16 November 2019

A New Dawn Has Come ~ Eric Raines ~ 15 November 2019

Source: Eric Raines

A new dawn has come.

The revolution of human consciousness has not been televised and it doesn't need to be.

This is a deeply personal shift, catalyzed by the individual...an awakening of the inner world. A realization of being inside of a box by stepping outside of it.

We all know as children that magic is real. It is a given. It is only through becoming stuck in the reality of the mind that we lose our knowing.

The body, the mind and the spirit all speak to different levels of reality...and the soul is beginning to speak.

Can you feel it?

It is the force that is crumbling the ancient systems of total control into the framework of the new world.

It is the driving fire inside of you that pushes for *knowing*, for *meaning*, for *belonging*...

The soul fires have ignited. The primordial resonance of Human kind is stepping back into it's own destiny, taking control of it's own fate.

There is great freedom and responsibility here. No one else can do it for you, we have to save ourselves, as the living embodiment of Creation should.

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