen. So there can be a blindness to this from within, or people will be aware of their own imbalance. YOU always held the power to transform this, master your energy, it’s an inside job, you are not at the mercy of your own energetic. It’s just a case of WHEN are you ready to master your inner energy, to bring it into balance in any one moment.
3] Others are presented with the distorted mind patterns we are all, each shown, on our awakened journeying, just to be seen, and choice made: whether to dissolve any patterning that doesn’t serve you or the collective to the highest degree, or ignore it, change the scene, and allow the same pattern to present at another time, for a stronger experience of the same pattern to still be dissolved.
4] Still, ongoing, more awaken. That chose a quicker route through.
5] And others, are in their preparation stages for physical exit of this lifetime’s vehicle. Whilst the Soul itself participates FULLY with love, in this preparation period for a physical transition, it is an energetic light spark from Source that presents to the vessel at perfect timing for the departure. All is of the greatest, most immense Love.

So the above, is roughly an array of humanities experiences within this current corridor. It will last a while more, enough time for each to SEE within their own self, and make their own inner choices and adjustments. Or not. No judgement on any choices made by any being. It’s all storylines within one big storyline. To a human, it can be peaceful, exciting, or adversely challenging. Yet it is all by divine design, all a gift, perfectly timed on our way through this corridor, to the Gateway that presents at Solstice 2019.

For now, to rise above the once most typical physical human eyes, and see with higher eyes (look twice at everything), as all that presents in your own reality has a message, for you.

You are held, and loved, all the way,
Amanda Lorence
27 October 2019

SR Reading

Space Observing System
I did a cross-reference between SR activity and major events as listed by Jason Estes some months ago (here) ~ looks like this is prepping for the Celestial Awakening....

Jason Estes Update ~ 27 October 2019

Please remember that by "Total Disclosure", Jason Estes is also referring to False Spirituality. And yes, also ET Disclosure, as alluded to by this part of the update:
"....and it allows for possibilities beyond imagination and team work beyond just this world...."
PS. Also, feeling like the physical body is preparing.....

Source: Jason Estes

Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for for quite awhile and building towards since early 2008

around 3pm cst the door towards total disclosure will open and around 7pm cst we will begin the final ascended master gift which will come in strong for about 3 days and last 10 years.

this is the final of the gifts and will be one of the main reasons earth moves into the new ascended master planet

while many have chosen to come early to assist in this game the mass effect of it will begin tomorrow and all children born after will be running a new template

tomorrow also brings with it a terraforming event

this is a major change to the sub space of all forms and will shift the very core of matter itself, so as you can see life will never be the same as we progress forward and since life wont be the same we cant be the same ether

while this means relearning how to live and enjoy life it is ultimately going to be for the better and while it may seem chaotic from time to time remember this is completely normal with anything new we will all be learning so forgive others and yourself often...

The 7 gifts listed out for those who are new
  • April 15th 2018-2028 Celestial Rain
  • July 18th 2018-2028 Light of Illumination
  • Nov 21st 2018-2028 Holy Alchemical Waters
  • Feb 16th 2019-2029 Sacred Fire
  • May 18th 2019-2029 Light of Hope
  • July 15th 2019-2029 Sacred Sexuality
  • Oct 28th 2019- 2029 Celestial Awakening
These 7 gifts were given to earth to assist the unlocking of earths true potential and the remembrance of what has been so we could build a new world free from the misunderstandings of those who came before us, and it is tomorrow that this new world begins to physically form
all the work we have done was to clear up the misunderstandings in the templates of reality and as of 26th at 11pm cst that was completed and a new 100 year future has been added to the timeline and it allows for possibilities beyond imagination and team work beyond just this world 

so as we step into tomorrow remember that taking life 1 step at a time is the key to true lasting change, and that slow and steady progress is what lasts the test of time... ::hugs::

October Newsletter: Gateways of Possibilities & Transitions Out of the Fixed/Linear Ways ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~

Source: Awakening to Remembering

October Newsletter & (Mini) Updates:
  • Gateways of Possibilities
  •  Transitions Out of Fixed/Linear Ways
  • Vibrational Alignment
  • Letting Your Pure Heart Lead the Way
Y/our Universal/Divine Heart Connection Opens up Access to your Divine Heart Intelligence and Portals of Possibilities that you'd otherwise not see/listen to/acknowledge/dismiss... 

Aloha BE-YOU-ti-FUL Divine Light Family,
Energetic passageways open up all new possibilities, potentials and new realities to be discovered and explored....

The linearity of all was each's limits before. The re-birth of humanity and a whole new existence comes with each "old" that dissolves, "dies" and falls away, with the dismantling of that which all perceived to be "reality", in order to make way for all new.... and each's access  to all is DEEP INSIDE........

