11 February 2020

Atlantis: The Fifth Golden Age ~ Diana Cooper ~ 10 February 2020

Source: Diana Cooper

The experiment of Atlantis lasted for 260,000 years, an entire cosmic era. It took 10,000 years to set up, was operational for 240,000 years and took 10,000 years to dismantle and learn the lessons. It ended in 2012.

The Intergalactic Council set up experiment after experiment to see if humans could maintain a human body, have free choice, and still be connected to God. Each experiment failed. On the fifth occasion the clarion call went out for 84,000 settlers for the latest experiment and only those at the upper end of the fifth dimension were chosen. They had to co-operate in order to survive and at last the Golden era of Atlantis emerged; it lasted for 1,500 years. They maintained their high frequency by deep relaxation, sharing and respecting the land and the animals. Their twelve chakras were open and radiating and their twelve strands of DNA were fully active.

They had spiritual and psychic gifts that are currently beyond our comprehension and were able to develop truly awesome spiritual technology.

Birds, animals, dolphins and the angels of Atlantis are starting to transfer the ancient knowledge to those who are ready.

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