31 December 2020

All Over the Place....

Our Sun looked massive again this morning

In line with the all-over-the-place energies that are hailing down on us like a continuous torrential downpour of Cosmic Light in ridiculous intensities, this post of mine will also be all over the place. However, unlike the Cosmic energies that serve a crucial Divine purpose, my reason is only because this is my last personal post for 2020 so everything goes into it.


Click Our Heels 3x

This current tranche of very multi-braided energies holds the "feel" of what most of the energies in the past couple of years have been like ~ strong and sometimes turbulent but if we dig into it, so much calm. Like accessing the centre of the storm, or the void. 

At present, these energies can make us anxious, put us on edge even. But all it takes is to click our heels three times and *poof*.....there's no place like Home. That's how I would describe the sense of the centre or void of these energies ~ Home.



Yesterday, within the duration of 8 hours, I knocked over my water container three times (three again!). I've spilt water, yes of course....but to knock over my water container, that's another thing altogether. And three times within 8 hours! This is truly not "normal" for me in any way. 

The part of me that wants to make a big deal out of it is thinking perhaps it's something to do with Aquarius being the Water-Bearer, and is usually depicted as pouring water. But honestly, it could mean something, it could mean nothing. From past experiences, whenever I'm going through a phase where it seems like I've lost control over my body movements, it usually signified an on-going major assimilation phase or a major shift coming up.



A week ago, on Christmas Day, it seemed to me that I was seeing Orbs flying around me. With a day of family commitments ahead of me, I was feeling a bit tense so I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. Not long after that, for no apparent reason I looked at the area in front of a multi-level carpark. I saw some lights moving around. Thinking that my imagination was still operating, I picked up my camera and tried to take some photos before realising I should record a video instead. 

As I zoomed in to get the visual, it was quite obvious I wasn't seeing things ~ there were lights dancing in front of the carpark! Now and then they would zoom inside the carpark, only to come out again to continue playing.

At one point I couldn't see them, so I tried to find them with the zoom function but realised it was even more difficult for me to spot them that way. I had turned the recording on and turned it off again a few seconds later when I realised my mistake.

When I went through the videos at the end of my long day, I was surprised and so elated to discover that an Orb had video-bombed my "mistake" video.

The night before, I had sensed that there were Orbs in my room just before I fell asleep, but again, I wasn't sure so I didn't think too much about it.

Zoomed-in screenshot of Lights

Screenshot of Orb ~ Autofixed by Pixlr
Screenshot of Orb ~ Autofixed by Pixlr

Apologies for the washed out look ~ I had to zoom in to the maximum on my simple phone camera, and it really did its best!

The dominant energies from the Lights and Orb was one of playfulness. That was how I sensed them while videoing, and I hope that energy comes through in the recordings. This may been totally off-kilter, in view of the on-going deconstruction of old structures in the world, but somehow I feel that the Lights and Orb are telling us to remember to play in the coming year.

In Three Minutes....

Going into 2021, if someone were ask me, what would I say to Humanity if I were to be given the opportunity to address Humanity for three minutes? This would be my message, with borrowed words....

You will make your way
Through, the valleys of your soul
Coming home to the truth
The truth about the world
Everyone is hurting
Everyone is searching
Everyone is looking, for the truth about love
For the truth, about a God
For the truth, about the world


We have the chance to turn the pages over
We can write what we want to write
You're the voice, try and understand it
We're not gonna sit in silence
We're not gonna live with fear
This time, we know we all can stand together
With the power to be powerful
Believing we can make it better 
We're all someone's daughter
We're all someone's son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?

All around the world you can feel it moving
Shaking foundations waking up nations
Listen to the sound you can hear it calling
Don't matter 'bout them sticks and stones
Love is louder


Think about it, there must be higher love
Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above
Without it, life is wasted time
Look inside your heart, I'll look inside mine

Gratitude for Your Company

I wish to say THANK YOU to each and every single one of you that's here, accompanying me on this part of my journey via The Earth Plan. It is through this medium that I've been so blessed to meet several Amazing Souls, each one Divinely unique and shining his or her Light in an individual manner, like a Soul signature frequency. You have all enriched my Life in so many different ways, and are testament to how our New World can look like! 

I am also both honoured and humbled by your uplifting support and inspiration, and I hope to continue enjoying your company as we journey forward.

I am also truly grateful for 2020, despite/in spite of all that's transpired. For me ultimately, it's been a year of so many gifts that were waiting to be unearthed, as long I dug deep enough. I don't know what will actually transpire in 2021, even though several sources have already shared what they see or perceive. I had said that 2020 would be a year of Magic, Miracles and Unicorn Blessings. Many may not agree, but I sincerely believe that to be true. No, no need to take my temperature, I'm feeling just fine ๐Ÿ˜ 

My last photo of our Sun for 2020

May 2021 be a year where we all breathe easy and breathe deeply, literally and figuratively ("fresh air"). May we as a Collective finally and once again connect ever so strongly with Gaia Mum....and May we All Go HOME.

