30 December 2019

Paul Dobree-Carey Update ~ 29 December 2019

Active work on/by the Body Elementals ~ that's what Patricia Cota-Robles mentioned as well.

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

We pass comment on the ways in which you are beginning to handle the downloads of energy that you ground into your physical bodies. You may have noticed changes or alterations in the ways in which the cosmic energies in particular are affecting your physical body and cellular structures. Your Earth Mother and the Elementals are working with you at this time, for your physicality reflects your nature whilst your Soul directs your consciousness.

The changes that we speak of are energetic in nature, but the effects on your well-being are lessening to the point that each of you at the fore-front of receiving the changes are able to integrate more rapidly and handle more energetic infusions with less distortion.

That is not to say that the process has been effortless by any means. As some of you are beginning to integrate these energies with more ease now, the symptoms may appear consistent but become part of your everyday physical management.

Your lower chakra core wounds are heavily up for review because your souls are being scoured of impurities in order to handle these very high frequencies. These will see the light of day through your eyes before they can be released. It is what lies before your vision that requires the most focus, not what belongs to Others' visions. Own what is yours to claim and give back that which belongs to Others.

Still no rest for the weary. Not yet, anyway.

Polaris AB

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