02 June 2020

Heal the Wounds ~ Guruji Krishnananda

Source: Revolution By Light

The purpose of channelling the Light is to heal, heal any wound inflicted by violence and hatred, to heal the individual, to heal the nation and to heal the world. We channel Light for bringing Peace, for bringing New Energies for the New Age, for resurrection, for transformation and for saving the planet from man-made catastrophes.

After we channel the Light, the wars do not stop the next day. There will be no dramatic changes. There will be no miracles. The Light works in its own way and there will be changes. There will be benefits.

If the Light is there and has intelligence, why does it not work without getting channelled? It is a Spiritual law that we have to seek, we have to channel. If more number channel Light, the impact would be greater. If more number channel at the same time, the impact is faster.

Channel #Light from wherever you are for at least seven minutes in a day. Heal yourself. Heal the World.

Manasa Foundation Experiences of Light Channels Quotes from the Rishis Amara Maharshi Sapta Rishis Vishwamitra Maharshi #Heal #LightAge

Celia Fenn Update ~ 2 June 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

Good Morning everyone.

Just a post and pictures to bring Peace and Beauty into your lives today.
We are approaching a Full Moon and Eclipse in a Fire sign (Sagittarius). I will be posting more about that soon.

But for now you must be aware how the volatile Fire energy is being played out, especially in the USA following another night of protest and unrest.
Those of us who are awakened and aligned with our purpose know that we are here to BE the Peace and Harmony.

We are the "Ceremonies of Peace" and the "Grids of Light".
Simply by choosing Peace and holding that Vibration for the Planet.

This is not easy when everyone else is in chaos and anger, and perhaps that is where they need to be in this process of transformation that is unfolding on the Planet.
For us, we are perhaps working even harder to be in the vibration of Peace that is opening up the New Earth timeline.

The Master of Energy knows who they are and holds the energy of Love, Compassion, Beauty and Peace so that it may be anchored and strengthened as more and more people cross over to Higher Consciousness and the New Earth that we are building on the new timeline.

Have a Calm, Quiet and Love filled day.

Vlog 169: June 2020 and the Shattering of Illusions ~ Patricia Cota-Robles ~ 1 June 2020

Here's where you can listen to Patricia Cota-Robles' vlog:

"We are One, and there is no separation."

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in Update ~ 1 June 2020

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

As a young child, I was shocked when I encountered any form of prejudice. It just didn’t make sense to me. In fact, it broke my heart every time I saw it. It felt so unnatural and unkind. People that looked different from me, or lived differently from me were simply fascinating (and still are), and I wanted to hear their stories and understand how they see the world. I absolutely love the rich diversity of our world. And I love how other people perceive the world we live in.

All the times in my life where I felt these discriminations, it hurt. Like when I was a child, and I could not accept an invitation to visit my friend Maria, because she was poor and lived in a little, run down house, and ... she was Mexican. My parents were worried about my reputation. I felt my parents being uncomfortable when I befriended a blind boy named Bobby. Did they think the blindness was contagious? He could tell stories of how he “saw” the world that were mesmerizing. He could see color with his heart!

Maybe my curiosity for diversity came from living with the near complete lack of it. I grew up in a nearly all white, middle class community, and I was excessively sheltered by my parents. So when the first black girl came to my high school, I went right up to her and introduced myself. She blew me off. And that was when I learned how toxic prejudice in this world can be. She was already armored up against anyone that didn’t look like her, and rightfully so. It made me so sad. I learned that prejudiced was a false and learned program, not a natural reality. I will never really know what it was like for her to be her. Nor would she even know what it was like for me to be me. We would never get to be friends. The lie of prejudice had already separated us.

Once we get a program implanted within us, before we even realize it is there, we become unconsciously attached to it as truth, that is if we are not paying attention. And we already know it's easier to be fooled by an illusion first, than to be convinced that we have been fooled later. This is why it is so hard and most often very painful to change our perceptions and belief systems.

So this is the world we live in. BUT all this is beginning to change. It takes monumental courage to face this level of our collective shadow that is roaring up to the surface now. We heal, what we feel, and we are feeling it. I pray this is the beginning of the end of separation because of the color of our skin, the origins of our ancestors, and also separation caused by erroneous entitlements, social status, education, wealth... or lack of it, and our different religious and social beliefs, etc.... We are already learning the great value of many people we once took for granted because of this pandemic. It is a start in the right direction. May they all be served and supported as we move forward. May all human beings on Earth be honored for their God-given divinity within them.

I feel deeply privileged, blessed and honored to have so many people that I can call friends from all over our great and beautifully diverse world. It makes my soul so very happy. I feel that my life has been so enriched by knowing them. I hope that I can continue to learn and understand more each year. There is so much to learn about each other.

