30 November 2019

More Light

The only response to the chaos of these times if to show up with more Light

Posted by Deborah Livingston

Love All that You Do Now ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 29 November 2019

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

The future is experienced through creation, the past is experienced through reaction. Both only manifest NOW.

YOU manifest your creation, you manifest your reaction.

Love All That YOU do NOW - and you will Love all that manifests in the future and all that you have done in the past.

With Loving Blessings

Paul Dobree - Carey / Polaris AB

Everything is Set to Amplify ~ Lee Harris ~ 29 November 2019

Source: Lee Harris

This next few decades, everything is set to amplify on Planet Earth.

And just as some of you have been a little distressed and had to re-calibrate your bodies to the level of chaos that you are seeing emerging and rising on the planet, we would like to point out to you that that very chaos is the fire that will sit under your feet where love is concerned. You cannot have one energy rising without all energy rising.

- From Gardeners of Heart and Light MP3, exclusive to Portal members. Learn more: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/the-portal

SR Reading

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Fully Present Within My Own Body ~ MTVOTeam

Feeling and being unable to be fully present within my own body is now being released and cleared from me

Please continue here for the last command.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Lamb of Sacrifice ~ MTVOTeam

Feeling and being the lamb of sacrifice is now being released and cleared from me

Please continue with the rest of the commands over here.

Key 10: Destress & Declutter ~ 21 Keys ~ Judy Satori ~ 29 November 2019

For those following this series....Please note that you can find the previous 9 keys on Judy Satori's fb page.

Source: Judy Satori

ANCHORING THE CODES OF LIGHT #Key 10 De-stress and De-clutter

Free your mind of worry and anxiety of what you cannot control and predict. Energetically rewrite the script of your life’s story. Develop peace and equanimity. When you listen to these transmissions relax and let the energy defrag you. Its a bit like de-fragging a computer. So we are going to be de-fragged, which is a good thing and then the computer of our mind will function so much better and so much more easily. It’s all about letting go of our human personality-self control mechanisms and trusting in Universal consciousness and Divine design. The transmission begins at 3.20 minutes.

NOTE: If you are a member of my online Ascension Library, www.AscensionLibrary.org there will be a FREE MENTORING and Q & A live Zoom call with me at 4 pm EST USA time on Sunday afternoon December 1 to answer your questions. This is at 10 am Monday, December 2 in Auckland, New Zealand. You can access directly through your Ascension Library.

If you are not currently an Ascension Library member, sign up for a FREE FIVE DAY TRIAL at https://bit.ly/34z1F5O. This link will take you to the Ascension Library home page. From this page you can EXPLORE free programs. You can also scroll down the page and click yellow button EXPLORE MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS to activate a free five day trial that will allow you to access the ENTIRE LIBRARY and the MENTORING CALL.

Blessings, Judy.

Tree of Knowledge ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 24 November 2013

Laura Eisenhower wrote this in 2013 but the message is likely even more relevant today than it was then....

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The Tree of Life (Earth, Womb and Heavens - roots and branches), which is now the Tree of Knowledge, has put us in the lessons of duality, with the challenge of having our belief systems manipulated through false history, distorted mythologies, religion and the programmings of our society in the way that the Masculine and Feminine are represented.

The Tree of Knowledge is about our path as humans, in the face of some genetic tampering to keep us unaware of our higher self, until we take the initiative to Awaken. God Source cannot be manipulated, but our mental bodies and Chakras can, which creates dormancy in our highest DNA strand potential, which is junk DNA.

The Ancient Archetypal energies and the dramas that are playing out, we have inherited to harmonize from within. We then send out a frequency of wholeness and unity, which raises the vibration of the planet and self, as the planetary body also fell in vibration to 3-D . It is an Ascending planet with a 13-D monadic core, so this is temporary.

The dramas and the by product of the negative energy emitted, is what feeds the Archon network and all negative agendas. This is due to genetic manipulation and technologies that were placed in specific areas to infect the grid lines and reverse hybridization healing attempts, for the Luciferians and fallen angelics, who joined in with this Soul family, through infection. It also attacked Spiritual marriage.

They attach to us through parasitic astral entities and etherial implants, but not just that - going all the way back to Atlantis. We are greatly challenged on this quest for Truth and Knowledge, and many believe that Knowledge is found from some teaching or something outside of the self. True knowledge is self awareness, so we have to be willing to step back and fall back on ourselves, so that we are not led astray.

We are needing to enter the Dream time of Gaia, rather than the nightmare of the Artificial Matrix and Archonic deception. Seeking knowledge and wisdom from the self, can allow us to have better discernment about others and what people are sharing. This gives us an opportunity to take what resonates and leave the rest, without blame or judgement on the stuff that we don't connect with.

If we go to a buffet, we pick and choose what we want to eat, and that is because we know what we need and what we are hungry for, the challenge comes when we fall into addiction and that often is a response to feeling unstable within and lost in the externalization of knowlege, which leaves us feeling never fed, so one is then in search of appeasement to fill an empty void.