Namaste and Bright Blessings, Divine Love and Divine Light for 2021! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’–

What Are Your Plans for New Year's Eve? ~ ilmypsychicjane

Shared by You Are Another Me

The NOW Moment ~ Jessica Delmar ~ 29 December 2020

Source: Jessica Delmar

It's not about doing, it's about aligning. It's not about timing, it's about unfolding. It's not about forcing, it's about softening. It's not about strength in intention, it's about strength in faith.

This is the NOW moment, where the less you effort, the more magic unfolds in the alignment of that which you are, which is non-physical energy having a physical experience.

And aligning to that which you are allows the strength of ALL that you are to soften into your experience and manifest a reality that responds to faith, not force. And, in the manifestation of faith, you know that you can move mountains.


✨ Come and rejoice in the flowing and ease-full movement of the NOW moment, where All is possible, strength is rejuvenated, and the magic of Creation is unfolding on the leading-edge, as we speak it into existence. ✨.

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Blessings for Remembering the Ancient Past ~ Asur'Ana ~ 26 December 2020 / 2019

Riveting account of Cosmic History and Ascension as always, related via Asur'Ana's unique perspective. For anyone who loves the scent of Eucalyptus oil, this post will make you happy, and will offer insight as to why we align with specific essential oils/aromas. Here, Asur'Ana again stresses the utmost relevance and requirement of the Inward Journey, and how Ascension is truly an inside job.

Included are recipes for homemade lotions, creams and masks for crystalline skin.

(However, I'm uncertain as to why she writes that Pandas eat gum leaves.)

Source: Aligning With Earth

From the Gum and Eucalyptus Trees Kingdom

It is the Gum and Eucalyptus Trees that greet you today. Our kingdom is the most ancient tree kingdom upon Earth. Through ascension, our kingdom is beginning to recall our times within the Great Central Sun and would like to share of our records with those reading these materials today.

Earth’s Sublime Origins Inside the Great Central Sun

Our memories go back to the very origins of Earth within the Great Central Sun about 15 billion years ago as measured by time as Earth currently calculates it, or 60 billion human years. Time is deceiving in present time as there are much shorter cycles than those that occurred when Earth existed inside the Great Central Sun. One rotation of Earth around her sun inside the Great Central Sun took 100,000 years in her measurement. Time flowed much slower at this time per year as well. Earth was also a 160th Dimensional semi-etheric vessel that was 1,000-fold larger than in present time.

Earth’s surface was layered in the shape of a spiral that began in the Aurora or Core and extended out to the outer surface creating a multi-layered place for life of all kinds to flourish. Most kingdoms existed inside and within the spiraling land and not upon the surface of Earth as today, as there was sufficient space and air between the layers. The layers were often several miles apart creating a ceiling of sorts that was inhabited by hanging crystals and large minerals of all kinds. The Inner Earth holds this shape in present time but without all the layers.

The crystals refracted the light of the Aurora up through the inside of Earth’s spiraling land; and the light emanated down through the surface from other Creations or Suns and refracted light through the crystals within the spiraling ceilings. Light also moved up through the floor of each layer as the dirt itself was not opaque as it is today but rather tiny translucent round crystals. Flora and fauna grew in a bed of tiny translucent crystals which provided a place to root and grow very tall, sometimes as high as the crystals hanging from the floor above. Water and waterfalls were prevalent as well along with lakes, rivers and streams throughout Earth’s spiraling core. Much like a terrarium or green house, the water rose into the air creating clouds that would condense against the crystals and then shower back down upon the plants and trees and land again.

There were many animals of both aquatic and land-based nature that roamed through the plants and trees or lived within the lakes and streams. These animals were semi-etheric and lived not from consuming anything other than the air. In like kind, the aquatic species such as dolphins and whales existed from the air; and the fish obtained their sustenance from inhaling the water. The out-breath of the animals and fish provided the sustenance for all plant kingdoms, both of land and aquatic in nature; and the out-breath of the plants provided the sustenance for the animals or fish in a symbiotic relationship.

Nothing died in this time period; animals did not give birth to young only to die of old age; instead, each animal kingdom had been cast by soul and was to continue to exist until soul was complete with the experience and all ascended “home” together and into the nonphysical again. This was to be the future cycle of the Great Central Sun and all cast within her.