So these are my prayers today.
May EVERY HUMAN BEING be known and honored for the quality of their HEART, and not judged by their life circumstances. Remember ... most people have gone through, and are going through still, things we know nothing about. May we STAND UP up in PEACE for those who can not stand up for themselves. May we peacefully stand up together to the bullies and the bigots no matter what their title is, or what uniform is worn. May we let go of outdated superior attitudes, and treat everyone just like family. No one is perfect, and no one is the same, and that is what makes this world so fascinating and absolutely rich. It is a blessing that we are all here together on this little blue planet, and we are all divine beings, and God created.

Please be kind to each other. As the Maya say, “In Lak’esh, ala K’in”. (I am another yourself ... The God in me, knows the God in you.) May we come together like the family that we truly are. “Inshallah” ... God willing.

πŸ’•πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’• Photo of my dear sister AnneMarie and me in Bonampak, Mexico. It was the best hug!

We appreciate your support ... especially during these times. https://www.alunajoy.com/heartdonation.html

“It takes a lot of pressure to make a diamond”. The Star Elders.

Power to Heal ~ Marianne Williamson

Source: The Spiritual Compass

“In every community, there is work to be done.
In every nation, there are wounds to heal.
In every heart, there is the power to do it.”
— Marianne Williamson

June Energy Update ~ Lee Harris ~ 1 June 2020

An energy update that many will find most beneficial.

Source: Lee Harris Energy (with video, transcript and other resources)

Themes for the month:

  • ARE YOU GROUNDING YOUR EMOTIONAL SPIKES? (Letting your Nervous System Reset?)
  • ARE OTHERS?? (And how are you reacting to their emotional 'reactions'?)

"Walk With Us": Michigan Sheriff Chris Swanson ~ CBS News ~ 1 June 2020

This is just....beautiful πŸ’š

Source: CBS News (with video)

Michigan sheriff takes off helmet and joins protesters marching for George Floyd

By Caitlin O'Kane

June 1, 2020 / 12:03 PM / CBS News

Police officers and the National Guard clashed with protesters in several U.S. cities this weekend, as demonstrations over the death of George Floyd escalated. But in Michigan, law enforcement officers actually joined a peaceful protest in a show of solidarity. Video showing Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson taking off his helmet and joining a group of protesters in a march has gone viral.

"The only reason we're here is to make sure you got a voice, that's it," Swanson tells a crowd in Flint, Michigan, receiving cheers in return. "Don't think for a second that he represents cops from all over the county and around this nation," the sheriff continues, apparently referring to former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who has been charged with third-degree murder in Floyd's death.

Please read on....

Spirituality: All Roads Lead Here ~ Gigi Young ~ 1 June 2020

Every real solution is rooted in Spirituality, because we are Spiritual beings. Any other "solution" that has no Spiritual foundation is at best delaying the inevitable.

Source: Gigi Young

Peace is not an idea, or a concept, it is a specific energy frequency that we can consciously generate and saturate in our bodies.

We consciously generate peace through the heart centre, it will feel like warmth and will begin to soothe the nervous system as we allow it to cycle through with our breath.

When we do this we raise our frequency. What does this mean? It means that our bio-energetic field, which is as real as our physical body, begins to become coherent and harmonize. This is key.

When we be come harmonized, we are balanced and strong in our energy, so strong that we actually effect the world around us. This is recognized in society in people as charisma and magnetism; someone you just want to be around.

This particular state is responsible for the 'Maharishi Effect' where meditators reduced crime through peaceful energy they generated and thus automatically contributed to the collective.

When it comes to groups a few coherent people can entrain and inspire hundreds just by their presence. This is the miraculous power we all have. This is the powerful underpinning of what a gathering in peace is. It's not about ideas, its not about convincing, its not about shaming, it is beyond that. It is about generating the energy within your body that is needed for the world. It is the truth that every great mystic and leader has tried to lead humanity back to.

What is even more important is that the energy that you have generated sits in the collective for those who have forgotten to how to feel it. You can help others open and heal through allowing them to feel you. This allows them to 're-pattern' and open again. Many people have no concept of love and this is the way in which we introduce them to that -through entrainment and compassion. We cannot explain love, people have to feel it.

This is the power we need to remember and use right now. Peaceful gatherings have not been high on the list of things we can do to create change, but not because they don't work, the entrainment of human bio-energetic fields is measurable, but rather because we do not take the time to generate the frequency in our hearts. And we don't truly respect and grasp the importance of spiritual energy, we deem is as secondary to the material world. It is not secondary it is primary: All matter forms from mind emotion & spirit.