When we find our own self-awareness and recognize that the path to knowledge is in knowing our own multi-dimensional energy and Soul essence which is a microcosm of the World Soul and Nature with all her elements, we can begin to draw in Spirit, activate our Divine Blueprint and connect with the Sun within the Earth that is a Star. This purifies the negative Ego and helps us to recognize the power Spirit has over matter and we begin to see the results. When this happens, we have found Knowledge and Gnosis.

This is when we are in the Gaia Dream and we have released ourselves of the Negative Ego that came from genetic manipulation and the downloading of the Reptilian mindset, in functioning separate from Spirit. When it functions with Spirit, we become the highest vibration of Dragon Kundalini energy and the self-realized Ego becomes a vehicle that can bring in and activate the Light of Spirit, by merging the Solar Plexus with the heart, Venus, the Goddess.

This activates our DNA and allows us to recognize our inner Sacred Union of the Masculine and Feminine, which brings it forward and it becomes our words and actions, transmuting and purifying and bringing us back into Balance - through our unique role to unify us All to be One with this together. This overthrows the agendas of Domination and Control and the Archonic entities that like us to stay divided, out of balance within ourselves and following belief systems that we can either wake up from, or give our power away to.

When we realize that we can believe in our own Divine Power through facing our shadow and clearing it and becoming fully Conscious - we will see that we have Sovereignty and the liberation to work with our creative imagination. We can see Truth and experience it, rather than believe in something that can't be proven until we become it ~ The Tree of Life that we all are!

Transformation ~ Sandra Walter ~ 29 November 2019

The merge of Higher Selves and the lower self is a beautiful process which takes focus, dedication and a wide-open heart
The 2020 Gate ~ already in progress ~ brings us the strongest light levels of our process
They have already begun to shift our awareness

Source: Sandra Walter

Pure Ascension frequencies are flooding our realities and #consciousness, in order to reveal the already #Ascended planetary platform for a brand new experience known as The New Earth. That vibration saturates open hearts to provide a new experience of our Christed Self and Source-Self.

This ebook is intended to serve as preparation and reminders for our transition into a new level of #Embodiment.

We prepare and fine-tune ourselves to receive this opportunity with as much ease and grace as possible.

Free download at http://www.sandrawalter.com/aligning-with-the-2020-energies-ebook-now/

Because #Ascension

#sundayunitymeditations #starseed #lightworker

29 November 2019

Healing Rainbow Visualisation ~ Diana Cooper ~ 29 November 2019

Source: Diana Cooper (including the visualisation)

I would love you to join me in a healing rainbow visualisation with the unicorns from my book The Wonder of Unicorns. 

When the unicorns gave it to me I tried it with somebody I was on less than good terms with and when I saw him again he gave me a big hug and I knew everything was resolved....πŸ¦„πŸ’™πŸ’™

333rd Day with 33 Days Remaining....in a Number 3 Year

I see this being posted quite a few times today ~ I can't trace the actual source so I'll just settle for the one above.

I have checked and yes, 29 November is the 333rd day of 2019, with 33 days of the rest of the year left.

And 2019 is a "3" year.....

Let the Streams Of Higher Consciousness flow into your Life ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 29 November 2019

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Based on the changes you see and feel occurring in your life right NOW, the levels of excitement perceived by new and different possibilities, probabilities and potentials may be felt by you as increasing levels of anxiety instead.

Excitement passed through the Ego-dominated Mind are fear-filtered by adding the warnings of insecurity, indecision, failure, self worth and incapability. The Ego will "happily" remind you that there is always something to worry about. All that is unknown fails to provide the Ego with security, safety, comfort and familiarity.

E-motion is Energy in motion.
E-go is Energy given direction.

Fear of the Unknown becomes A-Void-Dance - skipping through life avoiding responsibility, avoiding reliability, avoiding accountability. But within the Void lies your true potential - all that still remains unknown, unfulfilled and unmanifested within you.

Excitement passed through the Heart is felt as joy, abundance and laughter. Trust your Heart and know that your Higher Self is looking after you ALL the time.

YOU NOW is the Higher Self that knows NOW the answers you knew not before.

Allow your Ego Mind to do its thing then let it go, move your focus to your Heart centre and accept what your Soul wants you to learn in this moment. Victory over victim, success over slavery, achievement over apathy.

Your anxieties are actually your excitement within the filter of the same vibrational frequencies - so get excited as your Higher Self reveals to you, all that you still hold within you.
Release the Doom and do. Release the Gloom and glow.

Let This go and let That flow for the last time !
Try it, do it, be it.

You are Loved and Blessed beyond measure.❤️

Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
Cosmic Blue Ray Messenger

Messages and Articles

Online Sessions - Paul is available for Soul Guidance consultations to assist with connection to higher dimensional aspects of Self, manifesting and understanding Life purpose events, establishing and maintaining higher expanded consciousness states of awareness.

