07 February 2020

Ascension Update: Fear & Distraction ~ Tim Whild ~ 6 February 2020

Here's the link to watch this video.

Tim Whild talks about how we can assist in the current global scenario, which he very appropriately likens to Custer's Last Stand (especially seen in the eyes of the awakened community ~ with the troops being the invaders ~ as opposed to mainstream). He has an exercise that can be done for those who align with it, or we can do it our own way, as he suggests.

On a personal note, I fully agree with Tim's view on not using certain words or images because not only do they carry a certain charge (which in itself is key), but the net's AI will pick them up. Example ~ when I post something with the word "Illum____" (fill in the blanks), I will invariably attract unwanted mail and comments and offers of money to join.

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