We need to make a quantum leap and begin to live as whole spiritual , inter-connected human beings, there is no other way. All roads lead here.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Heartache ~ MTVO

Entities into heartache are now being released and cleared from my body mind

Please follow through here for the rest of the commands.

Template Tests: 1 - 5 June 2020 ~ MTVO

Source: MTVO

Happy Template Tests, everyone πŸ™‚

For those of you who are new, template tests happen during the first 5 days of the month. The universe will hand you specific energy puzzles to solve, based on the themes and energy of the month as a whole. If you solve those puzzles, you'll have the opportunity to work on more advanced spiritual principles the rest of the month. If you don't pass, you'll simply spend the rest of the month working through those same puzzles and tests in different ways.

So remember, as things come up, that they're working for your evolution, not against it. Stay calm, stay hydrated, keep being awesome.

#ascension #awareness #consciousness #spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork #selfhealing #selfmastery

SR Reading

We Need to Heal

Svetla Tancheva ~ Fine Art America
In our own Awakening and integral Dark Night of the Soul, we had to go through so much Healing to get through this debilitating phase. Without the Healing process, real growth out of this stage would not be possible.

Before Healing could even be considered, we had to first acknowledge all that needed to be healed. If we hadn't acknowledged or accepted that we had issues to be healed, obviously Healing would not take place because we will insist that nothing required Healing.

It is the same at the Collective level ~ so much Healing has to occur before we can make true progress. We must first face the fact that something needs to be healed, and with it comes acknowledgement and acceptance, no matter how reluctant or hesitant this makes us feel. More accurately, how painful this feels.

This is how I see Humanity moving forward ~ facing our issues, acknowledging and accepting that they exist, and then allow the Healing process.

The raging unrest now besieging USA screams to us to acknowledge that racism is an issue, not just in that country, but globally. It is a conditioned and indoctrinated trait that was intentionally cultivated for control and separation purposes lifetimes ago. Racism is a major affliction of Humanity.

Racism exists. It exists in its fullest form ~ racism against anyone that has different coloured skin, including in its "reverse" form that is racism against Whites.

This is what must be acknowledged and accepted now for Humanity to move forward effectively. This needs to happen, as quickly as possible by those who represent the public as well as individually, all over the world. Humanity must own up to racism. Let this be the first of so very many wounds we are hurting from, as a Collective.

It is my personal wish that this issue of racism does not get drowned by the loud and insistent online posts that it's all false flags. While I certainly agree that the violence is tragic and that some protestors are negatively influenced/instigated, I will not allow that to supplant the issue of racism. We cannot sweep the underlying issue aside by conveniently crying "false flag" to explain away everything, even if everything is a false flag. We must not be in denial.

We are One Race.... the Earth Human Race.

We need to heal the deep wound that is preventing us from remembering this Truth. We need to heal.... Now.

Namaste & many Blessings! May the Healing begin.... πŸ’™πŸ’›

01 June 2020

Rainbow Angel Blessings

This stunning photo is courtesy of two Beautiful Souls from America, thank you so much πŸ’–πŸ’œ

May the Rainbow Angel be both a symbol and harbinger of Unity, Divine Protection and Divine Blessings for this fragile time.

All Is That. That Is All ~ Mooji ~ 1 June 2020

Source: Mooji

In truth, there is not ‘us’ and ‘them’.
Us is them. Them is us.
We are That.
All is That. That is all.

- Mooji

Message from Celia Fenn ~ 1 June 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

As the storm rages in the USA, I wish all American friends Peace and Safety in your daily lives.

May the anger be resolved into reconciliation and love.

May we remember that we are the Eye of the Storm wherever We Are and that Peace is within us!

Love to you all on this Monday!

Opportunity to Love ~ Matt Kahn

Spirituality should never be confused with obedience training. Your goal is not to wrestle your mind into submission or pry your heart open with any degree of force.
The invitation that has been sent your way is to recognise everything, including the activity of your mind, as an opportunity to love.
You can think of incessant mental noise as an alarm clock. Its purpose is to wake you up by reminding you of the perfect moment to embrace your mind with unwavering heartfelt support.

Light Work

The Fires... Amazon, Australia, now America.

Let's keep on doing our Light Work, everyone ~ in whichever manner you are guided πŸ’–πŸ’œ

The Pulse: 1 - 6 June 2020 ~ Gene Key 35: Boundlessness ~ Richard Rudd

Every human being has the choice to take a path of love
Source: Gene Keys

The Pulse – 01 Jun to 06 Jun – The 35th Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Hunger to the Siddhi of Boundlessness and it is the Way of Adventure.