The "old way" was to hold onto fixed mentalities and beliefs (as well as that which was constructed from these) and that which was perceived as "safe", because of each's control mechanisms that represented the belief that control was the way to live. With each new awareness, each sees and understands that control is a limit, even a prison, that stifles and stagnates the breath limitless possibilities, beautiful creativity and the ENERGY OF possibility and of dreams... With each presentation of a new possibility, at first there will be excitement and fear all wrapped up in one... yet as we all embrace the excitement fully, a new reality is birthed/born/seeded and then nurtured, raised, grown into an "adult" reality, one that evolved through love, care and kindness and an immense amount of energy to "raise" the project/reality/idea into fruition, in order to bear fruit and create a vibrational return (at some point/as is vibrationally/highest aligned)....

Birthing entire realities is a massive process. They take dedication, focus, patience and commitment to follow-through.... This is a part of how NEW EARTH REALITIES come to "be", as your PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY literally births these "new" (multi-dimensional) ideas, which in essence are already realities that exist. The passageway is your traveling to get there, all that you do to anchor the LIGHT CODES, activate them and then apply them to how you "do" your days/life.... this DIVINE GUIDING LIGHT AND CHILD are born out of your old you's death/dissolution processes that limited you/held you in the limiting realities of before....

I keep hearing/seeing so many focused on "the future", without the awareness of being focused on "that time" is separation within itself. Time is an illusion, a framework, a limit placed to create disruption in Divine Flow....  and a massive part of this entire transition over to NEW EARTH REALITIES is transcending the illusory separation of time. "Time" measurements (age/dates/comparisons/more) were held by our own linearity, in our bodies templates of 3D/4D. As each's body achieves a 5th Dimensional vibrational frequency fully, "time" becomes ENERGY and the parameters are very different than before. You FEEL the speed of all as all slows down (even to a halt/zero point) or speeds up to the "speed of light" and moves faster, and a part of y/our Universal Body Template (5D Lightbody) is learning to move in UNISON, in Divine Harmony and Flow... which means learning to maneuver and function in all new ways, as well as  learning "new equations", like how much ENERGY IT TAKES to accomplish something, how much ENERGY you INVEST in "that", how much ENERGY IT TAKES to maintain/sustain/support, as well as produce/accomplish that which is highest aligned and a part of your service roles/new life too....

Time becomes ENERGY and your Physical LightBody runs on LIGHT ENERGY... your own Soul's Light, which is what fuels (and supports) your body and all of your realities too. There are different phases where you have people around and you don't, because of the LIGHTBODY Phase you currently are in, which can change constantly (and will). You will become choosier in what you FEED YOUR BEAUTIFUL CREATIVE LIGHT ENERGY into, that which you create to experience, that which you allow in your own reality/world/field.... as if it is not supporting, inspiring and a part of the creative processes, it will drain your LIFE FORCE, your Light Force, your Creative Breath that births new realities forth...... and it will also correlate to what is perceived as "abundance" too.

Your Light is what fuels your Lightbody, this is the Light of your own Soul... It's also activated by way of Photonic Light, which become the same thing after awhile. Your consciousness and your ability to create/maintain/sustain will be dependent on YOUR ENERGY and what you "do" with it.... as this also will be how you support your physical body and all of your physical realities too.... Your Precious Light is what activates EVERYTHING.... it's what touches the hearts of all others, it's what opens portals/doors, it's what can affect every reality just through presence... without "trying" to "do" anything at all.... Your LIGHT is your Source Consciousness... the SOURCE of all CREATION and defines all of your experiences here..... Your deep sacred connection is what opens up all and what you "do" is then what activates new timelines/holographic geometrics and realities to come forth/arrive/unfold/materialize for you.....

Please read on....

The Purity of Giving ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 27 October 2019

Love = Source energy, as well as source energy....

Source: Amanda Lorence

In the old paradigm there is ‘Giving’ from the heart, from an unawakened purity of being, and there is also, giving with conditions attached. One is a purity of LOVE, the latter is pre-meditated giving that comes of the mind (the processor).

Step by step, experience after experience, we come into our hearts, and give out, unconditionally. We GIVE, with no pre-mediated expectation of outcome. We give, because our heart energetically HAS to express Love, in a variety of forms and actions that are of EACH’s unique expression. There is no thought of outcome, therefore the ‘giving’ is PURE. This is Love (an energy that has a frequency of Hz) felt within, expressed out, and is witnessed in 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensional fields via our conscious perception.