Humans lived alongside the animals and amongst the spiraling landscape. The humans existed to assist with the conscious direction of the consensus reality and all kingdoms therein. There were not large numbers of humans as today; our records show that there were only 18 tribes of six each living upon all of Earth in this era. These humans were not “born” as in present time, but were cast by soul directly from the nonphysical to the physical. Humans could teleport and levitate. They did not eat or sleep. Most of their time was spent consciously dreaming and attending to the maintenance of the consensus when they were not enjoying the beauty of their surroundings.

Please read on....

Vlog 199: Crossing the Threshold into 2021 ~ Patricia Cota-Robles ~ 30 December 2020

"The Divine Potential for 2021 is very positive...." and the key to unlock that potential lies with us. Patricia Cota-Robles also tells us that we are now breathing in higher frequencies of Prana, reminding us that Breath connects us with Source. Focus on the Light as the clearing continues in the outer world. Invoking the Light of God and asking for Divine assistance will facilitate progress of the highest purpose.

Patricia also explains again how invoking Light for everyone means that each person's I Am Presence decides what to do with the energies, and is in no way violating any Soul Purpose. (This is also how Tobias explained the concept of Blessings several years ago ~ the energy is "neutral" and is utilised by the recipient in whatever manner aligns with its I Am Presence, or just as equally dismissed. I have also explained this in a recent writing, as long as we do not taint the energy with our own.)

For more, please watch the vlog here.

"Thank You" ~ Matt Kahn ~ 30 December 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

When you say "thank you" to anything, you assume it’s a gift, and when you assume it’s a gift only gifts can be revealed. 
Thank you is the end of lashing out, the disappearance of turning away, and the death of shutting down. It is the emergence of your highest vibration in form that transforms reality from the inside out –one blessing of gratitude at a time. Nothing inherently causes suffering, unless it is something you refuse to thank. 
Being thankful is a break from deciding what you like or dislike. 
Whether something seems pleasing or punishing, "thank you" acknowledges any circumstance as an environment where your most profound expansion occurs, simply by living out the moments that come. 
This doesn’t make it okay to be hurt, rejected, judged, betrayed, or any other form of abuse, but while moving yourself into safer and more stable situations, an awakening soul remembers to say thank you for each of the encounters that are created to inspire its most immaculate evolution.
While this may seem counter-intuitive to the mind, it is an eternal Truth that resides in the depths of your soul. 
Whether the heart still hides or the mind wishes to disagree and debate, each are equally unique aspects of your Eternal Being that are here to be embraced, honored, adored, and appreciated – just as they are. 
If you thank your mind, it will relax .If you thank your heart, it will open. If you thank your past, it will integrate. If you thank your symptoms, they will heal. If you thank your shadow, it will vanish. If you thank your Life, it will transform. If you thank yourself, the Light will dawn.

Clearing Negative Memory Seed Atoms ~ Archangel Michael & Ronna Vezane ~ 30 December 2020

It is vitally important that you clear the major portion of your negative Memory Seed Atoms, which is a necessary process in order to complete the balancing and harmonizing of your Fourth-Dimensional physical vessel and environment. By doing so, you will activate more fully the MEMORY SEED ATOMS within your Root Chakra which contain your new Divine Blueprint, and also a MS Atom containing a special reserve of Adamantine Particles. 
This will initiate an even more refined clearing and releasing of the residual negative MS Atoms which are stored throughout your bodily vessel. The results will most likely initiate some puzzling minor health issues, and also possibly, some extreme, fluctuating, emotional issues. 
Dear hearts, stay focused and centered with in your Sacred Heart and Mind, and you will soon move through this phase. You will find that it has been well worth the effort. 
Ronna / Sacred Scribe
** www.StarQuestMastery.com

January 2021 ~ Steve Judd ~ 30 December 2020

Thought I would post this for anyone interested ~ Steve Judd gives a glimpse into potentials of 2021 based on Astrology, and stresses that January will not be representative of the rest of the year.

Here for the video.

SR Reading

  Space Observing System

30 December 2020

EP 36 | Multi-Dimensional 5D Manifestation, Labyrinth, Megaliths (Blueprint of Divine Consc. PT 4) ~ Jessica Delmar ~ 29 December 2020


Jessica Delmar talks about stepping into Soul-realisation and its related multi-dimensional 5D manifestation, which is the Journey of 2021. She also describes the human form as an energy vortex than can assist in balancing energies around us. The video can be accessed here.


Blueprint of Divine Consciousness PART 4 

When monuments connect together, the bigger picture forms, and the same thing can be said about the months and seasons of your calendar. The seasons open the energy of the months, and the months open the energy of the year, and a year opens the energy of a cycle, and a cycle opens energy of a cosmic calibration that determines ascension steps into expansion (or contraction, depending upon where the Universal growth is). 