Wormholes and Miracles

To live with an open heart is to live in a perpetual state of adventure. Adventure means that there is still some fear inside you, but you have reached a frequency that you know is high enough to outwit that fear.

Every human being has the choice to take a path of love. That is the mystery of the 35th Gift - progress can be made if you are ready to take the great leap and risk it all for the sake of love. - Excerpt from the 35th Gene Key

#adventure #genekeys #thepulse #awareness #liberation #genekey35

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The Law of Privacy 🌌⁣ ~ Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness

It is the Divine Law that every person is entitled to the sanctity of his or her own privacy. It is against that Law to infringe on this right of individual privacy.
Included in this infringement would be such things as mind reading without the person's consent or questioning their motives or thoughts concerning their personal lives without consent.

Source: MTVO

The Law of Privacy 🌌⁣

The Cosmic Laws are meant to illuminate and bring understanding to the spiritual laws that govern this universe and which all beings are subject to.⁣

The laws can be found in the book, "The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness," which is available as a free PDF online. You can find it easily if you do an internet search of the title of the book.⁣

#consciousness #mtvo #selfhealing #cosmiclaw #universallaw #spiritualascension #5d #energywork 

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Balance in My Body, Pelvis and Life ~ MTVO

Blocks to balance in my body and life are now being released and cleared from in and around me

Please proceed to the rest of the commands here.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Financially Unstable ~ MTVO

Feeling and being financially unstable is now being released and cleared from in and around me

Please complete this sequence here.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Catastrophe ~ MTVO

Catastrophizing is now being released and cleared from in and around me

Please continue here for the rest of the commands.

31 May 2020

You, The Wayshowers, Are The Hope Of The Future ~ Archangel Michael through Ronna ~ June 2020

This has yet been posted on Ronna's site, StarQuest Mastery, so I'll copy the entire message here. The video version is here.


       Beloved masters, it is imperative that you understand the critical nature of the dramatic, accelerated and swiftly changing times you are now experiencing. You are in the final stages of a specific unit of time, and you all have been subject to a unique system of rules. Total free will was deemed to be a great gift; however, it became a great burden as humanity sank into the broad spectrum of duality, which has resulted in great pain and suffering. 

         There was a non-interference clause written in the rules, and the specified time for this particular phase of Creation had to be played out before our Father/Mother God could declare:

           “It is enough! It is time to intercede! There will be a Divine Dispensation for those who are striving to  attain Self-mastery, and the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Angelic Kingdom are authorized to give assistance in whatever way is appropriate within the framework of Cosmic Law.”
         The Law of Grace exists as the higher frequencies of Karmic Law, and it will, henceforth, apply to the emerging group of World Servers as well as the aspirants and disciples on the path of ascension.

         As this particular era comes to a close, there will be a new system of rules and laws which will apply to all emerging Spiritual-Human Beings. A new expanded cycle of Creation is in progress, and all of you who are striving to attain a unified state consciousness will be designated as cocreators of the future. As a Ray of God Light, your Divine Mission is to expand the borders of God-consciousness. Your goal is to become a master of manifestation, drawing forth the Essence of Creation, activating it within your Sacred Heart, and via specific thoughts from within your Sacred Mind, molding the God Substance into an endless variety of forms. Thus, you become a true extension of our Father/Mother God. 

         You, the wayshowers,  are the hope of the future. You are laying the foundation for a new social order. It is vitally important that you walk the middle path. A Self-master does not take sides, neither for nor against the conflicts that are presently raging around the world. Your personal power is most effective when you stay centered within your Sacred Heart and you are guided by the wisdom of your Sacred Mind. Your stance should always be that of good will, and your platform should be for the greatest good of all. 

As you actively seek en-Lighten-ment and strive to return to balance and harmony within, it is important that you become aware of certain karmic limitations which your Soul has accepted as a learning experience in this lifetime. There are specific limitations and conditions that cannot be changed, and the lesson is to accept them gracefully and to strive for excellence within the framework of the boundaries that have been imposed upon you –  not as a punishment but as an opportunity to balance discordant energy and thought patterns. However, we wish to emphasize, this lifetime is unique for every Soul on Earth, and no matter what circumstances you were born into, there is an opportunity for greatness and a reservoir of knowledge and talents needed to attain Self-mastery. You were designed to be a master of manifestation, a cocreator with God-given abilities. 

          The first step is realizing that you have programmed within your DNA Genius Potential and a broad spectrum of talents and abilities. You chose, before you incarnated, a set of circumstances with specific abilities which are more readily available than others.  However, even though the full range of your gifts and talents is held in reserve, you have the ability to bring them to the fore so that you may begin to actualize, integrate and use them.