Crystalline Harmonics: Beyond the Five senses ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 28 November 2019

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Transforming the relationship with the Body Elementals – the DNA changes to Crystalline Lightbody.

All Ascension ‘symptoms’ will be derived from these changes.

Fire – Nerves, electro-magnetic fields, plasma, ‘radiation’
- Myelin Sheathing

Air – Breath, atmosphere, gases, ‘pollution’
- Mitochondria ATP

Earth – Cells, organs, food, chemical, ‘toxicity’
– Mitosis Phasing

Water – Blood, oceans/rivers, waste removal, ‘poisoning’
– Nephron Membranes

Ether – Consciousness, integration, Spiritual Connection, ‘unconsciousness’
– Heart / Mind Communication

With Love and Blessings, Polaris AB


A Holiday Reunion – Xfinity 2019

A 4+ minute commercial, featuring E.T.

Present Time: The Impossible Task ~ Jason Estes ~ 29 November 2019

Source: MTVO

What is Present Time? I've heard so many teachings on "being here now," the Vortex, and many other forms of expression explaining this phenomenon of present time--this expansive principal for changing one's life. However, I have not heard a relative understanding from the eyes of eternal perspective. Today, I began to understand it from this perspective and wish to share my insight with you all.

Present Time is the infiniteness of your being. It is here we begin to find those pieces of us who are not ready for that level of awareness--Many homesteader entities as well as just fixed ideas and beliefs. This spans all the way back to the Atlantean Fall. So, when we hit Present Time, instantly we find more of ourselves--like casting a light grenade into hell. As this happens, often we get down on ourselves and run from present time with various escapes and excuses, but some push through and run right back for more. For those, a deeper level of expansion is found and for a longer duration. With each trip through eternity, more awareness is found and remembered. More of thyself is brought back, and more falling happens in this reality and over and over again until one's life is complete.

This is when a major shift happens. Within the being who has gone into present time countless times, they begin to make allies with themselves throughout time and space and begin to work together to create a bridge. It is here we meet our divinity and begin the journey into becoming it in form.

This journey is the true journey to ascension: to complete a whole level of karma (unresolved or irresponsible energy often known as debt in the 3d) within a single immortal life. This is the journey of every soul who inhabits the earth--both human and animal. We are all here to expand and grow. Most do it through unconscious suffering, but a select few pioneer it through their conscious lives. We have seen these as messiahs, prophets, gods, teachers, angels, guides, ascended masters, and many other names. However, the truth is simple. They are a version of you who waits for you inside of present time and they are ready for you to become them throughout time and space.

But the question still remains: Are you ready? Are you worthy of becoming all you have ever sought outside of yourself? Are you ready to step into present time and meet the you, you have always known you could be? Only you can answer these questions. And in your own time, throughout eternity, you will come to an answer.

See you on the other side.

Peace Love and Light,

Jason Estes

Deconstructing the Illusions Around Technology and Spending Your Time Wisely ~ Jason Estes (#39) & Lee Davy ~ 28 November 2019

Here's the link to the above video on fb. It can also be accessed via yt, here.

Gratitude in My Heart ~ Hafiz & Buddha Doodles

Buddha Doodles
May the Gratitude in my Heart kiss all the Universe ~ Hafiz

Sense of Balance ~ Lee Harris ~ 28 November 2019

You will be strong, powerful, loving and wise

Source: Lee Harris

The more you can focus on your own sense of balance and learn about your sense of balance in the coming years, the more equipped you are going to be to BE part of the change, the solution, the innovation.

You came here for these innovations, and these changes. And you will be strong, powerful, loving and wise if you are able to continually return yourself to the center.

- From Zs Transmission on Fear of the Future MP3, exclusive to Portal members.

Learn more here: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/the-portal

Only Love ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 28 November 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence (with clip of above image)

...then, your only response is...Love. 

Your only energy frequency, is Love. 

An ever expanding Source Energy that is known within, felt and known physically in the body. In awareness, as Love, you interact within, and expand OUT, giving of your energy knowingly. In conscious awareness, to ALL being of ONE. 

You know, you’ve re-membered. You start to become Conscious...all over again.

Amanda Lorence
28 November 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 28 November 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

Please discard anything here that doesn’t resonate. I honour. πŸ’™πŸ™πŸ’™

Everyone awakened and unawakened are each intentionally at a unique, individual stage of their own journey back to SELF REALISATION...that each are God in human form.

Key is to recognise your own unique journey, own unique syncronisties gifted again and again into your dream TO YOU, BY YOU, to assist your awakening, and your empowerment. The journey of Self Realisation is a STAGE at a time. As we dismantle, dissolve, the previous layer of our own perception we rise to another stage, and another energetic level of Hertz. YOU are the master of this life experience, you present everything to you, you dissolve your own distortions by the WILLINGNESS to search inside of yourself. By your own desire to know yourself more, be your true Self more. And this does involve a step by step dismantling of the ego mind that overan the human mind, perfectly, in order to have this experience we rise out of. Ego overrides, then quietens one step at a time. Love is chosen, and we dive between mind and heart, until...LOVE is chosen in ALL moments. Until LOVE becomes you in ALL moments. To be LOVE in ALL moments may seem at various awakening stages impossible. But it is the journey THROUGH the various stages that makes it INEVITABLE. Because LOVE, is the pure SOURCE energy of God, of certain EMBODIED Hertz, certain awareness stages, we become IT...we return to our BEING. In all our bodies, in accumulated balance of our energy.