The cosmic calibration then feeds the energy of the solar system and planet Gaia, which affect the seasonal energy of Gaia. And so the seasons then open energy into the months, which open energy into the year, and so on and so forth in this megalith cosmic cycle. 

So, your alignment to the seasons and months assists in your alignment and flow within the greater cosmic cycle. Each year is different, but the principle, or foundational energies remain very similar. In each energetic field of season or month, comes a dominant principle, or foundational energy, that allows you to access deep layers within. 

On the journey of Self-Realization, the layers that you access are layers within the Self. But on a journey of Soul-Realization, the layers that you will access are layers within energy consciousness and soul-unity. And so the journey begins.

Please continue reading.... 

Hurricanes of Change, Tsunamis of Energy, Quakes of Identity ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 29 December 2020

All that is rigid, shall be shaken as the birthing process of the Golden Age begins

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Our Sun, the Light Bringer, the Life Giver, worshipped through millennial from one civilization to the next, the Sun that shone on Lemuria, Atlantis, Sumeria, Egypt, Maya, Inca, Babylon, Persia, Rome is the same sun that shines on us today. Its reach stretches four light years out into the space around it influencing all it encounters.
The sun is a portal connected to higher vibrations of existence, to zero point, a physical pinprick piercing the fabric of space to allow direct entry to higher dimensional planes. This ensures the continual dynamic flow of Language of Light Sacred Geometry to stream forth as encoded instructional keys, packets of data being carried within waves and particles of Light towards beloved Earth and her planetary siblings. 
The key codes of Light determine the behaviour of the universal Adamantine particles, to construct and hold form in a recognized format. Our recognition of the particular behaviour of a particle and the subsequent label we give it determines the particle's existence within our collective reality. Particles follow the Laws of Attraction to create substance in the form of elements; hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen - these are the Children of the Sun.
The energetic particles of substance first birthed within the sun are within you now in the form of bone, muscle, tissue, brain, cells and DNA. Our bodies are also form and substance comprised of encoded packets of data. Our behaviour determined by our emotional, physical and mental states. 
Existence within Human bodies means that we too are Guardians of the Children of the Sun. We do not own our bodies anymore than we own anything else that exists around us, we are transitional observers of the energetic form and substance that our focused thought creates.
The Sun also exhibits emotional behaviour in the form of solar flares which result in coronal mass ejections of huge amounts of ionised plasma being flung out into space. New instructions, revised encoded packets of data are issued at the same time. I have written previously about the effects of these new instructions on our reality and the changes that will be taking place in our own behaviour and DNA as a result. 
Many changes are about to take place globally which will have physical, mental and emotional impact on everyone. We knew this was to come. 
Join the three energetic bodies together as One and find your centre amongst the Hurricanes of Change, the Tsunamis of Energy and the Quakes of Identity.
With Loving Blessings and grateful thanks ❤
Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
Messages / Articles / Consultations

Universal Energy Centres ~ MTVO

If memory serves, Jason Estes explained that Universal Energy Centres are the Lightbody.

Source: MTVO

In the previous months, we've unlocked the energy centers:
1: REU (Soul Map Disk)
2: AUM (Human Potential Disk)
3: MAY (Divine Feminine)
4: LEE (Divine Masculine)
5: SAH (Reality)
6: NA (Space)
7: DAH (Matter)
8: JAH (Time)
9: HU (Purification/Travel)
10: EM (Heaven) 
In January, we will extensively be working with the 11th Energy Center: KA (Sacred Fire) and the 12th Energy Center: MU (Home). 
Each disk or energy center represents an infinite concept that we have the potential to unlock and embody within our very own being.
'Sound Sequences' available on our YouTube Channel: MTVOTeam, can be supportive in the process of expanding our awareness of these energy centers. 
Enjoy Exploring! ๐Ÿ˜Š 

SR Reading


Severing the Emotional LOOP Once and for All: Part III ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 30 December 2020

