25 December 2019

Solar Eclipse Report ~ Happy Holidays ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 25 December 2019

Source: Cosmic Gaia


I wanted to send this out as a gift for everyone during this Holiday season and into the New Year, because this is a really powerful Eclipse time!  

Normally this is for paid Subscribers and what I offer is a few of these Astrology reports each month and other Articles - also Podcasts (about 4 a month on average) and mini-sessions based on availability.  

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  • Chiron in hard square aspect to the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and the South Node. Then Mercury joins in. 
  • Uranus trine all of these planets.
  • Solar Eclipse/New Moon 9:13pm PST
  • Mercury enters Capricorn
  • Mercury squares Chiron
Everything being shared in this forecast surrounds the energy of the Solar Eclipse, so as you read this, know that these energies represent the themes of the Solar Eclipse on Wednesday.

Chiron always brings up some level of challenge or discomfort and sometimes just intense insecurities. Especially when it is in the sign of Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars and so sometimes the lack of self-confidence can show up as intense frustration or anger when triggered, especially if you are not around patient people. Or you may be on the receiving end of this from someone else.

One doesn't always feel safe when it makes hard aspects. Squares represent conflict and friction. Chiron is difficult enough all on its own or even in harmonious aspects, so it can really be hard to shake loose when it is in a square, and this one is making a square to 4 planets this week. (Mercury coming along later).

We have to remember though that Chiron is the ruler of the 13th sign Ophiuchus and it is all a part of a huge process we are in, to face the wounds of history and the injuries we have picked up along our Soul journey, for transformation to take place. The wounds and traumas are massive with so many Wars, abuses, dark agendas and the desecration of so much that is Sacred and that is why the wounds don't just vanish, our perspective does though and all that is possible, as we look towards the future.

What we are feeling in regards to this connects to a much bigger picture. We all take on a piece of a much greater wound and it is our task to do something with it, like bring love, supportive organic herbs or other tools and modalities. Creative outlets too can help, so does moving the body when tension or fear comes to the surface. These hurt places just want our understanding and attention so that we can then rise above it. Its that inner child that is waiting for unconditional love to penetrate. It connects to Ancestral patterns too.

This is our purpose in helping humanity to Ascend out of the Matrix madness. We can only do that by facing the wounds head on and by not allowing addiction, escapism or denial to get the best of us.

Ultimately it takes us on a path of knowledge, to then share that wisdom with others. That wisdom is usually geared towards helping others to find their own healing power, but often while struggling to apply that same healing wisdom on the self. So we have to just remind ourselves we deserve it and it doesn't have to be our burden to carry or something to make us feel less than or afflicted. We came here to address these wounds for the greater good of all. They aren't just ours.

So for example, this week you may be building up other peoples confidence, while deep down feeling intensely inadequate. It is just important we catch ourselves and give ourselves some support and remember that its part of the mission, to deal with these discomforts and what feels like an interruption in our lives. Any symptom feels like that, like what on Earth do you want now, why are you here??

The energies are getting more amplified as we get closer and closer to the Eclipse on Wednesday, so we will definitely be shown some things we might want to clear and work on. 

Our greatest wounds spanning many life-times will reveal themselves and where we are in dealing with them will become evident. WE may be farther along than we expected or so much further than we thought too, but doesn't matter, its about being totally pro-active now.

The Combo of Sun, Jupiter and South Node building in intensity as we get closer to the Eclipse, will greet the New Moon at that time, so these energies are super amplified because that is what Eclipses do, but it is even stronger with Jupiter, because it expands everything it touches.

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