The journey and stages we go through, are a series of balancings, of the energies of positive and negative charges. It starts to occur in our brain on our initial ‘awakening’, via electrical pulses, vibrations, which we can call LIGHT CODING and is felt increasingly as we go. The physical feelings grow, become stronger as we awaken more and more. This process is beyond the human lower mind ability to control, and yet it is via our human thoughts, words, actions, intentions, our absolute WILL (power), that actually works in a parallel to the INNER energetic processes occurring to our four bodies during each’s ascension stages.

For those that don’t understand the term Galactic Timeline, this is the overall spiral and movement of the created Cosmos, that Gaia, and we traverse. We move through this, the whole cosmos is susceptible to this overall timeline, and energies that present. In other words, we ALL traverse, in energetic motion, the Grand Design of the Source Creator. The Mayans understood, studied and documented their knowing of this motion and energetic influence; that we traverse a grander, bigger spiral, and there are many many smaller spirals within this BIGGER spiral. The Galactic Timeline is not associated with the distorted linear idea of ‘time’ known as the Gregorian Calendar, that unawakened humanity created and still uses today. All of creation, created by Original Source, traverses the greater Design, the Galactic Timeline, in a designed energetic motion. We together, as a collective, traverse our section of it, as we are ALL energetically influenced by our collective reference ‘point’, that is relative to where we are within the Galactic Timeline. Every single creation, physical, non physical, is influenced by it, responds to it, based on their frequency...their LIGHT reference point on the Galactic Timeline. The Galactic Timeline has nothing to do with ‘Galactic Beings’, or Star Nations, which we also are, YET, all Galactic beings, and star nations are ALSO moving with their own energetic REFERENCE POINT, within the Grand Spiral which in turn moves around a Grand Central Sun (Energetic Light node influence) that affects all energy.

The Forerunners are those that experience (embody), pretty much in parallel to the presentation of Galactic Timeline, as the timeline presents to the Cosmos. In other words, they experience roughly (give or take approx 6 months) around the same time as ENERGY PRESENTS from the Galactic Timeline. Others follow suit, at their own pace, chosen by them, before this incarnation.

All the energy we all embody accrues. Adding, heightening the Hertz, to the overall collective energy of humanity, Gaia, the Cosmos. By choosing to be one of the Forerunners, we have no reference point to turn to WITHIN the dream/illusion. No one to learn from. All the journey is UNDERSTOOD from our OWN internal experience, data, energy FIRST. The outer serves as confirmation of HIGHEST PATH or is a gift, a lesson to see through and rise from. And so if you are a Forerunner, it can feel isolating. Yet, for any to absolutely rely on their own Self, WITHIN, for their raise in frequency and consciousness, IS the most empowering thing ANYONE can do. In Service to the whole of God’s CREATION, Forerunners assist in many ways, quietly behind the scenes or in public. They embody first, and assist other people, animals, plants, elementals, Gaia, light grid systems, open portals and more etc. As others empower more and more, they to go into their Service to Serving the Whole, in they’re unique way they came to Serve. YOU decide your Service, no other. You ARE IT. Therefore, the term Forerunners, Wayshowers etc, is ONLY a temporary term, used during this MASS Ascension and era of great energetic change, where there is no greater than or lesser than any other form in creation.

Forerunners NOW (or will) experience a newly remembered, further embodiment stage. If not NOW, and in the coming weeks/months, in perfect alignment with the overall Galactic Timeline. They move/will move into the embodiment of God Consciousness. This ‘stage’, is our EARLY stage of this higher frequency layer unfolding a bit at a time. This Realisation State unfolds within. And with that REALISATION, the energy within you that you already know as God’s, and ALREADY CONSCIOUSLY interact with, you will REALISE FAR MORE. You will NATURALLY interact with that energy within you, knowing not only that it is God’s energy, but YOU ARE GOD’s ENERGY Self REALISED. You will naturally then begin to interact with that EMBODIMENT REALISATION and PHYSICAL ABILITY, in a KNOWING, as you interact with all things, inside and outside of your dream. It is an energy, experience within you, that is known and realised, activated to a higher ability to experience, allowing you to interact with all things, as that energy. God’s energy. I will write more in depth data or maybe do a Facebook Live, to explain more fully the experience and embodiment of God Energy Awareness or early stage God Consciousness. I’ll do this when I am able to and feels right to. It’s so, so simple to experience, yet to put this stage into human words will take many many words to explain what IS a natural progression for each of us to experience.