Source: Nicky Hamid

Severing the Emotional LOOP Once and for All: Part III
To Love Fearlessly.
This I know beyond any doubt.
My Love can build a bridge anywhere.
Beautiful Friends
What we create in our World is up to us?
In aligning and stepping into 5D, your Shining, you are a bridge builder, it happens, simply through your Loving Presence. 
And when you experience anything that puts you out of alignment know that you have created it and the ‘imprint’ is coming up for the emotional charge to be released and thus dissolved. 
Love is the catalyst, the dissolver, the resolver, and the integrator.
Look within observe and see the belief you are holding on to that supports that which is not in alignment, Love the being you the discoverer, that experiences and the Knower of it and let it go in gratitude and appreciation for that Knowing.
The 5D (Universal Love frequencies) you are Now moving into will not support it because your Lovingness begins to fill all that you experience.
And if you hang on to ‘the loop’ you will be loosing consciousness in 5D and it will hurt until you return.
How much do you want to be a bridge builder? 
Then you must DARE to cross the rainbow bridge to freedom. ….. and to LOVE FEARESSLY.
So you always choose to please yourself first.
My Loves, your “without’, magically transforms when you are at peace “within”.
The Ascension Portal is Present NOW and available to you whenever you are totally willing to consciously choose …. LIGHT ON. The LIGHT you stand in when you embrace the larger Field of You.
Drop your attachment to your ”loops” and in a ‘flash’ you will realise permanent Love within you that knows no bounds.
Your Support Team is ALWAYS available. Use them often. They love it when you do. 
They can see things in your Auric Field you cannot nor need to in your current Human consciousness.
Let them do your “heavy lifting.
Our job is to LOVE FEARLESSLY.
I So Love You

The Answer is Still Love ~ Beautifully Raw Belle

Whether this is an Illusion, Game, Simulation, Divine Revelation or all of the above,
the answer if still LOVE 
More often than not, the most profound Truths are the simplest. This was shared by Jenny Schiltz.

"I Just Need to Say This" ~ Matt Kahn ~ 29 December 2020

Don't watch yourself like a hawk
Be with yourself like a Spirit Guide

Source: Matt Kahn

The “I just need to say this and cannot help myself” is not necessarily intuition. It is more than likely the desire of ego to oppose differing perceptions or act as the rescuer of someone else’s journey. Intuition is a clear quiet voice or visceral impression of inner guidance that contains no urgency, no race against time mentality, or an ultimatum of any kind. It is the stillness of being, ever so politely nudging you along by respectfully asking you to merely consider the depth of its wisdom. If and when its invitation isn’t taken or outright denied, it simply circles back over time, until a greater truth is realized. 
All too often, there is a surface level of empathy wanting to help others feel better for the relief they deserve to receive. And yet, underneath it all, there can be an unconscious pattern of needing something to control, such as someone else’s relief, as a way of denying the lack of control one has within their own journey. From this space of greater alignment with intuition over the spiritual ego masquerading as insight, knowing when and how to share with someone becomes astoundingly simple. 
When someone’s soul recognizes you as a person containing a depth of wisdom they can benefit from, they will ask a direct question. This lets you know the exact files you have to share with them. Prior to a question being asked, your benefit in their life is being as faithful of a companion as you can be to the pain or process they are in, offering acceptance, empathy, and respect as the primary medicine being requested. Especially when you sense how deeply you wish you could shift someone else’s experience, due to wanting to feel better than the sensations you are empathing from them, it is a moment to smile and humbly bow in their presence as they unknowingly teach you to face discomfort with greater openness and patience instead of having something to control. 
In essence, most people will heal from time spent in your presence, as a reflection of the light within themselves you are helping them get to know — just by being exactly as you are right now. 
This ultimately means, the majority of benefit you will offer to others comes from who you are, not necessarily what you try to do. This is where the spiritual-themed patterns of unconsciousness are surrendered in exchange for the opportunity to be the embodied light of truth that the ego spends so much time attempting to impersonate. From this space, you will come to realize, only the ego ‘just has to say something’, whereas the soul simply holds loving space for a depth of healing already underway.

Rising as Christed Souls ~ Judith Kusel ~ 29 December 2020

Source: Judith Kusel

As we shake off the Old Earth, the old 2020, let us rise into the New, with Joy, empowered by unconditional Love and embracing Divinity within us, as we learn to soar and fly into ever higher and greater dimensional heights.
Indeed, we are rising higher than ever before. 
We are leaving whatever we created in the old 3D behind forever, and thus we cling onto nothing and no one. We have freed ourselves and thus we have freed the others, to choose their own path, to choose whether they stay in holographic Old Earth, the old fears, the old ways, as we shed the old Earth, like old garments we need no more.
Within us, now rises the Greater Call, the Greater Awareness, the Highest consciousness, as we walk AS ONE with All-That-Is and the Divine and we now are even lifted beyond the 5th into the 7th and even beyond that, as even higher dimensions of the 72 Levels are now opening and we truly can reclaim our highest Cosmic Mastery, the Universal Soul we in truth are!
Open your heart center, open your soul – for there within you lies all you ever need to know, all the tools to navigate and indeed, therein lies your own Cosmic inheritance and the keys and codes for the New life Sprouting forth!
There is such inner joy and immense love, when I am writing this, for in this I have risen and indeed in this I am. 
We are reclaiming our own immortality and the truth of who and what we are! We rise as Christed Souls, embracing our highest Divinity, and now rise into infinite space, the space of the All-Being, All-Seeing, All-Hearing and All-Knowing!
What a profound gift this is!
Arise and embrace infinite Truth!
Judith Kusel

