27 February 2020

Big Business Paradigm ~ Diana Cooper ~ 26 February 2020

Source: Diana Cooper

These are the dinosaurs of our time. As the ethos of finance and business change, the huge businesses will continue to collapse. The companies that were household names will be memories by 2032. All companies that exploit people, animals or the land will disappear. Big supermar- kets will be a thing of the past.

Only those companies that accommodate the changing frequency of the planet and operate for the highest good of all will survive, although in a very different form from that of their current modus operandi.

~ The New Business Paradigm ~

This is based on creating or producing for the highest good of the com- munity and the planet. As most people will be living at a fifth-dimen- sional level, there will be an emphasis on co-operation, seeing the best in others and empowering them, offering excellence and each person contributing in a way that makes their heart sing.

Those businesses that honour everyone concerned and actively promote the good of animals, the nature kingdom and humanity will con- tinue to be successful during the transition period.

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