I say this to assist your own journey to Self Realisation, because I am aware of so much within this reality that hinders an innocents progress:
It’s YOUR dream. No others. In other words, you have created your whole life experience, every person and interaction, every circumstance, in order to SEE through. No one can do this for you. As Creator, it is all your responsibility.

3D and parts of 4D seeks their guidance outside of itself. It’s lower energetic human self. That lower energetic human self is DISEMPOWERED when it replies on others in their dream. That, WAS OUR disempowerment and experience of disempowerment. That which we rise above, seeing we had it WITHIN US all along. Seeing that what we searched for, was US all along. We were searching for our Higher Energetic SELF, but began that search in forgetfulness, and thus looked outside of ourselves. We can only find that, and every answer we truly desire, IF we go within, and empower, grow, our own lower energetic self. So in turn, we become, our Higher energetic Self.

So to rely on another to empower you, give you advice, activate you, in YOUR SELF created dream, is you (lower self) disempowering you.

To give unsolicited advice to another, is also forgetfulness. For it keeps that person we give advice to, disempowered. This can be an innocent act of ignorance/forgetfulness, to try and assist another by giving them the answers answers they are seeking. But know also, it can be an ego mind seeking to retain power OVER another.

Harmony, balance, love, peace, are all qualities, like lenses, that SEE EACH as their EQUAL. Where wisdom points another to find their own answers within them, for then, so they too will be empowered. And we do this, ultimately, because they ARE a part of US. They are already God, in forgetfulness, in a human form, wanting also, to remember. So to know, that all the human questions that come ONLY from the mind in forgetfulness, during our own awakening, are not always necessarily, answered by our Higher Self. Your Higher Self is steering your awakening, and some questions of the human mind are only, solely, mind distraction that take one down a rabbit whole, when the Higher Mind is wanting you to awaken MORE and KNOWS exactly how you will empower and become IT. Many mind questions, and forms of outer world enquiry (journeys) distract from an awakening stage. We awaken ONLY by dissolving the distorted patterns of human behaviour, that takes us then, more and more, step by step, into HEART. Into LOVE, the frequency of God’s energy. We master our mind, by becoming the observer of our own thoughts, words and actions. Then, making choice as to what to focus on.

To empower YOURSELF, seek not the advice of another who only knows from THEIR own awakening perspective, of their dream. Seek within, your own guidance, and as you practice removing yourself from any initial experience, observing your own emotion, and mental thoughts, and JUST simply, observe yourself, you will receive YOUR own greatest INNER wisdom, and THAT is tailor made for YOUR growth by Higher Self. As you practice this, you empower yourself, and your own ENERGY increases. And so, you leap another step along this infinite experience.

A gateway will open, as per the Galactic Timeline. Some will enter this Gateway instantly, and others will follow at their most perfect timing. Any Galactic Gateway that opens, stays open, to traverse through when a human frequency matches that particular Gateway frequency. It is the most significant Gateway yet, for our collective energetic raise. Yet that too, once entered, will allow another layer/level of energetic experience to then unfold, rather quickly for the individual. Just to say, the Gateway, whenever we each enter it, will be the greatest, and most significant energetic marker point, yet.

I hope some of this helps, regardless of our stages. And I love you all so deeply, as my very own aspect, knowing we are One.

With love sent, keep going...

Amanda Lorence
28 November 2019

28 November 2019

The Pleiadian Collective on the Gift of Gratitude ~ Wendy Kennedy ~ 27 November 2018

It's been a long while since I posted anything from Wendy Kennedy ~ this one I really appreciated....

Source: Higher Frequencies (includes video)

As we near Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and we enter into the December holiday season, most of us focus on gratitude more at this time of year than at any other. Because of this, it wasn’t terribly surprising to me when the guides told me they wanted to discuss gratitude while it was top of mind.

In this channeling The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective discuss the impact gratitude has on us physically as well as the importance of embodying the frequency of gratitude in order to be in flow and to consciously create.

While we know it’s important to be grateful for all the abundance we have in our lives, during the stress of the season we can sometimes forget in the moment. Leave us a comment below and let us know what it is you are most grateful for. What is one thing that you can do today to express your gratitude for something or for someone?

Thank you for being you! I am deeply grateful for you, and I look forward to joining you on this journey!

How May I Know Myself in this Moment? ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

"Why do you ask, 'What will happen to me?' 'What will happen to them?' 'Where will we go?'  'How will we survive?' Why not ask, instead, 'How may I know myself in this moment so I may know all things?' 
Your questions in conjecture — 'What will happen when?' 'How will I know if' — are based on supposition. Supposition is not knowing, it is conjecture, and fear finds conjecture highly useful. 
When you align to fear in possibility, you align to an idea of what could be, and you actually create from that idea and align to a potential that you would rather not live through."

The Guides through Paul Selig
--from Alchemy, Beyond the Known Book II
A Channeled Text

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Compulsive Liar ~ MTVOTeam

Feeling and being a compulsive liar is now being released and cleared from in and around me 
Please continue with the rest here.