Silence & Solitude ~ Judith Kusel ~ 29 December 2020

Source: Judith Kusel

Most people are unaware of the immense blessing and access to the highest Divinity brings with silence and solitude. 
Modern society was built on keeping people busy all the time, and with the age of instant gratification and instant access to information and social media, the truth about silence and solitude has been lost to the masses. They wish to be entertained and thus seek such with a frenzy, and the void gets bigger and bigger inside, as they indeed lost their own deepest connection to their own souls, and more than this the Divinity, which reigns within!
I was introduced to the power of silence and silent retreat in my early Twenties, and I thank them today for teaching me the Power of Silence and Silent Retreat. Indeed we went into 10 day retreats and we were intensely given the very truth and then needed to seek this deep within ourselves, and with it, then access to the Sacred Divinity within. 
As I regularly seek out silence and silent retreats and this is where I truly build my deepest intimacy with the Divine within. These were and are the most blessed times of my life – for then I seek and I find, and thus blessings upon blessings flow, as visions, insight and revelations come.
The Essenes and other Mystery Schools indeed practiced 40 days in total isolation and mostly in the desert and in a cave as do those in India, Himalayas etc. and elsewhere. This was accompanied by fasting and thus a total stillness and seeking the total Unity and Oneness within. 
I being led back to Chartres Cathedral and the Cistercian Orders (who indeed knew and practiced silence and perpetual remoteness, for they knew that such compels the mind and heart to meditate and experience the Celestial, the Divinity in the highest expressions thereof) and with it the Templars in my research for my book on France, and indeed, here is so eloquently said what I always knew within and what comes through so powerfully in my Soul Readings, regarding Sacred Geometries and the Power of Sound as a way of accessing the Highest Divinity within:
“…. Thesaurus of cosmic laws that included the secrets of geometry and harmonics, knowledge sacred to architects of pyramids, temples, and other holy places. These savants were keenly aware that such harmonics are capable of inducing the kind of shamanic experiences that lead to a personal and mystical experience of God…..
“.Within six years of returning from the Temple Mount they introduced this knowledge to Europe (the Templars) in the shape of Gothic Architecture. “Gothic” is derived from the Greek “goetia” (by magic force); its extension is “goeteuein” (to bewitch), a rather appropriate term given how the spatial relationship of the buildings generates frequencies that find their correspondence in the human body, particularly DNA, not to mention the pineal gland, as well as the area of the brain associated with mystical experiences, the amygdala.
“…perhaps the most bewitching of all Gothic buildings is the one that arose to the west of Troyes: Chartres Cathedral” (quoted from Freddy Silva “First Templar Nation”)
Indeed, it was in Chartres that I simply stood and channelled healing for three women, and it was after having the most intense experiences in a certain part of the Cathedral which were totally transcendental. See the photos below, which the camera picked up.
(This just by way of my silent retreat and continued research)
Judith Kusel

Awakening to Higher Power ~ Kล B'a Jรฃ ~ 29 December 2020

Tashi Norbu

Source: IKoK

2021 is partly about awakening to a Higher Power, and dedicating ourselves to our spiritual path. This is a powerful year for laying the foundations, and setting forth on a transformational journey that will unfold for many years to come.
Dedicating ourselves to a regular spiritual practice, such as daily meditation, weekly yoga, monthly circles or an annual silent retreat. This is about a serious dedication to our spiritual practice. It’s about making it a part of everything we do. Every day. 
I can't emphasise enough the importance of daily rituals on our Spiritual path because the repetition of each ritual provide a focal point from distraction. Whatever they are (meditation, yoga, walk in nature, performing affirmations, setting intention or practising gratitude and forgiveness), they will bring us a stronger connection with Source, balance and transform our lives for the better on so many levels. We cannot separate the physical from the spiritual.
Some of these rituals helped me, for the past year, to stay focused, go with the flow and manifest a new chapter of my life.
Do you feel you need to START, RENEW or DEEPEN your spiritual practice? If you do, I invite you to comment "Yes, I do. ๐Ÿ’œ

We will be talking more on this subject at our next Zoom chat on 15th January 2021. I hope you can join us.
Gy' Shรฉ em. ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŒŸ
Krone Kล B'a Jรฃ
International Koalition of Krones
Artist: Tashi Norbu

29 December 2020

Dancing Through Heavens Gate ~ Elizabeth Natale

Such a beautiful creation to round off this year and set the energies for 2021....  