Within ONLY the 3rd and 4th dimensional Realities (not 5th and above), we can witness or participate in ‘Giving’ with ‘attached conditions’ born from the mind. There are two types of conditions that seek to either:
A] Control one’s own dream reality or that of another’s dream, or many others.
B] Give with an attached idea of a pre-mediated outcome. Eg, “I/We will give you ‘THIS’ (eg. love, an object, my/our time, my/our support, energy, activation), if, you give me/us ‘THAT’.

The ‘giving’ in both scenarios A and B, has conditions. It is not given freely and innocently of the heart, but planned in the mind. This type of ‘giving’ is seen in daily living, workplace, business, family life, friendships, intimate relationship. Examples are:
I will give you my love, if you first give me/show me, your love of me.
I will give you help, support, energy, activation, if you first pay me a sum of money or do something for me.
Business industries work this way with conditions of contract including payment terms.

LOVE has no conditions, no terms. It gives and expresses PURELY and unconditionally, FIRST, because it IS a high frequency energy we term as ‘Love’. An eternal, abundant, ever lasting energy. LOVE is NOT of energetic Love FREQUENCY, when it has conditions born from the mind. The mind does not feel or express LOVE, it can only DEFINE it, process and compartmentalise. Energy termed LOVE that has conditions attached born of the mind, IS another energy of an entirely different energetic frequency to the PURE LOVE frequency (Hz).

When we give, ONLY from the absolute purity of the heart, there are no requirements expected of people within our Self created dream. Yet that VERY act, of expressing, IS PURE LOVE. As an energy FELT within a thought, a word and an act, it CARRIES the ENERGY FREQUENCY of our highest capable output of Hz energy. From this, what we term miracles occur. From this pure state energetic, we open portals. From this, we connect direct to Source. From this state, we can see, hear, KNOW more, because we are a higher energetic, being the frequency of Love. From this, we may activate and merge with other energies, via our internal body frequency that has no agenda, and no thoughts attached to the ‘giving’...that come from PURE LOVE. In a sense, we can say that PUREST giving, is a very innocent act of expressing in that NOW moment. We have no idea (due to no pre-mediated thoughts) of any outcome. What occurs will therefore always be a SURPRISE, yet a more glorious and magical unfoldment, than we could ever have imagined.

The act of PURE ‘giving’, is of a pure innocence, of the human being giving from their heart, out. It is requiring NOTHING in return. Yet because of how the Laws of energy work, that human being will receive back, of equal measure...for there is, only an ever lasting abundance of all that we give out, Be that Love, Lack of Love or ‘Love’ with conditions.

LOVE felt, within us, does not belong to us.
LOVE felt, expressed out, does not belong to the person or thing we give to.
LOVE is not ours separately, it is the energy of God/Source, we are capable of FEELING and being AWARE of, within us.

When we recognise, BECOME knowing, that this energy we label as ‘LOVE’ is in fact energy, God’s energy, we step by step reach an embodiment stage of being able to interact within ourselves WITH that energy. It no longer is experienced as separate; my LOVE and God’s LOVE (energy). It becomes merged into ONE KNOWN energy we label as Love, felt, experienced, expressed. A dance and interaction of energy within our awareness. Where from within our bodies, we give LOVE to God WITHIN us, and God responds back as more energy WITHIN us, felt instantly, physically in our bodies. We then in awareness can give OUT Love of this purity of frequency (Hz).

To set limitations born of the mind, is to limit our own perception and therefore limit our self created reality.
To be open to all possibility, is to allow those possibilities IN.
To give of our hearts freely, without expectation of reward or outcome, is US giving that out to ourselves. We receive back of equal measure. In this knowing, we don’t give to receive, for that too would magnetise deception back in to our field.
To place expectation upon another we give to, is to set conditions, and limitation upon our own self and self created reality.
To love thyself fully, in each moment, allows us to love all equally in all moments knowing we are all facets of ONE expression.
To feel yourself as equal, is to SEE all as your equal.
Every thought, word, action whether inwardly experienced or outwardly given, we do unto ourselves.
A pretence to another, is only us, blindly fooling ourselves with our own deception.
All that we choose to hide within, is us, hiding from our true, purest, innocent, loving nature.

LOVE is free.
LOVE is freedom.
LOVE is innocence.
LOVE is energy. God’s energy, we FEEL physically and KNOW within our vessel.

We interact energetically with, the inner physical ENERGY we know to be God’s.
Because we can merge our physical body with that ENERGY.
To become consciously, the Light Body, the non solid body of light energy.

We BEcome AWARE of LOVE’s energetic power, and GIVE THAT OUT. In what becomes, all moments.
Just as God does, in that ONE everlasting, present moment of Creation.
We become increasingly aware, we are a microcosm of the Macrocosm.

Giving freely, because we are the energy of LOVE, choosing to express itSelf as that.

Amanda Lorence
27 October 2019