         You must have access to the higher Dimensional levels of the brain in order to make contact with your Soul-Self and the Beings of the higher realms. Your brain is composed of multiple levels of consciousness. The lower brain and the three lower chakras are the realm of humanity’s animal-human consciousness. It is mostly instinctive, drawing much of its information from the collective  consciousness of the astral plane as well as from the Earth’s consciousness. Survival and the ego desire body are in control of the masses’ thoughts and desires, and thus form the prevalent picture of reality. The focus is on the external, material world and on service to Self.

         As your consciousness moves into the mid-level brain activity, you begin the process of becoming  a Spiritual-human Being, and your feeling nature will gradually move upward to incorporate the heart and the throat chakra. A gradual awakening process begins as your Soul nudges you onto the path of awareness, and the journey of Ascension begins. An aspirant on the path must traverse the astral plane and gain control of the emotional and astral body – the lower nature (the three lower chakra centers) –   which will open the pathway  to the refined frequencies of cosmic truth via your Higher Self, guides, teachers and angelic helpers. Harmlessness in thought, word and deed with focused observation abilities are important traits of a Self-master. You must clear the mind of distorted, negative, defeating thoughts before you can become a transmitter of Light into the darkness and distortion of the lower Dimensions.

         It is important that you understand: as your frequency patterns or Soul Song become more refined, your attitudes and comprehension will attune to higher and higher levels of consciousness. Your Etheric Body will gradually change as well, and it will begin to respond to the higher frequency energies. Service to Self gradually evolves into a desire to fulfill your Divine Mission and to undertake group service.

         As an en-Lighten-ed Being, you begin to build a bridge of consciousness back into the higher realms of this Sub-universe. This pathway was called the Antakarana in ancient, esoteric teachings, and is sometimes known as the Rainbow Bridge currently.  

         In order to return to Self-mastery, you must learn to use the three aspects of your mental nature: the brain, the mind and the Soul.  You must also clear the negative distortions of the subconscious mind, and attune the conscious mind to your Soul-Self, so that the wisdom of your Soul and Higher Self can begin to flow throughout your four lower-bodily systems. 

         Remember, every atom and all your physical Being have consciousness; they must be en-Lighten-ed and attuned to the higher frequency patterns of Ascension. You are made of Divine Essence.  You are a Spark –  a Fragment –  of the Supreme Creator. You have latent powers that must be acknowledged and developed.  There is a great need for humanity to refresh its Spiritual memory and to develop the powers of a Master of Light

         The Antakarana is composed of many sub-tributaries or streams of Light, which will ultimately strengthen and magnify the connections between the many Facets of Self and your OverSoul Higher Self, and ultimately your Sacred Triad that awaits you in the lowest sub-level of the Fifth Dimension. These streams of Light have consciousness, and they contain the intelligence of your multiple levels of Self which reside in the higher Realms. As we have told you, your subconscious mind is becoming conscious, and your conscious mind is opening up to the wisdom of your Superconscious mind, which contains the mysteries of this Sub-universe. 

         You, the aspirants on the Path, are becoming proficient at building and using multiple Pyramids of Light and Power in the Fifth Dimension as you slowly but surely become acclimated to a lower Fifth-Dimensional environment. Many of you have opened the pathways to the Cities of Light so that you may gradually incorporate higher and more refined frequencies of Light.  You are also preparing yourselves to interact on a regular basis with the many Facets of your Higher Self and the great Beings of Light.

         It is time for the next step in the Ascension process to begin, and many of the advanced aspirants on the Path are already becoming proficient and  engrossed in the procedures.  At this time, there is no question that those who are in any way advanced in spiritual consciousness are having their awakening and evolution process hastened as never before in the history of the Earth. This step is imperative so that more and more of you may act as transmitters and interpreters of Universal Law and Cosmic Truth.

         The call for reunification is beginning for many of you, whereby your refined Soul Song is reaching various members of your OverSoul-Higher Self. As you refine your vibrational patterns and your Energetic Signature reaches a certain level of harmony, your Soul Song will begin to reverberate out into and through the Fourth, into the Fifth, and for some of you, possibly even into the Sixth Dimension. As a result, via Streams of Light, you will begin to connect with the auric fields of some of the Soul Fragments of your Higher Self.  

         Slowly, these blessed Facets of your Self are becoming aware of you, and gradually, they will begin the process of exchanging Memory Seed Atoms of higher consciousness with you. Those whose resonance is lower than yours will fall into line within the appropriate Dimensional level below you, while those who are on the Path ahead of you will slowly move closer within  the column of Light above you. You will also be moving laterally, as well as higher, into the refined realms as all of the Fragments of your Higher OverSoul Self gradually begin the process of moving closer and closer to your central column of Divine Light.  

