03 February 2020

2020 01 25 PM OneCup OneLife ~ Mehran Keshe ~ 26 January 2020

** 11 February 2020 Update
The original video has been deleted by yt. It's been re-uploaded, and here's the new link
Please note that I'm deleting words pertaining to the issue so as not to attract bots **

Mehran Keshe provides instructions for a basic set-up to produce GANS water.

From the outset, I wish to clarify that I do not possess adequate knowledge or comprehension to make any meaningful comment about the efficacy of the GANS solution or effectiveness of this method. I tried to follow Mehran Keshe's work some years ago but tapered off eventually because I wasn't able to keep up. Unlike me, most fortunately, Keshe is still pressing onwards determinedly.

Obviously, my usual cautionary note stands, perhaps even more for this because it deals directly with health issues. So please only proceed if you are fully confident about this.

For instructions, please watch the video.  (new link)

ONE CUP ONE LIFE, the gift from Keshe Foundation to Chinese community.
ONE CUP ONE LIFE as solution to eradicate___________ and other viruses.

Keshe Plasma Science and Technology can help eradicate any virus. GANS is only one of the products coming out of this science brought to Earth by top scientist nuclear physicist Mehran Tavakoli Keshe.

With no doubts, this video offers the solution for _______________ as well as for any similar virus considering the science understands the viruses on Earth and in the Universe are the energy packs which according to the field strength level bind to the physicality of living beings.

https://keshe.foundation https://spaceship.institute https://kfssi.education

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