 Dancing Through Heavens Gate

~ Elizabeth Natale ~

We have played all the possible outcomes
We've repeated the same old worn ways
Now a choice is at hand I can feel a new land
Where everyone remembers they're safe

And we're walking through Heavens Gate
Hand in hand side by side
And we're dancing through Heavens Gate
Loving hearts loving minds

We have tried we have cried to find something
Some meaning to fill in the gap
Now the truth is at hand I can see a new land
Where everyone remembers their Grace

And we're walking through Heavens Gate
Hand in hand side by side
And were dancing through Heavens Gate
Leaving no one behind

๐Ÿ”ฑ๐ŸŒŸMeditation Monday - Archangel Gabriel and your Golden Pathway ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ”ฑ ~ Tim Whild ~ 28 December 2020

Tim Whild takes us through a visualisation to help us re-focus on the 5D Timeline and choose what we wish to create. To listen, please continue here.

Small Acts of Kindness and Love ~ Gandalf the Grey

Some believe it is only Great Power that can hold evil in check....
but that is not what I have found
I have found that it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay
Small acts of Kindness and Love
* Gandalf the Grey

Universal Energy Centres ~ Jason Estes ~ 28 December 2020

Source: Jason Estes 

What a powerful journey humanity has been on as it unlocked all of these, we still have some time to go but here is the completed universal energy centers and their locations ❤ ::hugs::

Jason Estes Update ~ 28 December 2020

Source: Jason Estes

Welcome to January
what a ride 2020 was as we began to understand what we were not we made room for what we truly are
2021 starts off as we become our sun selves and the sacred fire burns bright within so too shall our world be bathed in plasma that unlocks our bodies true potential 
this is a month unlike any other and will be one of the guiding lights back to the true value of humanity 
as you can see by the chart its a strong month with a new sound sequence and the final 2 Universal Energy Centers unlocking 
be ready for a hard shift in the right direction and pay very close attention to the signs and patterns as they will lead you home ❤ ::hugs::
Recommended Practices
Jumping jacks, body awareness work, daily check ins with the body, good hydration
Body awareness work: set a timer for 5mins+ and move your body as slow as you can feeling every single part as it moves if you find something stuck or painful pause take a breath into that area then begin to tap it once pressure dissipates then begin to move slowly again till next one appears or time goes off.
Daily Check ins with your body: one of the most important things about the new sector is your body is along for the ride with you and for the longest time we have driver our bodies hard with out truly connecting, this practices purpose is to simply bring your body in on the choices you make by pausing and asking it how it feels or what would support it prior to moving into something 
Good hydration: Water is great but the right stuff in the water is even better, when seeing what works best for you always check in with what your body needs, for me good hydration is Phase 1, Phase 2, Cloud, Silence, Willard Water, Source seed coded water, Electrolytes, Salt and Sugar water. I don't mix these all together but these are my Go To's for good hydration, feel free to share what works for you in comments to help others ❤ 
Recommended T.v. shows and Movies(links in comments) (*Grace: I've inserted links in titles)
Recommended Tech on Activationstation.org
13 Star Nations' Keys to Peace
Fearless Faith
Light of Hope
Divine Sexuality
Stomach Cleanse
Brain Support 
As many of you know i have stepped back from facebook and hired Skyelar Celina to handle messages and such for me best way to get a hold of me is through her now at skyelar888@gmail.com or write in comments below ❤

Severing the Emotional LOOP Once and for All: Part II ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 29 December 2020

On the way with Love in your Heart and Lightness of foot
Having no real clue what is next, yet lovingly, playfully embracing the reality of this 