         For some of you this information will be confusing; however, many of you are experiencing this process in varying degrees during your nightly sojourns or in meditation. Therefore, we wish  to give you a basic understanding of what is taking place at the various levels of the Ascension process.  We will discuss this further and in more depth in the near future.

         As you study and delve into the mysteries of Cosmic Truth, you will begin to build a reservoir of knowledge which you can draw upon when needed.  Also, as you gain further access to your Sacred Mind, it will seem as if you have tapped into a Cosmic source of information. However, in the beginning, it will be your own ancient, extensive past that has been made available to you. You will become increasingly sensitive to ideas, concepts and complex information, and you will gain the ability to tap into this rich storehouse of information at will.  

         As you evolve and become skillful at sharing your wisdom with others, you will become increasingly sensitive to the subtle messages, concepts and ideas from your guides, teachers, angelic helpers and the en-Lighten-ed Beings from the higher realms. When you have turned the information you have garnered into wisdom, and you have become a living example of each new, advanced level of consciousness, you will then be qualified to teach the concepts to others. You must experience that which you teach and become a shining example, which is the most effective way to get the attention of others.

         Remember, my brave ones, in every era and major cycle, Cosmic Wisdom and Divine Truth are made available to those with open minds and loving hearts. Submission to the Will of our Father/Mother God means adherence to the Universal Laws as they are revealed to you.  A Self-master always strives to make the highest choices, has a burning desire to serve others, and is always responsible for their own actions. We see the Light expanding and gaining strength in many places around the world. 

         We also see your radiance and influence growing, and you are making a positive impact on more lives than ever before. You must remain heart-centered and Soul-focused as the chaos and fear grow and spread throughout the planet. We have now joined forces and we are and ever will be invincible, for we are fulfilling a Divine mandate from our Father/Mother God. Eternal love, protection and blessings are yours, now and forever more.  I AM Archangel Michael. 

Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe 
* As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Personal sharing with friends, or posting on websites and in publications is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my website address is included.  
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June 2020 ~ MTVO ~ 30 May 2020


Source: MTVO

Welcome to June πŸ’™

With the NA sequences, we'll be working on the concept of space a lot more this next month.

Movie recommendations:
- Kung Fu Panda 3
- Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
- Mary Magdalene

TV shows:
- Heroes Reborn
- Upload

Practice recommendations:
- Sound Sequence 1 & 2 (up on YouTube)
- 10 crunches and some stretching daily
- 1 oz or more of blessed water daily

#ascension #awareness #consciousness #spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork #selfhealing #selfmastery

It is Going to be Your Inner Fire that Leads You to Peace ~ Lee Harris ~ 30 May 2020

Source: Lee Harris

It is going to be your inner fire that will lead you to peace - the very peace that you crave.

For when a fire is in action - as you are seeing in the lower consciousness of your planet right now - it requires fire to meet it.

And what we mean by this is the fire that propels you into creating change.

The fire that lets your voice come through you in a way that you didn't think your human fear would allow. It is going to be fire energy that is most visible in the coming decades.

- From Masters of Time and Fire MP3

Find out more here: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/store/JaajMaM2 

Worth of All in Love ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

"On this day I choose to know my worth in love. On this day I decide to know the worth of all in love, regardless of my previous perceptions of them. On this day I know that all are worthy of love, and my sight, my expression affirms this every moment of my waking day. I know that this is so. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word."

Paul Selig - The Book of Knowing and Worth
A Channeled text

Card of the Month: June 2020 ~ Card #67 | Lyra (Future, 3rd Era) | Self Observance ~ Germane & Lyssa Royal ~ 30 May 2020

The word "archon" means "ruler" in Greek. Excellent guidance here for the pivotal phase we are in right now.

Source: Lyssa Royal

Dear friends, this is the first transmission we share with you that was written since your global pandemic began. (The previous months were channeled before it happened). Firstly, we want to tell you that we understand how frustrating and scary this time is for you. Your galactic ancestors also experienced similar global events as they went through their shift in consciousness. We are all with you in Spirit.

The Lyran energy is especially strongly guiding you now, because they have walked this road before and can offer you a road map to help you navigate this confusing time. The number one tool that awakened your ancient Lyran forefathers is the theme of this card, Self Observance. You have heard us speak of this many times, for it is a key to awakening for all physical beings. Because of this, the beings we have called the awakened Lyran Archons (a collective group consciousness) are assisting with this month’s transmission. [Note: Some people refer to “Archons” as negatively-oriented beings. This is an entirely different energy.]