How Am I Right Now? ~ Lee Harris ~ 27 November 2019

Source: Lee Harris

The power of listening to others and the power of listening to ourselves is very important. So, do regular check-ins and deeply listen to your answers:

“How am I right now?”

But if you’re somebody who doesn’t really know how they feel and thinks they are not very good at looking into that for themselves, then stop two or three times a day and just write down how you're feeling, use whatever words come to you - however few.

This isn’t a contest and no one's judging you so don’t worry if you think your words aren’t very good. It’s not about what you can see, it’s about the practise of beginning to see - the practise of inviting yourself to become aware of how you feel and what’s going on.

Because the more you’re able to listen to yourself in that way, the more you’ll be able to help yourself to recognise how you’re really feeling.

- From the November 2019 Energy Update - Watch the full update here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkfRTrX_IDo

Jason Estes Update ~ 27 November 2019

Source: Jason Estes

We will be completing the timeline merge and coming down from our 120 data point around 5am into a 1pt influx for 24 hours which should be set around 68pts

this is also the beginning of a deep cave mode that will last till 7th of January

remember use this time to work on yourself and focus on building up some internal momentum and room within your life for whats to come

the key moving forward into 2020 is to take December to build a firm foundation of self love and care as well as personal ethics so that when the new year dawns your geared out and ready for the epic journey ahead as 2020 will be an amazing year full of so many realizations and connections

so work today to let go of the mental clutter, people, and things in your life that hold you back so you have room for the things that will expand you into a greater self ::hugs::  

The Energies & Opportunities ~ Maureen Moss ~ 27 November 2019

Source: Maureen Moss

Adding to what Amanda Lorence wrote about the strong incoming waves plus Cosmic energies and our perceived intensity of our experiences (Yes,) I feel we would do well to actually recognize our perception of experience...

What is it? Is is true? Where is it coming from? Does it make you sad or angry or defeated? Go honestly into discovery.

Go then into your hearts as well as your power...your authentic power to help pull you into the Light (Truth)....without going into Warrior mode or crumbling under the pressure that is there to build you.

It is not only the Angelic/Galactic senstives affected and reactive. At times we Angels who are Warriors with wings can be most affected.

I for one carry the Warrior Gene and have for lifetimes. My work of late has been to transmute it without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

For me, these energies brought the perfect catalyst. And, I was well aware as to its perfect timing.(The Universe absolutely listens in to everything!) My response...ok lets do it. I'm all in...until it's all out.

For years when invocating, I have long prefaced it, "From the Love, the Power and the Light of God I Am (and then invocate from there.) Using those same words I dove and still am diving deep to transmute and balance without giving mySelf away.

The energies at work now and for the month ahead are pushing us and putting into our field final catalysts that force us to face whatever arises without reaction (for more than a few hours 😌)... to own it, take refuge in the Divinity of our hearts and hold space for the animated parts of ourselves to rise and realize we don't need the aspects of ourselves that are not harmonious with the True Love, the Power, and the Light of God I Am. It is amazing how quickly one can transmute what no longer fits.

A gift from this season of Cosmic activity, for one is clarity. Clarity for one to deeply consider how to use the balance of both power and heart without judgment for being sensitive or strong, even powerful, while being in your heart and "loving yourself so much that you are able to trust you will not set up any circumstances that go against yourself." (Rumi)

We are walking fine lines now. Watchfulness and Mindfulness are required as we create and craft with Consciousness who we are Raising OurSelves to be.

It is important to learn and cultivate all relationships within ourselves. How does our power work with our heart? How does one have boundaries and yet be flexible? How does one use the frequencies at hand to enhance and balance Consciousness, Heart, Power and Love?

How deep will we go to use these energetic waves, and Key Codes to Self-Realize, not Self conceptualize and hold Trueness in the face of direct firings of the minds justifications.

These re-defining fine lines we walk are the finest we have walked thus far.

There is a thrill and fascination that exists with each conscious step that spurs us on to use what is put in front of us and energetically and with frequencies specific... craft the new state of our being..to take the less established patterns of Wholeness and Christed Consciousness and begin weaving them into the fabric of our Advancing Being.

We will find, more vivid than ever, a New State of our being rising from what appeared to be our suppression, sabotage, shadow and perceptions as the next Gateway, 12-12 opens and Solstice on 12-21 opens even wider. Right now we are being prepped for the rest of our lives.

We are Blessed To Be Here Now. And so I say Rise Up Powerful Human. You are the one most admired in the Cosmos. You've got this.

Breath and anchor onto this planet and into the grid, the Love, the Power, and the Light of God you are.

Namaste Beloveds Namaste
To those celebrating Thanksgiving, may it be blessed.


Infinite and Deep Love

Expanding Field of Perception ~ Lisa Renee ~ 25 November 2019

Contributing to the dismantling and deconstruction of all false systems....

