20 December 2019

Psychic Strength ~ Lee Harris ~ 19 December 2019

Source: Lee Harris

Psychic strength is a very holistic way of looking at our intuition. We can have a psychic vision and psychic clarity, but how do we then use it in our day to day life, and what is our soul being given these psychic visions for? Do we understand that?

Psychic strength coming in in a bigger way can mean that many of you may be losing your old mind which is why when you experience an upshift of this kind, and you open more deeply to your intuitive and psychic self, you can start to really experience confusion in your old way of thinking.

You might be a little more ‘off’ with your memory - your mind might be not feeling the way it was because you are starting to see from a higher mind. And when that’s first coming in, it can be a little discombobulating to your everyday experience.

-From December 2019 Energy Update

Read/Watch the full Energy Update here: http://bit.ly/dec2019eu

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