19 January 2020

Being the Infinite Self ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

Now when you understand that the clock on the wall, or the chair in the corner, or the couch that you sit on can never affirm your worth, you can extend that to your bank account, or your face, or the beauty of the one you married as may be perceived in a superficial way. Here we go everybody.

On this night I choose, to be reclaimed as the one who knows who she is, who she is outside of obligation to the material realm and the things created and agreed to in fear. On this night I decide that my divine self, the essence of who and what I am is given free reign in all aspects of my life, so I may know myself through the divine creations that witness me and return to my recognition of the divinity I see in all things. The light you are is here to be known and as we say to you these words, 'you are here, you are here, you are here', we welcome you to your infinite self, incarnated in body, realized, known, and sung as you. This is done. It is said. It is claimed. It is manifested by and as you now.

Paul Selig - Being the Infinite Self
A Channeled Live Stream - October 21, 2015

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