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Currently, the planetary body is pulling in higher frequencies from the unified fields, from the trinity field of the Solar Logos, and this begins to potentially expand the field of perception for many people. The main issue will be, are people willing to look at what they are seeing and experiencing when the veil is lifted and the content remaining is unpleasant and difficult. The commitment to truth spirit means that you are willing to remove false reality bubbles and egoic conditions, placing trust in God that you are willing to see the truth no matter what it presents. It is the truth that sets us free.

When the field of perception changes or elevates in the reality, the mental body energy follows the thought pattern and expands its consciousness view. Effectively, this is perceiving and seeing things that were not previously in one’s awareness because they were hidden from conscious view. It is to wake up from being asleep and notice that although these things had always been there, when awakening we begin to see them for the first time as they really are.

As human DNA is exposed to higher dimensional frequencies, the reality fields of higher dimensional spaces start to come into awareness through an array of new thought patterns, mental pictures or sensory emotions. These thought forms may be shaping into a new self-realization and awareness, and they may surface into a sensory form, such as perceiving and feeling shapes, pictures, and images in light within the inner screen of the mind. These images and sensory feelings may be experienced as imagination, which is the higher consciousness bringing into the conscious mind the awareness of higher dimensional realities, or bringing in the memories that connect with future aspects of self. When human consciousness focuses on future memories, placing attention on the future potentials and imagining what those potentials may be, this places the mind into a higher frequency band located in future time.  The process of Spiritual Ascension is to move one’s consciousness forward through time by progressively bringing in the higher frequencies from the future timelines, or accreting light frequencies from the unified field by bringing them into your personal lightbody.

When human consciousness places full attention into the now moment, the energetic substance that composed the thought pattern will imprint the frequency band in which that current thought vibrates. As a person moves from one thought pattern to another thought pattern in the present moment, the thoughts left behind leave an imprint in the energetic field, and the new thought substance moves into the new position for the vibrationally matched frequency band. Depending on the thought pattern’s emotional strength it can leave imprints recorded in the inner lightbody and external fields simultaneously, leaving an energetic influence on the timeline. Whenever we are thinking a thought, we are leaving an energetic imprint within the frequency band where our consciousness was stationed, and this can be in lower or higher dimensions in time.

Please read on....

Love Invocation: An Invitation ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 28 November 2019

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

⭐️ Archangel Michael calls this the GLOBAL LOVE BLANKET!
Post “YES” if you plan to join us in blanketing the Earth in LOVE!

We invite you all to invoke this Love Invocation at sunrise on November 28th! (Your time investment is only 8 harmonious minutes) Together we can create a living consciousness WAVE around the entire Earth, filled with LOVE and GRATEFULNESS across the Earth on this Thanksgiving sunrise. We will use this invocation to disarm fear and ignite love throughout the Earth, humanity and all living things. The more people that involved with this invocation, the more effective it will be. So ... Please feel free share this invitation with others!

The invocation is inspired by many beautiful masters we have the honor to work with. The words "I AM" are very important to call in the god self and divine presence that is within every living soul.
⭐️ Read slowly, out loud, the lines with the stars.
Read within ... the text in the parentheses which shares who the line of invocation came from and other details.


⭐️ “I AM” calling forth my ENLIGHTENED I AM PRESENCE.
(From our higher selves)

⭐️ “I AM” the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.
(From Lord Jeshua)

(From Thoth, the Atlantean)

⭐️ “I AM” the Consciousness of ONENESS AND UNITY.
(From Master Akhenaten)

(From The Immortals, Philae, Egypt)

(From both Jeshua and Thoth)

(From The Hathors)

(Now we have gathered in our authentic power and have invited to join us a team of brilliant masters to work with us, so now we can put into action the Love invocation.)

⭐️ “I AM” Now working from the TRUTH and LIGHT from I AM THAT I AM.

⭐️ “I AM” calling into me the I AM PRESENCE, and its limitless Illumination and Perfection continually into my heart, so I can emanate this perfection in my life, and to be in perfect service to humanity.

⭐️ I AM calling from my I AM PRESENCE to send forth Loving and Cleansing Rays of PURE VIOLET FIRE to all humanity, throughout all worldly official places that we have empowered to care over our well being, and into all overt and covert organizations of any kind.
((( like our Governments, corporations, medical institutions, military, etc...)))

⭐️ I AM calling from my I AM PRESENCE to send forth Loving and Cleansing Rays of PURE VIOLET FIRE to all our relations.
(((Like our families, communities, coworkers, etc...)))

⭐️ May only compassionate and respectful action be taken,
that total forgiveness is obtained,
and profound healing is anchored,
for any being who has been harmed,
or for those who caused this harm.
I send this invitation through my I AM PRESENCE
with only pure LOVING ENERGY from my heart, to where ever it is needed the most, and with no earthly judgment of right or wrong.

⭐️ I AM calling on my I AM PRESENCE... from the law of Universal Divine Principle, that all humankind is offered an equal opportunity to align to the LIGHT of Universal TRUTH and the Power of Unconditional LOVE. To radiate with FULL ILLUMINATION of the BODY, the MIND and SOUL, thus raising up all of humanity into alignment with the UNIVERSAL DIVINE PLAN of ONE.

