05 February 2020

Atlantis ~ Diana Cooper ~ 4 February 2020

Source: Diana Cooper

Atlantis was a landmass between Europe and America, which is now submerged beneath the Atlantic Ocean.

For 240,000 years this continent was the subject of a divine experiment to see if people could live in a physical body and still keep their connection with All That Is (known as the Creator, God, Godhead or Source).

Throughout this long period, tests were set up in a number of different ways, but each time they were terminated as it became clear that humans with free will moved deeper into matter and self-destruction and further from their Source. When the conditions were reset for the fifth and last time, Golden Atlantis emerged. For a period of 1,500 years, the people maintained their purity and oneness with their Creator, and enjoyed awesome spiritual, psychic and technological powers.

I am going to share and explain over the coming months how they lived, their practices and what we can do today to return to that state.

Originally, the Source sent out aspects of itself, known as divine sparks or Monads, into all dimensions of the universes to experience and grow. The intention was that they would ultimately bring their experiences back to the Godhead. Some were to come to Earth, where they would have freedom to make their own decisions. Such a vast undertaking needed to be managed and the Intergalactic Council, made up of cosmic energies, was formed to oversee the operation. Earth was always a special place, for it was pivotal in balancing the energy of our universe because of its connection to the Great Central Sun. Here, several exciting ventures took place, first in Mu, a continent in the South Atlantic, though none of these inhabitants incarnated in Atlantis.

A later venture took place in Lemuria, a continent in the Southern Hemisphere, where the Lemurians were created. They were ethereal, without physical form as we understand it, and were androgynous, therefore complete in themselves, reproducing by conscious will and energy transference. However, their state of self-containment meant they had few challenges through which to grow.

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