Self observance means learning to observe (without judgment) your habits, patterns, ego desires, and fears from a place of raw honesty and deep compassion for the wounds within that perpetuate these patterns. This might sound like a mental process but it is much more than that. It requires you to actually feel the raw energy of the ego in a way that can be painful, but remembering that it serves as a release of stored and blocked energy. In order to do this type of self observation, you will need to do so from a quantum consciousness level because the ego observing itself never really works deeper than the superficial levels. Therefore, it is time now to commit yourself to frequent deep meditation that is focused on uncovering and releasing the stored energy of old wounds. This can feel like an endless journey in which you are forced to look into the mirror of your deepest self, but it is a vital one for your species to experience in order to facilitate your shift.

This process isn’t only experienced during meditation. What you experience in meditation often carries over into daily life. In your life, each obstacle and challenge is an opportunity to observe yourself and your reactions so that those inner patterns of pain and distorted beliefs can be illuminated. During a pandemic, you have many tools that you can use for your practice! You can begin by watching your habits during such an intense time. How do you respond to this crisis? For example, do you continually post articles in social media about being lied to or losing individual rights? If so, that is a clue about a wound within – perhaps a feeling of victimhood deep down inside. Do you rebel against all guidance from medical experts or choose only the guidance that stops unpleasant feelings from arising? That rebellion might stem from deep inner anger that was there well before this pandemic. Do you feel an intense need to help others that goes beyond rationality? That might be a reaction to the wound of feeling worthless. Only you can discover these wounds and how they manifest in your life, with deep inner explorations and observations with raw honesty on the quantum consciousness level. You will know you’ve found these wounds and patterns when something is revealed that you don’t want to see or if profound pain is uncovered. At this point, in order to move forward as an individual and a species, you must embrace what you don’t want to see within yourself and as a collective. It is indeed a paradox.

This is a process of embracing your shadow – the parts that you haven’t wanted to see. When a global crisis such as this happens, planetary energy is increased. This heightened energy causes all that has been pushed down to rise to the surface. You can either project this unwanted intense energy on others (including governments, medical establishments, and those who don’t share your beliefs), or look in your own mirror. Your choice will determine your experience during this intense time. If you keep focusing “out there,” the necessary awakening process of self observation will elude you. Quarantine is a very clear message from the universe that it is time to take a time-out and look deeply within. If that very clear message from reality isn’t heeded at this point in your evolution, you can trust that it will be repeated over and over again. Your way out of this crisis is to move inward. When you change your direction to move inward, you will find your ancient Lyran ancestors and all the other loving helpers there to show you the way forward. This road has been walked by your celestial family many times. It is well-paved, and we are waiting for you with open arms.

Germane -- through Lyssa Royal Holt
www.lyssaroyal.net | www.solischool.org

For more information from Germane on YouTube about the card meanings, go to Lyssa's YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeuLbnOjJBUfqqm2KEqkpLA

SR Reading

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in Update ~ 30 May 2020

I spent quite a few hours being horizontal yesterday....

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Oh yesterday 😳😫😳 I was hurting from head to toe! ...and I forgot to look for the obvious.

This is the first solar flare activity we have had for quite some time.  This affects everyone on the planet and there is no escaping it. It can trigger things like the heated demonstrations we have had, and multiply the generalized anger, angst and divisions that we have been experiencing. πŸ’•

Take care of yourself, and remember everyone’s going through things you know very little about, so be kind. Tip..... Make sure you keep your electrolytes up in your body because it does help. 

Lunar Eclipse Gateway June 5th ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 30 May 2020

Source: Meg Benedicte

Can you feel the intensity building? As we move into the Eclipse Gateways, the cosmic energy is increasing this weekend with the strongest solar flares since 2017. (www.spaceweather.com) The agitation in the field is surging towards the Lunar Eclipse at 15° Sagittarius this Friday, June 5th.

During eclipses, the galactic plasma light ripples through our entire lives, transforming us at the molecular level. Friday’s Eclipse occurs in Sagittarius where the galactic center pulses in zero point. We are already starting to receive amplified photon/plasma light infusions from the Great Central Sun into the planetary field.

The Full Moon Eclipse forms a T-square with Mars and Venus that accentuates Mars aggression and Sagittarian themes of social justice and social freedoms. It is no surprise we are witnessing growing civil unrest and angry protests against injustices caused by the current power system. It is the citizens who will remove the corrupt system. Many ‘old guard’ timelines are decomposing, losing their grip of control and being replaced with ascending timelines of respectful co-existence and harmonious flow of abundance.

We are consciously shifting the power structure from authoritarian aggression to heartfelt compassion. From exclusion to inclusion. We are evolving from disconnected human beings into becoming whole, complete divine beings. Take advantage of the powerful transformative Light infusion saturating you in alchemical luminescence.

