09 January 2020

2020: Re-Birth ~ Diana Cooper ~ 7 January 2020

Source: Diana Cooper

Dear Friends,

So the long awaited year of 2020 has started. This is a huge year of new beginnings for everyone on a personal level. There is also a big shift for the planet. It really is a re-birth. The power structures on Earth, including governments are due to change in a positive way. Banking and political systems and big corporations will be forced to take collective responsibility.

Directors of big companies will be found accountable. There will be global changes in heavy industry and many advances in technology and acceptable sources of energy.

The new children are here to change the world and are starting to make their presence felt. Adults will begin to listen. People power will have an impact this year more than ever before and will force Governments to modify their attitudes.

I was reading my book 2012 and Beyond where it talks about International Co-operation and there will be another shift in working conditions. ‘Soon rich people will no longer feel able to sit back and allow children or adults to work in sweatshops or for slave wages to provide them with material goods.

Led by the people there will be a huge move by richer countries to help those that are less fortunate, and this will help to balance the enormous divides worldwide.

By 2022 there will be massive international co-operation on many fronts and terrible working conditions will no longer be tolerated’.

More people everywhere will be tuning into the spiritual realms and there will be steps forward in creating spiritual community...


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