11 January 2020

Australian Fires ~ Diana Cooper ~ 10 January 2020

Source: Diana Cooper

It breaks my heart to see what is happening in Australia. The poor people and animals living through the nightmare fires. But that is on an emotional level. At a spiritual level it is a soul choice. As they did in the Queensland flooding the animals are suffering terribly and are sacrificing themselves in service to Australia.

Fire transmutes, not just on the surface but deep into the Earth. Fire occurs where there is deep anger and when this is dissolve it allows the divine feminine to enter and bring balance. At this time of endings so that the new can enter the land is being cleared and purified of all the abuse of Aboriginals and of the early settlers, especially of the children.πŸ”₯

The land in Australia has a very delicate sub-structure, suitable for kangaroos and other local animals but destroyed by imported cattle and the vegetation has been eaten by rabbits. It needs to be cared for and healed.🦘

Fire is terrifying and powerful but it prepares for regeneration.πŸ”₯

In the near future parts of Australia will become much hotter and parts will be flooded, though never again like the Queensland flooding. There will be huge areas that are uninhabitable – more than there are at present but this will all change after 2027. A huge programme of reforestation will eventually bring ecological balance and abundance to this continent.

Uluru is a massive and powerful portal looked after by Archangel Roquiel. It will become a welcome portal for space ships from other parts of the universe. The openness of the Australians to the wisdom of star beings will allow them to make Australia a wonderful place to live.πŸ˜‡

Many people are praying for rain to put out the fires and this is great. It means that the disaster has touched the hearts of humanity, which is one of the reasons the Intergalactic Council decided to use the elements for cleansing. They intended that communities would reach out and help each other.

However, as the fire is transmuting the old energies to prepare the land for the future please ask that for rain that carries great light to go deep into the earth to purify the old.πŸ’™

The more light we send to places the less transmutation or purification by fire, water, hurricane or earthquake will be needed.πŸ™

Also the more people that send light and peace to the fire elementals, the more quickly the fires will subside and the sooner the glorious future will start to come into being...

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