⭐️ I AM asking this to take place at any time in the past,
the present moment, and in the future.
I AM calling with my I AM PRESENCE...
radiate out through all TIME, SPACE and DIMENSION,
through all beating HEARTS, MINDS and SPIRITS.

(((Please add anything you are called to from the heart. You can send healing to loved ones in need, or send blessing and support to teachers or mentors that have inspired you this year.)))

⭐️ It is done.

Have a very HOLY and BLESSED Thanksgiving!

(((Please feel free share this invocation with others.)))

27 November 2019

Transcending the Consciousness Recycling System ~ Avatara Ananda ~ 26 November 2019

Source: Avatara Ananda

If you are ready to transcend the consciousness recycling system, let go of attachments to nonsensical comprehension of mechanisms governing existence and integrate clear, precise vision and cellular intelligence. 

The battle between polarities on our planet is indoctrinated into cellular memories. Numerous division tactics are technologically induced. 

It is the primal masculine that is able to fully perceive all as is and it is the primal feminine that is able to sense all as is. Together, they are the presence of reason held within the love of source. #hierosgamos

A Day in the LIfe of a Lightworker

From Weaponry to Livingry ~ Buckminster Fuller

Source: Nassim Haramein

"Buckminster Fuller calculated in his sixties, that if we split the wealth equally for all people on earth, I can't remember how many millions everybody would have! There is abundance! And there is absolutely no reason for one single child to die from hunger. It's just a question of organizing our society in collaboration. 

Realizing that we are all one, that we are all in the same boat. And if we don't care of each other, we just not gonna make it! Because natural systems are in harmony with each other, they are not in competition." – Nassim Haramein

The God Realm and the Three Celestial Cities ~ Clip #25: Jason Estes

Source: MTVOTeam

A breakdown of the God Realm and the three Celestial Cities, as explained by Jason.

Deep Dive 25:

Each Tuesday, Jason will post an interview on his Facebook wall to dive into. If you feel called to play, you'll have 7 days to watch or rewatch the video and share your experiences and questions on the post.

Go to Jason's profile at www.facebook.com/jason.estes.965, find the latest deep dive post, and jump into the discussion ☺ Link to the video will be included in the Facebook post.

How to participate:
- Watch the video within the 7 day window
- Share your insights, experiences, and questions for the group on the Facebook post

#spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork #ascension #selfhealing #celestial #astral

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Not Worthy of My Love ~ MTVOTeam

Feeling and believing that I am not worthy of my love and therefore must prove my worth is now being released and cleared from my heart

Please continue over here for the rest.

Energy Report ~ Kwana Mikaela ~ 27 November 2019

Source: Kwana Mikaela

If we are conscious aware or more sensitive (with every moment) in observation/perception of our physical vessel, Mental, Emotional planes (Being as whole organism), we can notice that Within our living fields lately occurs many more spectacular events.

Physical vessel bring on surface unresolved issues, - real physical pains, suddenly flaming diseases, accidents that leads to injuries; symptoms like fever, cold, hot/cold sweat, weakness; what can be called as 'burning out', and more.

Mental Body brings on surface everything of programing that served its purpose in duality with dual perception; remains of it must be cleared. 

Emotional Body brings on surface what was ever suppressed in individual and Collective level.
Our three bodies are working on releases and giving signals or points to our attention, and, in moments, these 'points' can become very loud and sore.

We are shedding off the Old in accelerated pace, that places us as a Humanity in massive Vortex of 2020.

If look from 'linear' point, then it took six earth months, and have its final completion weeks ahead; if we look from Quantum present Now, it has been quick phase (in stages), and what we are calling 2020 is also Now, - we have shifted into New energetic 'Reality'.
Like I was shown (23 November): Number sequences - "1113" - "1110" - "999"
Three Trajectories of Ascension (each chooses) - Completion of 2019 (till zero point) - full 'connectedness' to 2020 (in progres).

In moments there can appear very dense 'far and old memory echo' from Timelines, where occured 'toxic' vibrational experiences, if you will. Please, do not respond or react to those 'expressions' with place of worries or fear, simple accept, and require your Liberation for it is a Time. Any thing that can be heavy or show to you something that pull you down (seems very real), not neccesary is related to your PRESENT NEW TIMELINE. When you clear your own Energy field, vessel, vertical energy channel, Mental, Emotional planes you can feel then DIFFERENCE between 'impact' of Timelines, and present Moment. Your senses, your perception, your Heart will show to you what is true.

Short update: 26/27 November Extra intense and strong incoming Plasma Light. I didn't posted about, since went through high Activate state, then vast exhaustion.

Many can experience emotional sensitivity, Heart area, digestive system (Solar Plexus area), back (cellular releases), head, desire to drink a lot of water and more.

In Loving service to New Earth
Kwana Mikaela

#energyreport #2020 #loveistheanswer