With so many planets in retrograde and a Full Moon Eclipse on the horizon, you may be dealing with unresolved core wounds, emotional reactions and karmic patterns that require introspection and clearing. The Global Activations will provide healing on both personal and planetary issues. So much is coming up for healing resolution!

The Eclipse Gateways act as frequency thresholds to ascend higher and higher. During our Global Activations we will join together in united focus and coherent, loving heart, and influence the collective consciousness with new focus, new visions, new ideas and new ways of life. We are the New Earth Emissaries!

We are the Light Bearers, the Gridworkers and Earth Angels! Join other Star Beings from all around the world, as we gather on Friday, June 5th for our Global Activations. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, click here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=212692

Meg Benedicte
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Jason Estes Updates ~ 30 May 2020

Source: Jason Estes


8pt NA(space) influx tomorrow its the first of its kind things are going to get weird

remember when your goopies come to play its time to say I LOVE YOU and begin the forgiveness work otherwise things can go sideways pretty fast

sound sequence set 2 3x back to back should snap you out of what ever spin you find yourself in ::hugs::

(link to Sound Sequence Set 2)

:::: * :::: * :::: * :::: * :::: * :::: * :::: * :::: * :::: * ::::

_____________ is anything that is distracting you right now, Racism is a huge one in the world today, for many could be politics or loved ones or simply the concept of fear. what ever it is take a moment to work on claiming your power back and changing your view point ::hugs::

Working with the Light of God to clear away the old. (a must read)
16 April 2012 at 10:26

These are the commands i use

______ is the person, place or thing you are working with. this process is very powerful and will change your life if you do it, i share it with you because its time we start the house clearing =) this process brings no harm to anyone or anything, and you can do this process with people who are still in your life, it is simply surrendering the attachments and connections you have created not your relationship, if anything it should help clear and bring your relationship's back into the Light of God, enjoy =)

I now come into a place of unconditional love so I may witness this processes with out judgment, guilt, fear, shame, or any other emotion.

I raise _______ into the Light of God

I ask for 360 degree awareness around _____

I sever all cords ties and attachments to ________

I now unplug myself fully and completely from ________

I give all of these plugs to the Light of God

I now Fully and completely unplug _______ from myself

I give all of these plugs to the Light of God

I now call back all of the power I have given _________

I now create a golden box full of the power ______ has given me and place it at his/her

feet so he/she may deal with it in their own time when they are ready

I now raise _____ into the Light of God

I ask for 360 degree awareness around ______

I scan for any and all unresolved emotions and energies around ________

I surrender these emotions and energies into the Light of God

I now surrender _______ into the Light of God (watch the person/place/thing disappear into the Light of God) say your final Good Byes and give thanks for your many experiences

Scan your body, field, world for any changes and make note of them as to appreciate them and anchor in the new you.

Peace Love and Light,
Jason EstesMtvo.org


The only way is up

The world is feeling particularly fragile right now. Just when we thought nothing could get worse in the midst of all the insanity surrounding this health episode that is supposed to awaken the masses by the millions, we now have emotional explosions epicentered in Minneapolis spreading across the country. Equally as dangerous is that people in our community are yet again being polarised by this new development.

Tom Kenyon & the Hathors weren't kidding when they warned about these "Chaotic Nodes".

The reason I feel compelled to make my personal observation public is my rising concern (again) over where we are heading. I have come across several posts online that openly denounce the death of George Flloyd and the resulting riots that erupted as being fake, with crisis actors involved.

If indeed this is a false flag, then it is most unfortunate because it is rocking the nation, compounding an existing situation that has already split the country (and the world), and outcomes will be disastrous.
If it isn't a false flag, then it is also most unfortunate because it means our community is very much influenced by unsubstantiated online "news", driven by narratives that support their own beliefs, and outcomes will be dangerous.

There is extreme polarisation already occurring pertaining to this recent incident.

Perhaps the system needs to completely crack open by these dividing forces before we get to see the Shift we have been wanting for so long. Perhaps this is what we were warned would happen in an accelerated Shift. Perhaps we need increasingly stronger upheavals before we get it.

Whatever the reason, we must provide a stabilising force by staying in neutrality in our actions, driven by the strong desire to be in Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love. We must continue to do what each of us does so well in our own unique ways to ensure that Humanity stays on track. Someone must be at the wheel ~ we can't all be jumping into the fray with no one left to steer.

Most definitely, the only way to proceed is "up". Let's not abandon the wheel ~ let's shift into the highest gear possible and steer this unwaveringly and firmly on the Ascension Track.

Namaste and Bright Blessings!