24 November 2019

Transcending Dimensional Bandwidths ~ Avatara Ananda ~ 23 November 2019

Source: Avatara Ananda

We are presented with components of dimensional bandwidths and have a choice of either transcending them or re-experiencing/re-embodying them. When there are attachments to personification/individualized identification of these components, loops of the same experiences are the result. 

When we can observe all energetically, we are able to comprehend all dimensionally/structurally, which allows conscious/aware transcendence and ascension of biological vessel through the process of dissolving/neutralizing/shedding of cellular memories that are fused with dimensional bandwidths that are being transcended. 

That is the process of DNA activation, re-coding and integration of multidimensional be-ing. This is when data is no longer processed through linear time/space comprehension, all is light encoded which allows clear vision of reason and ability to see all as is instead of creating images of own ideas of what could/should be. 

Imagination isn’t as mysterious either, it is telepathic communication with subtle realms of consciousness encoded with infinite images/thought forms of the collective whole across infinite dimensional bandwidths.

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The persona/identity/body is a component of the dimensional bandwidths. 

If the bandwidths aren’t holding within themselves the templates of balanced polarities, the personas plugged into them are governed by that which governs the bandwidths. 

If the dimensional bandwidths are infected, the persona is infected as well which makes them a part of the infection. 

Very simple, what is referred to as a twin flame is multidimensional consciousness that process all dimensionally, the complexities are the result of lack of clarity and reason paired with attachments to linear time/space comprehension. 

If you really feel you are on a twin flame template, attachments to identification/personification/glamorous dreamy spirituality etc must be transcended as all that operates on lower dimensional bandwidths is infected/controlled/programmed/delusional. 

 Also twin flame is not a 5D energy. It’s 6-7D consciousness which is only the beginning of complete Hieros Gamos.

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