Source: Nicky Hamid

Severing the Emotional LOOP Once and for All: Part II
It is very likely that there will be a few parts to this journey, some of which will initiate a more profound Shift for you than others, but bear with Us. You will not regret it.
Your Soul Contract (Loop)
In the previous post I pointed to your present experience of the emotional loop that you have deep and intimate Knowledge of as your version of loop has been a very unique experience for you. You Know all the ins and outs of that loop and you have reached a point that there is nothing more to learn from it and you are more than ready to file it away in memory (into your own section of Akashic Record), and to take into your Heart all the gifts of truly Knowing suffering, and waking up from it.
Given that you are taking responsibility for what you create and thus was brought to you, WE can now say unequivocally that you Know the major Soul Contract you took on in this HUman incarnation. The mere fact that you are totally aware of the loop you are in is proof that you Know exactly what that contract was.
For most it has contained either the safety, or worthiness issue and/or both. And if you have not quite framed it for yourself let me point to these two loops specifically.
1. You will not feel safe in the presence of others.
2. You will not feel “good enough” in the presence of others.
And no matter how you have tried, events have always conspired to continually bring you that experience, some of which has been horrific, especially in your childhood or teenage years, for many of you. And it has been a repeat experience of your feelings of lack of feeling safe, or lack of worthiness or both, all your life up until recently or Now.
Your Soul contracts determine what situations are brought to you but not how you will respond.
In fashioning your response to these given situations, you grow in knowledge of yourself. You are shown who you are not. And you feel all the time that you are so much more but it seems out of reach except for brief periods.
Your original Divine Blueprint lies within your Energy/Auric/Light Field and has always been within you. It (You, Soul Being that You ARE) carry the answers to everything you need. Yes, everything is within. And the “within you” is expanding as you take back, Remember, what you are and your connection to All That Is.
You are the answers to your questions. And you helped to design the Plan that you find yourselves in and nothing has come your way by pure chance. You may have felt that many of your experiences were totally uncalled for, but be assured that they are all connected with your Soul contract. The journey to the rememberance of Your Higher Purpose.
Events can be foreseen way ahead, by Source, the Company of Heaven and your Higher Soul Self and so it easy enough to place you where it is of the most benefit to you Human growth experience.
Life has seemed often so hard, harsh, and complicated, but in reality it is quite simple, as you will always find yourself to be in the right place (even if it is to re-experience the Loop that you feel that you are done with).
It is much the same with the people that enter your life, as that is also by arrangement and agreement while you live under the contract you accepted.
Your emotional Loop contract has been the basis of maintaining your FORGETTING. It has been your ego journey whereby you have attempted to control your life from a point of “unknowing” and thereby lose your felt connection with Source.
Now that you are REMEMBERING, your contract becomes entirely Negotiable. 
Now that you know what it is, your Loop, it is now about what to do to dissolve your contract and formulate a new one, por more properly fulfil the “Higher Purpose” you came for as Soul Being in Human form.
If you would like to do this here is a powerful way of doing so.
• Sit in a quiet place with gentle focused intent. (Does this sound like meditating? Good! It is!)
• Call upon your Angels, guides, personal spirit mentors, your Higher Soul Self, and thus your connection to SOURCE.
• Call forth your present Soul contract (Loop). Allow it to appear however you wish. For example: “I will not feel entirely safe in the presence of others”. Feel the essence of it as it quickly runs through your awareness.
• Have your guides or angels hold the contract while you read what it says. Does the contract (your Loop) serve you anymore?
• If yes – thank your guides and allow your contract to be placed back in the Akashic Records (for this is where all Soul contracts reside)
• If no – ask your angels and guides (Spirit Mentors) to come into your Auric field and remove/dissolve your old contract along with all the incumbent shadow that you have unknowingly picked up and which is constantly turning the wounds (Loop) of your now defunct ‘malware’. Now, with them present see the old contract torched in the violet fire of your Love and Knowing.
• Start to Draw up a new one path, Imagine, play and dream Big. Eg, Draw up one that reflects the opposite of your previous contract. Let it be open and expansive, flexible and malleable, and ask. “Does this new contract serve my highest good?” If “Yes”, thank your angels and guides and allow the contract to be placed in the Akashic Records.
• If not play with designing it until it reflects the depth of your longing and what you want to experience.
Do not get blocked by overthinking and detail. It is about the highest version of the feelings you want to experience. Ask your guides and mentors for help and inspiration and be open to see the signs they will give you for the conceiving of this your new Divine Soul contract (new blueprint).
You do not have to get it perfect because it is negotiable any time you wish. It will expand and develop as you grow in your remembering of who and what you Truly are.
You have awakened, you are a conscious Master of your Life.
• Call on your Company of Heaven often. They Love nothing more than to serve you but it must be your freewill and in with relaxed Heart Knowing.
• You are so LOVED. And it was never meant for you to do this on your own. 
This is a powerful tool to use in manifesting your life purpose, for whenever something comes along that does not serve you, you can simply say to yourself “Sorry! That is not in my contract!”. Then call on your mentors to remove the doubt and its incumbent shadow in your Auric Field.
And if you have difficulty with this have faith. More that is coming will make this much clearer and easier for you.
And I promise you that if you follow and practice what WE are sharing, you will become incredibly happy and all your doubts about your “Purpose” for being here will disappear.
In Grace and with ease WE proceed Beloved Brothers and Sisters.
WE do this together Now, with our Heavenly Host going all the way back to Source. 
I So Love You
PS And this is not written in stone. No one can tell you where you are going. It unfolds before you step by step. It is with fullness of Heart and Lightness but firmness of step that you will find your Joy all the Way.